Raw Military rubbish.. Rumour number 1,205

fiji military

More RAW Rubbish…yes we will keep commenting on RAW and the lies they spread, we need BALANCE.

Discussions between Frank Bainimarama and key military personnel have already taken place. (yes its called a meeting, one which happens every week)

We’re told that Frank has been requested to peacefullly step down. (We have been told this is more rubbish from RAW)

Those who have also been told to go are Iloilo, Fiji’s illegal President responsible for the purported abrogation of the 1997 constitution, his Vice, Epeli Nailatikau and the entire cabinet. (Too stupid to even comment on, just think of the implications of this sentence!)

But Frank is not taking the request well out of sheer stubborness. (Hysterical,  who is writing this stuff,  we keep saying its your 8 year old kid)

Driti and Ului have it for their initiative to take FMF to a legally and morally correct route. (more on Driti and Ului later)


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