Ravings of a Lunatic


Found on another blog site, delusional, insane, waste of space…. all of the above! And what’s even more ironic is that Mark Manning does NOT live in Fiji and has no ties to Fiji, oh sorry except the odd holiday here and there.  You wonder what gives him the right to comment on our internal politics! Yes folks, the ravings of a lunatic.

“Mark Manning suggests that now is the time for the GCC to reconvene, sack the demented President, re-appoint a new President and Vice President and have that new President sack the Commander, Frank Bainimarama and Commission a new Commander and have all responsible involved and who have accepted appointments under this illegal Regime, arrested.
At the same time, the Lawful Prime Minister, Mr. Qarase, should reconvene Parliament with his Ministers. Does anyone agree ?”


16 responses to “Ravings of a Lunatic

  1. Mark lives in Aust and was at the march in sydney. He is harmless, just raving on like his other moron mates at the march. Mark will wake up to reality soon, that the military council is in full control of Fiji. Mark is in fantasy land, hoping Aussies and Kiwis will intervene militarily in Fiji. Poor Mark doesn’t even know that the constitution is no more and effectively the GCC has no powers to appoint a new Prez and VP. Wake up Mark, and stay away from that grog Usaia gives you

  2. mark, you have no idea what the fiji military is capable of/ lots of damage mate, and that is why / australia and new zealand are keeping away. wake up. you mess with it and youre fucked. tovolea mada bro. if dont think so?

  3. Buta is a bit emotional but is absolutely correct. Even John Howard knows the might of Fijian soldiers when he turned down Qarase’s request of foreign military intervention.

  4. i have watched them \fiji military\ on jungle warfare trainning with the sas and gurkas . mate. the best in the world. no joke. tovolea mada tamana. the best by far……

  5. butadroka – droka sara ga your arse mate! Those toy sas and gurkas are just that, toy soldiers, I am talking about the Rewans and how that idiot Ului is going to deal with his mother’s people. The Gone Marama Bale, Roko Tui Dreketi is his Aunty you stupid idiot.

    Think before you make any more stupid comments.

  6. viti. youve also got no idea of what we have done or help out with the fijian people. so soo fly and dont bother us/ soo fly, fly away bro.

  7. Put all the emotions aside and forget about the military, guys. What the regime shouldbe worried about is that they have made the suffering of the ordinary people so great that the people of this country will rise and force the military’s hand. There isn’t going to be any war or fights in the jungle. The military will have to decide on the day they confront the ordinary citizens of this country, on the road to Rewa, and I believe, all races will march to Rewa,whether they will shoot or allow our people to go through.

    The RokoTui Dreketi is just performing her role as the leader of her people and no gun will stop her or her people!!

    May God bless the Marama ROko Tui Dreketi and her people.

  8. tema. vositi au, au cudru vaka ga ni vosataki vakalialia na kai viti. god bless the gone marama bale,roko tui dreketi. au kerea nomu veivosoti. god bless sis, moce mada.

  9. could someone pliz va mamasu to Rko Ului Mara to stand up for his Mothers People!!! we all now hope that goodness will prevail!!!!

  10. butadroka

    apologies accepted!

    God Bless The Gone Marama Bale!

  11. Butadroka!

    It is not Mark Manning’s worry now, he is sitting pretty in his arm chair in Sydney observing what the likes of you are going to do especially if you are a Rewan. Is it going to be the military man Ului or his Aunty the Gone Marama Bale? She is the lady of the moment and my best wishes and prayers are with her and her people. Thank you Ro Teimumu Kepa we are with you all the way!

    It is time for all Rewans to decide!

  12. Where were the Rewa people when Speight and his thugs were trying to force L ady Mara and her family out of Govt house ? Or the mischief carried out angainst Lady Mara”s family during 2000 coup? Did Qarese had any respect for Lady Mara? What did Rewa people do when Rabuka elected to stand against Lady Mara for GCC chair and defeated her? It seems to me that people of Rewa have a very short memory of how Late Lady Mara and her family were treated.By the way there are not 300000 Methodist in Fiji, maybe about 200000 of which about 50000 would be practicing.

  13. There is nothing worse than to have a wiger delving into Fiji’s business.

  14. I’m ready to believe that the Tailevu people will side with one of their son should this conflict degenerate into traditional tribal alliances.

    A lot of people do not seem to realise that the current supreme leader of Fiji is another Burebasaga high chief, Rt Josefa Iloilo.

    Even though Ro Teimumu maybe at the helm of the Burebasaga confederacy, I’m pretty sure that the high chiefs of Ba will not let one of their own be trampled upon. After all, we are just humans. No one should be above anyone else except God.

    Should Bainimarama pull this off by ridding sacred institutions such as the GCC and the Methodist Church of corruptive political influences, and then achieve a truly multi-racial Fiji with a modern constitution based on equality for all, he will go down in Fiji’s modern history as one of it’s greatest leader.

  15. Can the bati of Rewa provide some faggy services to Graham Leung?

  16. Johny Boy – what is your problem ? If you have nothing better to contribute then don’t say anything?

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