Driti targets bloggers


Col Driti said people overseas do not have any idea of the situation here in Fiji and reading the blog sites will not affect the leadership in our country, he said. People who click on internet blogsites for their feed of the news have been advised to not believe all that they read.

The military man has been the victim of malicious items on a certain blogsite.

The latest claims put out by anti-government bloggers is that the military officer was asked to go on leave by military commander and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama for supposedly meeting with a senior Methodist Church leader.

He added the blogs were a strategy that was put in place by some even before the 2006 coup to try and rile the military.

He called on those responsible for the blogs not to waste their time as the military has a very thick skin and it would take more than the blogs of faceless people to affect them.


15 responses to “Driti targets bloggers

  1. Speaking of bloggers – There is a comment on RFN by TFL reporter about Connect CEO, Sharon Smith Johns.
    No sense responding on that site as that blog has absolutely no truth in it. Besides this site has more credibility and receive more visitors than that good-for-nothing site (losers!)
    From reading that piece of garbage, one can tell that the writer is none other than the disgruntled, bitter Jonathan Segal of Oceanic. A former employee of Connect, and a web person himself, Jonathan’s always had chip-on-his-shoulder about Sharon and her successes – something he could never achieve no matter how American he tried to make things.
    I do believe his office (which he can ill afford) overlooks the Connect office – a bird’s eye view of the goings on at Connect where he can keep an eye on Sharon whom he is very jealous of!
    After the revelation of blogsters and reputation destroyers Naidu, Rika, Apted, Fa and others, nothing was said of the main culprit – the yank Jonathan Segal. The guy arrived into Fiji in great distress after 9/11 with his Japanese wife and kids. His meek wife has gone through some traumatic times as a result of his ‘therapeutic romps’ with local girls.
    Who knows how many more kids he’s fathered during his time here in Fiji while his poor Japanese wife looks after their own?
    This guy’s always looking for ways to discredit Ms Johns to no avail. Give it up Mr Segal – you’ve got nothing on Sharon. What’s plain to see is your bitterness and jealousy, so put your energy into trying to keep your head above water. Who knows – you might be more successful in business than trying to bring Sharon down!

  2. Fly on the wall

    The following is an unconfirmed transcript of an interview between Commmander Pita Driti and Fiji TV conducted a few hours ago…

    FIJITV: Commander Driti, thank you for you time. To start off, you mentioned there are several blogsites that post material on you, some favourable some not. We have viewed most of these and it would appear you are considered a bit of a sex symbol with most female posters attracted to your rugged unshaven looks, your fancy brass studs and of course your infectious charisma. What do you say to that?

    DRITI: I have been known to have that effect on some women.

    FIJITV: You say you have thick skin, what do you mean by that?

    DRITI: Inner beauty is skin deep. If you are willing to go deep enough you will find that I am just a decent guy with a sense of humour.

    FIJITV: Have you considered life after the military? Perhaps a career in Showbiz. The world needs a macho hero. Ever since Indiana Jones retired, the contenders have been abyssmal. Harry potter just does not cut it. Perhaps you could be the next Fijiana Jones. I can already see the billboards – “Fijiana Jones and the Methodsit Crusade”

    DRITI: Look if Steven Spielberg gave me a call tomorrow, i will make him coffee at the QEB and talk turkey.

    FIJITV: Commander thank you for your time.

  3. BleedingFiji

    Driti targetting bloggers? Great! We’re targetting him too?

    Bring it on, babe!!!!

  4. Seems like all the losers from Raw Fiji News are now commenting on Real Fiji News? just have to read how much they want to discredit Real Fiji News as seen from some of the comments above.

    What happened to that useless, lying blogsite? They just got smacked into their faces huh? Everytime they put out an article, they get smacked in their faces for lying.

    Carry on folks at QEB. The silent majority are with you guys all the way to the next election and the new Fiji. God bless you all.

  5. Vitivou

    Fighting alone representing the silent majority?

  6. @kisi lusi,

    you guys can whine all you like, fiji is moving forward with or without you guys…..

  7. BleedingFiji

    Y A W N !!!

  8. Eu and co dont give Voreqe shit.Laiva me dabe tu i keri kei na nona m16 till kingdom come me kila na ca ni vakilkila.

  9. me ra tou veicai ga o Voreqe kei iratou nona muslim sona friends Driti has no power without us the boys he can give orders til the cow comes home no one will shoot any civilians the power is with the methodist church Voreqe is doing a Sadam hussein never sleeps in one location

  10. @ Vitivou
    No one is doing any whining we only come in here to protect those that are fighting the fight and to stand up to the likes of you who is in denial and ignorant of the what Frank’s Military Regime is doing to our country! You talk about moving forward when all we can see misery and suffering and it gets worse each day!
    Get real!

  11. god bless fiji/ united we stand and divided we fall.

  12. Philipstone

    Vitivou sivia nomu ku%^u jiko vei ira na sotia!!

    how about the the large number of new recruits in the army who had high hopes of getting a job and a carrer with gud pay in the military bit are still waiting in vain!!!

    waraka namaka!!!!!! most of them r regretting bow since they are getting nothing!!!!!

  13. @Philipstone


  14. Jonathan Segal

    This comment here about me is so utterly ridiculous and insulting. I’ve never taken any stance against this government nor have I blogged about them either.

    I’m an investor in Fiji who started a company and contributed to the economy as best I could. Disappointing to see this kind of far-fetched attack. It’s a great example of what’s wrong with the debate in Fiji as well.

  15. I have known Jonathan professionally and personally for years. The comments above do not reflect the kind of businessman or person he is. It’s a shame he felt it was necessary to even acknowledge the original comment. It should be removed from this blog.

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