Ro Temumu defies Frank Bainimarama’s regime

We have it from a reliable source that the Methodist meeting will take place.  They are planning on getting the message out via blog sites as they can not use traditional media.  Also we are led to believe that   Rev Tuikilakila has been taken in   questioning.

Lets see how this plays out.


5 responses to “Ro Temumu defies Frank Bainimarama’s regime

  1. together we stand and divided we fall. god bless fiji and its people. ni sa moce mai noda, god bless.

  2. Could the regime have bitten off more then it can chew by trying to stop the methodist from their annual conference?

  3. Philipstone

    With close to 300,000 Methodists in Fiji, and a large number of those within the military, it is to be hoped that they will take a lead from their Church leaders, tap the lialia Dictator’s shoulder and say ‘The game is up.”
    Indeed it is…….

  4. Guys, but off. So much for the the lady chief.

    Isnt this so called LADY Chief the same chief who was having an affair with the personal trainer, who happens to be the husband of a well known personality.

    I know for a fact, because they clashed in the gym. The so called LADY chief and the personal trainers wife.

  5. @darkorider….point a finger and 4 back at you…lets see how many affairs u are having….a loser always looks back…..look to the future….the Lady chief is a hero…..this is historical….only once in alifetime opportunity to standup and be counted as the few bravehearts….kudos to her.

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