Law breakers still detained

behind bars

From our favourite Methodist blog site.

Our comments are in blue… although we don’t know why we bother to comment on such rubbish. RFN is reporting a break down in the social fabric of the country, civil war, human rights abuse, the uprising of the Fijians…. (YAWN… same shit different day)

The latest spate of detention targetted at the Methodist Church and a Catholic paramount chief has undoubtedly sent wrong and disturbing signals to the rest of the civilized world. (Perspective, they broke a LAW.. its simple, just because these people hide behind a veil of respectability doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated the same as you and me, or do we have different rules for different classes of people? what a load of crap)

They know the people of Fiji have been denied their rights to live like respectable and dignified human beings in their own land. (last time i looked my rights were doing ok, however the same cant be said for those who want to be hero’s! We do not want to see a High Chief behind bars, however it was her choice to become involved in this)


8 responses to “Law breakers still detained

  1. The fact is that 99% of the Methodist ministers in Fiji have very little education. While in rest of the world, people serve church becouse it is a call from god, in Fiji Methodists serve church for bread and butter.

  2. As a Methodist, it is sad to read this but what Tui has said is reality. There is too much focus on grandstanding rather than the real issue, which is the spiritual development of the flock.

  3. To..Your..BS

    Well guess what, who created this precedent in breaking the law,Frank & Co, they threw out the constitution & a democratically elected government, what does that say for following the law………….oh you mean the ones they make up as they go along……..

  4. Interesting headline for this
    post …..lawbreakers????? Does that word ring a bell??? Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar????Not me, than who….Cranky Frank and his blind-folded military goons! How ironical!

  5. Everyone needs to have a laugh now and then, it is a good medicine. RAW is providing just that. The postings on RAW website can be taken seriously by the under priviledged and people with low literacy level and we will have a real chaotic situation, but these people dont have computers and internet access, thank God for that. After a hard days work, one should do what I do, ie have a few drinks, visit RAW website and have a good laugh. CHEERS!!!!!!

  6. Part Time Samurai

    Whose law have they broken? Breaking a law that has no legal, moral or ethical foundation is nothing new, ask Nelson Mandela or Rosa Parks. And while you may think your rights are just fine, plenty of others don’t. Ultimately human rights are about everyone’s rights, not just yours.

  7. Ginger Biscuit

    @Part Time Samurai

    No such thing as a ‘Part Time Samurai’ just as there is no such thing as a democracy unless it is ‘government BY the people FOR the people’. Government conducted for the benefit of the few but paid for out of taxes from the many is simply not government – not a democractic one that is. You know this – so why the posturing? And fronting “The Dog Did It” will simply not suffice.

  8. It’s time to register Methodist Ministers. A full disclosure of the level of education and experience. Without a ‘Practising Certificate’ no one enters the ‘lotu’. Perhaps they should aspire to the educational level of the Jesuits: PhD?

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