Let the media speak

freedom of speech and express

We need to let the media speak the blog sites are taking over and doing a huge misjustice to the situaiton as pointed out below. This is just one instance but a good example of what is going to continue to happen and get worse. The media are now taking the piss out of the Government, as demonstrated by the crazy front page stories they are printing.

Lift the media ban NOW please. For a full round up of the situaiton follow the link below.

Thanks to Crosbie http://www.crosbiew.blogspot.com/ for the story below.

Bloggers round up.
Most of these blogs republish each other’s postings but over the past week all have been publishing items of alleged unrest in the military. It is impossible to know whether the items have any substance or whether they are published (and republished) as part of a campaign to confuse and destabilise — or both, with the blog stories feeding the unrest.

Last week CoupFourpointfive reported Bainimarama had suspended Land Force Commander Pita Driti and Commanding officer of the 3rd Infantry Regiment Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara. But on Monday the story was that it was Driti and Ratu Tevita telling Bainimarama to step down, and yesterday (Wednesday) it’s back to Bainimarama telling Driti and Ratu Tevita again. Yet both officers were reported taking morning tea on Monday at the barracks and neither has made a public statement. To keep the pot boiling, the blogs also reported tension “within the ranks” over Bainimarama’s cancellation of the Methodist Conference, saying “inside sources” said the Conference will go ahead despite the cancellation.

If these confusing accounts were not enough, at 1:20pm on Tuesday the blog FijiCoup2006, run by Sai Lealea, formerly of the NZ Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs in Wellington, published an item headed “Change in Fiji Military Leadership Underway Now.” But then mysteriously the post was removed, with no explanation offered. Was someone pulling Sai’s leg or did the change become unstuck?

It really is very difficult to know what’s going on. There may well be some truth in the blog stories but I wish the blogs, and the generally more reasoned Coupfourpointfive in particular, would make more effort to check their sources, or a least give some indication of probable reliability. As long as the Government (in my opinion, unwisely) continues to censor the media, bloggers are too important a source of information to be ignored by readers who may find too many of their stories unreliable or unfounded


3 responses to “Let the media speak

  1. Ginger Biscuit

    But the media stories were also ‘unreliable and unfounded’. How would we be sure that they will no longer be so? What guarantee is there? No rigour was applied before so why would it be now? Wouldn’t it just be ‘more of the same’? Or has an important lesson been absorbed, painfully and protractedly?

  2. for fiji ever fiji. god bless fiji and its people. ni sa moec mai noda.

  3. Any news that comes out of the blogs is good news whether it boils your kettle for a good drink or just steaming away is good enough for fiji. It’s all in the kettle. Smell the “aroma” he he !!!

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