Confirmed – Ro Temumu questioned.


We can confirm that it the High Chief of Rewa, Ro Teimumu Kepa is in police custody.  Yesterday several church ministers were taken in for questioning.

Remember this, they have all been warned.  If you break the rule then you pay the price.


34 responses to “Confirmed – Ro Temumu questioned.

  1. They say the Fijians have been heralded on the unceremonious treatment of their lady chief and it is said that the high chief’s warriors are not going to accept it lying down

    come on Rewa Na qai qo ena qai ga!!!

    Go! Rewa Go!

  2. This almost sounds like a movie about an amazonian princess being kidnapped and then rescued by her people and then the masses go to war – arm to arm combat, etc. etc. like Apocalypto…Where’s Steven Spielberg when you need him?

  3. So you think that this is all about ‘movies’ and ‘games’? Get Real!

    This is about the lives and the livelihoods of close to 800,000 people and an entire Nation. In your dumb ignorance you are resolved to push an entire country into the dark ages once more. What are you looking for? Another Cession? What a monstrous waste of public time and money! No more retakes/remakes of 1830. ‘The train has left the station”.

  4. A sure sign of equality and ‘no nonsense’ from the authorities. There is a PER in place, you breach/threaten to breach it, you pay the price. It is as simple as that.

  5. Philipstone

    joe it seems like you are one of those sucking & licking bainimarma’s balls!!!!

  6. no more high chief, but just a commoner as any other person down the cell.

    after all it is all blood and flesh.

    No use being the person she is trying to be now, when she had the option, she did not give a rats arse

  7. One thing for certain she is one sexy mama.

  8. Aquila

    100% with you bhaiya

  9. @Philipstone, it is just common sense and unfortunately you dont have any. The methodists are sucking Frank’s balls to have a fund raising ‘magiti’.

  10. ex education minister needs to be educated on current laws, decrees and PER in Fiji. She thinks Qarase is still PM.

  11. no joe, you know that your have just made an asinine comment.

    lets have some real discussions on the the possible outcome of the silliness that is going on.

    TheLabour party did not break the rules in 87 and 2000 and the SDL did not either in 2006 yet they were punished!

    Where does that leave your silly comment RFN?

    Besides, do not view the happenings building up in Fiji lightly. I know that you’re a supporter of the regime, all I ask is that you do not bury your head in the sand – the lives of our ordinary people are at stake.

  12. The RFMF must stand firm in its resolve to rid sacred institutions such as the GCC and now the The Methodist Church of Fiji from the corruptive influences of politicians.

    What is really happening is the cleansing of corruptive politics and politicians from these institutions and the re-direction of these institutions to carry out the rightful tasks they are supposed to do.

  13. vitivou – at what price? the blokes at QEB are trained to spill blood -not to govern. The economic, financial and social mess that Fiji is in now is ample proof of this.

  14. abeche,

    What economic, financial and social mess are you talking about? Show me proof based on facts and not something you plucked out of thin air. Fiji is not that bad as everyone thinks it is.

    What is really being done at the moment is the correct path to ensure better economic, financial and social development for everyone especially the Fijians.

    If all you do is get your information from blogsites and newspapers to base your arguments on, mate you are so wrong.

  15. abeche,

    Don’t just generalise that soldiers are only trained to kill. Modern military training goes beyond just killing an enemy. They are also trained to protect people.

    Many people who are anti-Bainimarama today has to do with personalised differences. Some of them knows pretty well that what is being done by the military right now is the right path to lasting peace in Fiji.

  16. “If you break the rule you pay the price”
    Whose rule? Are you talking about this bunch of criminal dickheads who make decrees? Since when does that become a rule?
    As you know, they do whatever they want and then make a “rule” to justify it. The PER is an obvious sham to cover all the loose ends. Anyone who disagrees with them or stands up for the People is being “inciteful”. Inciting civilized behavior, that is.

  17. I suppose you are currently living in Fiji Nostradamus? If so, whose rule are you currently following – your own or the “dickheads”?

    The “dickheads” determine which day we all go on holiday. The “dickheads” determine which day the public school holiday starts. The “dickheads” are doing all the government decisions now. And yes, by decree.

