Uncovering the rot…

We wondered why a certain lawyer has made such a strong stand against the current government.  We think he does protest too much! What is he hiding????  Well we have certain documents that will explain why he is so much against the government! He  was obviously worried that government would find out about his little secrets! More to come on this later…


13 responses to “Uncovering the rot…

  1. Uncovering anymore Rot is not going to save Fiji.

    “Fiji’s Constitutional Powers” will.

    By all means uncover all the rot you want and through “Fiji’s Constitutional Powers” allow it to bloom into REAL INVESTIGATIONS!

  2. This is my post in an article in Raw Fiji News. Read on and enjoy. Those guys are just not gonna learn anything…………..

    Raw Fiji News, it does not take a professor to figure out that you guys are just trying to sow discord, distrust, disunity amongst the hierarchy of leadership within the RFMF. Its not gonna work.

    What do you think the RFMF have been learning all these years? They learn exactly to be aware of these kinds of elements that try to sow distrust, disunity, discord, and whatever else you can think of.

    Try all your might Raw Fiji News. All that you are going to achieve is no credibility for you. You’ll just become the BUTT of all jokes.

  3. vitivou you are so anal.
    Leongs private life is his business. What he does with his phone at homwe on his free time is his business. He has his basic human right to his sexual preferences and that is public knowledge. No secret there. What is sick is a homosexual man as Fiji’s Chief Justice. A JUDGE sitting in judgement of others when he lives a life that compromises right living. How fucked up is that after judging in court he goes home to his boyfriend to have his arse pumped with a cock full of sperm. Now how’s that for a BUTT of all jokes or cock

  4. Gracia,

    WTF is wrong with you? I didn’t write that article about Graham Leung. I’m even surprise to read it here. I’m just a commenter in this blog and I don’t even subscribe to it as a member.

    Who the eff cares about Graham’s sexual preferences? I don’t give an eff about his sexual preferences or who he is sleeping with. That’s his own business and privacy.

    I’m only commenting on this website when the people at Raw Fiji News do not print my comments in their blog to correct their lies.

    Next time you write something to me check your facts first. The way you are writing to me is as if I was the ambassador and wrote to the PS here in Fiji.

    Gracia, for the last time I don’t give a BIG F who’s effing you and Graham’s ass. So get lost.

  5. vitivou
    Stop to consider. Maybe RFN just don’t give 2 shits for your pussy comments

  6. Gracia,

    You sound like the losers at Raw Fiji News. You maybe just one of the bloggers at Raw Fiji News whose articles get discredited every now and then.

    Time and time again, Raw Fiji News have been proven wrong. So I wonder what their real motives are. Maybe, Raw Fiji News real motives and agenda is to discredit its ownself thru unsubstantiated news.

  7. Vinaka Gracia! Whose laughing now! I know I am, you are good very good!

  8. Administrator.

    Get this topic off the website. It has no place here. If you want this level of discussions go create a porn blog. I am outta here…

  9. Viti, good in what? You guys are a bunch of losers. Laughing at your own stupidity.

    What’s funny was how misdirected Gracia’s anger towards me. It goes to show that he/she didn’t check the articles and comments properly. And now you come along Viti and try to show the same stupidity that Gracia has.

    The least Gracia could have done was apologize to me. I would have graciously appreciated and accepted that. Instead he/she went on to another misdirected rant.

    Let’s all grow up for god’s sake and argue constructively. Let’s build Fiji and each other up. and stop tearing each other down. Criticizing, lying, demeaning, and degrading others won’t make Fiji a better place or us a better people.

  10. @ Vitivou – laughter is the best medicine so I don’t mind at all being told off like a child for thinking something was worth laughing at!
    Gracia apologising to you – You have gotta be kidding!

  11. @Topasi -dont leave mate, this too shall pass! Everything has a reason.

  12. well, isnt it just amazing how when one person expresses what he thinks or how he feels, everyone laughs . .
    granted laughter is the best medicine, but seriously, im sure there are some relatively important or interesting issues to talk about . .
    no matter how much of an amateur or how STUPID he sounds, he continues with his bitching and aggravated verbal assault on certain issues . .
    give it up mate, your fighting a losing battle – seems like the order of the day – however, i think vitivou should take a trip to “VitiVou”, buy a joint & ‘av a toke coz mate, ur ideas and views are really biased ! !
    qucik question – vitivou; by any chance, do u wear combats daily or are u just a sad little one-eyed supporter of a biased regime & of a bunch of middle aged men all on a power trip ? ?

  13. im with you vtitvou. kua ni leqa taki ira na baku ra vosa tu qo. dua ga nodra veitauri boci. moce bro.

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