Fiji moves ahead silently

Well you can’t say that things are not moving ahead. Two major changes to the country in the past 24 hours. Dual Citizenship and the decision to set the legal marriage age at 18.

Dual Citizenship

Former Fiji residents can now have Fiji citizenship after the approval of dual citizenship for our country through promulgation by President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the criteria have been set for dual citizenship and those interested can now apply with a $3,000 fee.

Sayed-Khaiyum said several former Fiji citizens have wanted to continue to have an attachment with their country of birth, and this new decree gives them the right.

Legal Age to Marry now 18

Citizens of Fiji can now legally be married by the age of 18 years after cabinet recently approved amendments to the Marriage Act (Cap. 50) by way of the Marriage Act (Amendment) Decree 2009.

The amendments will make 18 years as the minimum age at which marriage can be contracted for both males and females.


12 responses to “Fiji moves ahead silently

  1. It is only common sense and most timely that these two changes are now in place by Presidential decree. Do we not have to ask ourselves how any democracy could successfully function without such amendments in place? What ever gave us the right to think of ourselves as a democracy with such archaic legislation? How could we ever compete with the rest of the world with ‘children’ enslaved through marriage at sixteen? No wonder the women of Fiji have had such a fearful fight for equality and freedom from violence even within their own families. Freedom starts with equitable legislation. Identity starts with a clear understanding of who you are and where you come from. So why was this disallowed for so long? No person should have to be alienated from their true identity. That is injustice.

  2. As a mature gentleman of age 73, does this mean my 16 year old fiancee has to wait until she is 18 for us to get married, or is the old law grandfathered?

  3. With the age at 18, do they still have to be single? Shouldn’t there be a special provision so that Army Officers can marry married women so that they can service them without breaking up families?

  4. ‘The Principle of Duty’ by the Oxford-trained philosopher David Selbourne and first published in 1994 is to be republished by Faber and Faber in October 2009. ‘An Essay on the Foundations of the Civic Order’.

    There are some powerful ideas within this book, principal of which is:

    “Doctrines of rights, coupled with a belief in the moral autonomy of the individual, possess an easy primacy in our political culture over concepts of duty. In addition, there remains greater fear of a (phantom) ‘police state’, and of the ‘violation’ of our near-limitless liberties, than of the consequences of neglecting citizen values and duties.”

    He goes on to say: “…..there are more important badges of belonging than that of (political) party, and that a democratic civil society must be protected from abuse of its freedoms, whether the abuses are committed by members of parliament or by others”.

    “Resignations – or ‘stepping down’ while the going is good – deselections and prosecutions for fraud are therefore not merely to be welcomed but are essential”.

    To which one might add: “Indeed they were and are”. Freedoms are not limitless and unbounded. Were they to be so, they are ‘up for abuse’ and all freedoms were won by the deaths of courageous men and women in war.

    So perhaps the pertinent question is this:

    “Would you be prepared to sacrifice your life for the freedom enjoyed by fellow citizens?” If the answer is ‘No’, then there is nothing to be said about ‘rights’ and a whole lot to be said for ‘duties’.

    Ask anyone serving in or about to serve in Afghanistan NOW.

  5. fiji must keep moving , united we stand divided we fall.

  6. It seems that bloggers from Raw Fiji News have flooded Real Fiji News because their favourite blog has no credibility due to all the lies and made up news they’ve been spreading.

  7. @red dragon – a good read. I would also look at the Iranians and their passion for democracy and their cry for correcting election results, etc. etc.

  8. Oh mighty eagle with your wings spanned so wide slicing through the prevailing winds destined for the mighty Isles of Fiji there you oh mighty eagle will defecate on the face of the most hated person Qarase.

  9. @ Boo Boo ( shouldn’t that be Bubu?):

    The Iranians are truly an example to be wondered at. They knew and know that their election was almost certainly rigged. Nothing has deterred them from pursuing this even to death. Elections have also been ‘fishy’ in Fiji for quite some time. No overseas observer will ever convince some of us that they were not. And ‘some of us’ have experience of elections going back thirty three years. So what does that have to do with the price of fish?

  10. Teleni’s Last Stand

    Word going around that the Dictator has been arrested by Drtiti

  11. Boo Boo (or Bubu)

    @ SOE – Either way you spell it, it’s pronounced Boo Boo (in english). That’s my point exactly. We need passion like those mentioned about iranians for everything Fiji.

  12. legal age to marry was 16 – now 18
    legal age to go to nightclubs & pubs was 18, then 21 – now 18 again
    why dont we all just have a piss up on our 13th birthdays and get married the day after ? ?
    that’ll solve alot of problems right ? ?

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