SDL still pushing Methodists


We should be reminded that only a hand full of Methodists have a political agenda, which consequently is destroying the religious values for the remainder of the 300,000 followers.

This is not about religion its about POLITICS.  The Government is NOT against the Methodists, its against the POLITICS, lets be constantly reminded of that.  The SDL party has freely admitted it has a clear strategy with regards to the Methodist church and the current government.

This old posting from Isl Girl is an excellent example of the issues within the Methodist Church. Politics are still driving the agenda.

The Methodist Church have clearly demonstrated over and over where they stand with regards to the current Government.

Again the battle between state and religion continues within Fiji with no outcome except to paint  the current Government as the bad guy and the religious Zealots as the goodies. This could not be further from the truth.

When the Methodists Church spoke for all of its 200,000 plus members and rejected the peoples charter, these members did  NOT get a democratic say in the document, they were told to reject it outright and support the church and in doing so lend support to the SDL Party.

To put this into perspective you need only look back in history to understand the agenda of the Methodist Church in Fiji and the lack of a democratic governments and fair elections.

In 2006 during the General Election the Assembly of Christian Churches ran an advertisement in the Fiji Times advising all members to vote for the SDL party, in the advertisement it showed voters which box to tick, it said ‘It is therefore the duty of all citizens of this nation to elect a god fearing and proven prime minister’ and that Prime Minister was the staunch Methodist supporter Qarase .

Quotes were used from the bible stating that ‘Diseases, death, droughts, famines, poverty and slavery’ would befall those who did not support the SDL party and ultimately vote Qarase back into power.

Is this  what our foreign neighbors  want for Fiji?  Doesn’t the rest of the world get it, we have never been a democracy, do Australia and New Zealand support this type of voting, bullying members of the church to vote or they will be cursed and die a horrible death.

This country should be appalled by the double standards the Methodist Church preaches, have we forgotten it was the Methodists who actively supported the 1987 coup, it which Rabuka invited Methodist Minister Raikivi to serve as one of his Ministers.

And let’s not forget that the Methodist Minister Manasa Lasoro was instrumental in convincing Rabuka to impose a decree that prohibited working on Sundays.

In the 2000 coup Methodist church leader Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi said ‘while Speights terrorist activities could not be supported, the Methodist church supported the interim government because Speight’s objectives had been met’.

However only today the Methodist Church has contradicted itself by saying  ‘that the proposed People’s Charter will always be an evil document because it was born out of an illegal government’.  Mr Waqairatu has said in the media that the charter was the child of the coup. “The coup was illegal and so the charter is illegitimate.”  BUT didn’t the Methodists support past illegal coups, the  difference being that the current government are supporters of all religions and all races, they have not been bought by the Methodist Church.

Are we heading towards a Christian state? Ratu Soqosoqo a  Kadavu chief said before the 2006 election ‘if we cannot make Fiji a Christian country the we chiefs should make our territories and everyone in them Christians’

One man one vote is obviously and alien concept for the Methodist church as they are dictating to their members what they will and will not accept, democracy is long dead in Fiji. And for all other citizens of Fiji understand this, the Methodist church is blackmailing its followers and amounts to nothing short of  management by fear on behalf of the leaders of the church.

The real battle in this lies between the military and removing the SDL/Methodist power base that was leading this country to ruin.

Methodist Church and the SDL party are one and the same, they do not want a democratically elected government, they do not want reforms and they most certainly do not want the one man one voting system, as this will mean the end of their power base in Fiji.


10 responses to “SDL still pushing Methodists

  1. sdl party and qarase, its time to give it up/ may be next time mate. kau mai na mataiva, tekevu sara na teitei tavioka. sa lako tiko na gauna. time and tide waits for no man. sorr y about that.

  2. If this is the analysis of SDL/Methodist church, what do you say about FLP/Cane farmers. What a circus we are getting ourselves into!! Now its the Military/Police!!!! God help Fiji!

  3. S.D.L.:=




  4. God is already helping Fiji by sending messiah, Voreqe Bainimarama.

    I dont know where we would have been if he wasnt around.

    God bless R J V B(Ratu Joasaia Voreqe Bainimarama)

  5. You are mistaken. This is not about politics, it is about human rights including the right to assembly, free speech, freedom of the press, etc. The perpetrators of the coup are criminals. It has nothing to do with politics. Politics is what People do when the run for election, not what they do when they have a gun pointed at them.

    The Methodist church has every right to support the parishioners and People of Fiji to get their rights back and condemn those God damned bastards who have taken away the rights of the People.

    The Methodist church is on the side of the sanctity of all God’s children, all equal in his eyes and all equally able to make their own decisions and participate in communal decisions. No one needs a dropout mental case like Voreqe.

    Let SDL and FLP do the politics. The Church can support human rights and politics. The military should stay our of organized crime and politics. That is not their role. If they cannot perfom their role, they should be disbanded.

  6. butadroka
    it’s your idea so that teitei job is for you. You do know what you have to do. So go to it , man. Stop blaming it on someone else. Take your wife and children to the village and get to it. Dig up a hole first for your cistern.

  7. noella, au sa oca mai na teitei , sa qai vo ga o iko meu tea nomu pussy……

  8. hahahaha……teitei ena siga bogi talega……..

  9. vitivou. niu sa teitei o kedaru taciqu …… sa koya ga ya ……na metali na m.d.m / mate e delani maga………ha ha ha ha……. moce bro…….

  10. Rudd has abrogated Australias role in the pacific by his stupid stand on Fiji .

    Come to our community in the NT and see how the Aboriginal people are taught , trained, housed , and listened to ..
    I call our school shit finger primary , our clinic gossip central and the white businesses are corrupt and the Aussie govt states that all this is none of their jurisdiction ?!

    Our education is grade 3 our life expectancy 47 years …if you talk against the whites you cant get anything in the shop (imagine driving from Vaileka to Lautoka for petrol , I have to do that in Rudds Australia !)

    Rudd can only comment on greenhoax effect (its natural , so dont attempt to solve it ) and other things such as spending all of his budget on silly things ….

    Bainimirama represents a real change for Fiji …

    Look When Aussie fixes things up in my community , then they can criticise Fiji till then the Aust and NZ govt should just shut their mouths , tikolo mada !
    All the best , frankie from your good mates in Elliott !

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