    So Nostradamus, if you are currently following what the “dickheads” have decreed, I guess you are a dickhead too.

  18. Political Commentary or Chiefly Wisdom?
    Thakur Ranjit Singh” sometime back in 2007 sums up this debate.

    Chiefs who abandon the chiefly abode and sanctuary to seek glory, power and employment in politics should not expect or deserve chiefly respect when posing as politicians.

    Perhaps that is where Fiji’s democracy has been muddled by Chiefs who expect chiefly respect in the competitive and rough and tumble political arena.

    I therefore take the lecture, as reported in local papers, from deposed Education minister and Rewa chief Ro Teimumu Kepa on good governance as a political commentary rather than chiefly wisdom.

    Her talk about values, policies and respected leader to have the right focus, and her implication that Qarase had these qualities sound hollow when seen in the light of reality. Her former boss failed Fiji and its people by projecting himself as a leader and Prime Minister for only indigenous race rather than the whole of Fiji’s population. That is why the 44 % of Indo Fijian were marginalized and ethnically cleansed by her government’s racist policies.

    She had compromised her credibility, as Education Minister, to grant credence to misplaced affirmative action that once granted form seven scholarship to indigenous Fijians only.
    Under this draconian and race-based rule, an executive Fijian couple with income of $200,000 could qualify for free form 7 education for their child while a displaced destitute Indo Fijian squatter with barely $2,000 per annum was not granted this right that was based purely on accident of birth and race. Under this draconian and race-based rule, an executive Fijian couple with income of $200,000 could qualify for free form 7 education for their child while a displaced destitute Indo Fijian squatter with barely $2,000 per annum was not granted this right that was based purely on accident of birth and race.

    Where then were the legal eagles giving free advice on good governance and the NGOs making a dance, song and protest about loss of human rights and democracy? Certainly Fiji has an abundance of hypocrites. Where then was the integrity of Pacific Centre for Public Integrity? Where then was the grandstanding Commissioner of FHRC, and where then were the napping executives of the Fiji Law Society?

    As a deposed politician supporting ill-conceived and ill defined policies of a racist and corrupt regime, Ro Temumu Kepa has lost her right to lecture us on political correctness and good governance. She had an opportunity to override her chiefly wisdom over the blatantly racist, narrow and divisive policies of a blinkered and failed banker politician, who failed the trust this nation placed on him to lead us.

    In its wisdom, the Interim Prime Minister is wise not to give any of such failed SDL politicians a second opportunity to betray our trust and faith.

    Democracy bereft of equality, fairplay and social justice is not worth defending!

  19. im with you aquila . vinaka bro, youve got taste.

  20. Blinded by the light

    The truth will set you free tomorrow at 3:17pm when you will witness a partial eclipse of the sun.

    For Philipstone, abeche and nostradamus who believe the sun shines out of a person’s bum this solar eclipse is the real thing, not the thing you get when the sun shining out of someones ass is obscured by two hairy big balls.

  21. @Aquila and butadroka,

    I prefer her nieces from the Mara and Tuisawau side. Tall and beautiful.

  22. Prue Rouse (mrs)

    No one who has laboured for law and order in this country as many that I know well have over nine long years will tolerate again the disorder, mayhem and chaos visited upon Fiji in 2000. We fully support the security forces in doing all that they find necessary to maintain peace and to work towards a stable and prosperous Fiji for all Fiji’s citizens, residents and investors;. That will be reinforced by me today in Ba.

  23. fireflyfiji

    Dreamworks – that’s a movie company! Hhhhhhhh…suck it back in you nong…can’t you see it was a lighthearted comment! This is not about the livelihood of 800,000 people, this is about ro teimumu kepa – is almost like a movie – or did you miss the point? Never mind!

  24. if there are movie about Fiji i would rather watch them than miss another train ! !

  25. interesting post on youtube re detainment

  26. @Jonas nice find.

    Throw away the key!

  27. maleka sara.

  28. To..Your..BS

    @ Vitivou rid the GCC of corruptive influences, did you mean Ganilau & Peniless Nailatikau……as for TRSinghs article, I think he was referring to these two free riders, Ganilau & Nailatikau…….

  29. @To…Your…BS,

    Just goes to show the narrow prism you are looking from ever since the first military coup of 1987.

