Driti warns Methodists

610xFiji’s Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti has warned those who plan to go ahead with the Methodist Conference in August to be ready to face the consequences.

In an interview with FijiLive this morning, Colonel Driti said no one is above the law.

He maintained it does not matter whether the church changes the venue of the occasion – the conference will not be held.

His comments comes after reports that Rewa high chief Ro Teimumu Kepa said that the conference can go ahead in her province despite Government’s decision.

“You all are under Fiji’s jurisdiction. So whatever you do anywhere, you are still subject to Fiji Laws.

“The fact remains that we must obey the law and rules of the government of the day,” he reiterated.

Colonel Driti said those who violate the law “will face its full brunt”.

Meanwhile, the Methodist Church Standing Committee, the executive arm of the church, is meeting in Suva today to discuss Government’s decision to cancel their annual meet on the grounds of “national security”.

The committee was given the permit to meet based on certain conditions, including the non-inclusion of “political elements” – former presidents Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi and Reverend Manasa Lasaro.


5 responses to “Driti warns Methodists

  1. BleedingFiji

    Y A W N !!

  2. Let us be thankful a permit, though with conditions, issued by the Government allowing the Church Standing Committee to meet today.

    Pentecostal Preacher Mr. Driti sternly cautioned and reminds his Methodist brothers and sisters in Christ the Holy Scriptures regimental command of Christian’s mandatory “submission to Government“severally in Roman 13 and I Peter 2. ”.
    In addition, more inclined to his Military calling, admonishers that willful breaches “will face its full brunt” of the PRESENT Fiji Law.

    The Methodist do not have to be reminded that the “Brunt” under a democratic constitution is totally different to the “brunt” in today Fiji Decree existences.

    Fiji will yet again witness the Majority Methodists reciprocal positive responses of goodwill and honorable resolve to honor God in NOT defying the spirit and letter of the very Scripture they believe. For out of the rich oasis of hope amongst the members of the Standing Committee will arise an equitable resolution.

    Indeed, these men and women of God are aware their decisions not only involves the economic, political and spiritual welfare of the 200,000 Methodists in Fiji, but also in numerous ways the ripple affects the 1.1 Million Fiji Citizens, former Citizens and relatives across the Globe.

    Very Best wishes to their deliberations.

  3. you will face its full brunt.and if you dont think so/ tovolea mada/ again /tovolea mada. god bless you.

  4. Tovolea, tovolea mada. We need to try to do the right thing. Interesting word ‘brunt’ – used by the Duke of Wellington to Napoleon’s lasting discomfort and defeat.

  5. sana voleka meda laki vaqara tale edua na lotu tani. sega kina na poltiki,sega kina na lasulasu,sega kina na kakase,sega kina na gunu yaqona vakalialia, ka tadu yani, isa noqu viti.noqu kalou/noqu vanua.

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