    The corruptive seed sown then has now permeated all of Fiji’s society but most unfortunately, destroyed the sacredness of institutions such as the GCC and the Methodist church.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these sacred institutions have been used and exploited by politicians and thieves to further their own political agenda and ulterior motives.

    Just take a look at where Rabuka ended up afterwards? All the promise of Fiji for the Fijians ended up with a constitution that 8 provinces in Fiji refused to accept. What does that say about the reason for coup 87 which the chiefs of this country so overwhelmingly accepted that they formed their own political party – the SVT?

    It just goes to show that race and religion had been used to further someone or a group of people’s political agenda. it was never for the good of everyone let alone Fijians.

    This is the same scenario we have with the SDL party. They befriended the chiefs and the church to further their own selfish political agendas. At the end of the day, the ordinary folks of this country never benefited at all.

    The problem with the SDL party is that it was formed in such a cunning and deceptive way. First, Qarase formed his political party during a time he was an interim PM after coup 2000. Then he defied the conditions set out by the military to follow which was not to bring in anyone who was involved in coup 2000.

    I do not have to tell the whole story again because its merely repeating the whole thing over and over again.

  30. Vinaka Niu-

    throw away the key indeed!!

  31. God Really works in mysterious ways…for quite a while now the simple members of one of the largest Religious denominations in the Fiji Islands have struggled and suffered to financially support the Methodist Church’s evergrowing expenses. Simple folks have foregone their family expenses just to prop a fat Methodist Church Cat. In Revelation Jesus made mention an example of the 7 churches,over the years the Methodist Church of Fiji has lost its flock,its flock is depleting every year,why? Its simple,Jesus who is the head of the church is no longer in Church,he is out of that church now,standing outside knocking and who ever listens and hears his voice and opens the door he will recieve everlasting “vakacegu”,it is high time the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi and the Methodist Church Heads hear the real voice of Jesus. This event was ordained by God even before you and I were born. De sa gauna me sa cegu vakadua kina na caka Bose ko Viti,ka vakayagataka tiko ga na Kalou na Mataivalu me vakadewataka kina na nona vosa….sa ra tagi makawa tiko na soqosoqo lotu…sa sega ni rogo na domodra. God Bless you all my brothers and Sisters!!!

  32. @LAWIO

    In their most evil form, these so called leaders of the Methodist Church will not think twice about plunging the country into sectarian conflict, a la Northern Ireland.

    Why? Because it is all about power, ego money and control for them – they do not give a rat’s arse about the suffering of the people or the future of the nation. They feed in the shallows among the ignorant and the weak. Parasites.

    This fever has to run its course. The IG must not give in. It is a moment of truth that was inevitable and must be confronted head on. Otherwise it would be all for nothing, back to square one.

    The evil within the hierarchy of Methodist church must be dismantled. It is for the overall good of the nation. It is the only way forward.

    In the words of the songwriter Bob Dylan…

    “Well, the rifleman’s stalking the sick and the lame
    Preacherman seeks the same, who’ll get there first is uncertain
    Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks
    Molotow cocktails and rocks behind every curtain
    False-hearted judges dying in the webs that they spin
    Only a matter of time ’til the night comes stepping in.”

  33. Delete! Delete!

    Roko Tui Dreketi was a threat to them and Fiji’s wankers knew it big time that is the reason they arrested her!

  34. May the peace of our heavenly father transfered to us through his only begotten son,our lord and saviour Jesus the Christ,the everlasting Prince of Peace be with our Government Leaders,Traditional Chiefs and Church Leaders. Let us pray that the holy ghost intervene in this hour to lift the shades from their eyes,and the wools from their ears so that they only hear what our lord wants them to hear and to only see what our lord wants them to see; let the holy fire burn down the barriers of suspiciouness,prejudices and ill will that has obstructed our young country’s progress; let us pray that the strength of our faith unshackle our country from the bondage that it is currently in;let us pray that words of wisdom only flow from the mouths of our leader so that we can be led through this valley of darkness not by mere and corruptible men but purely by Jehovah’s guidance. Let us unite in Jesus name and forge a path through this dense wood so that our children and their children’s children have a spirirtually physically,better, and prosperous Fiji to inherit. Amen!!!

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