Military Rumours – Ului on the move

uluiWe have it from a reliable source that Col Mara entered the camp at 7:45am this morning. He spoke to several of his men on his way to his office.

At approximately 9:30 he left camp. (we think this is highly suspicious, RFN we will leave the rest up to you!)

If you have any further information on the movements around camp please let the administrators of this site know please. (Yes we are taking the piss out of RFN)


10 responses to “Military Rumours – Ului on the move

  1. You guys are real funny on this site. Good one and RFN you guys suck, all talk no action and all LIES.

  2. Fly on the wall

    The question on everyone’s lips is what transpired at the camp between 7:45am and 9:30am.

    A Source from within the camp who shall remain nameless claims that he had a coffee at the officers mess at about 8:30am then he went off to the gents to presumably answer the call of nature. This was not his routine as he usually did his business at 8:32am.

  3. Military Man

    @Fly on the wall. THAT is still unconfirmed. We can confirm that he did NOT drink coffee he drank tea with one sugar. However we can confirm that he was clean shaven…

  4. Fly on the wall

    @Military Man… thank you for your raw insight.

    The fact that you mentioned he drank tea might implicate him in the previous coups – was it Punja’s Tea or was it Lipton’s Tea. If it is the former, we can acertain beyond any shadow of doubt that he had some affliation with Hari Punja.

    Another ground breaking scoop.

  5. Military Man

    @fly on the wall. YOU are good! however we can confirm that it was LIPTONS which proves beyond any doubt that he is innocent of any previous coups, see who needs lawyers when you use common sense!

    LATEST NEWS. Col Mara ate a chicken sandwich for lunch and whats more he offered 1/2 of it to Driti (could they be planning something????) . More later..

  6. Confirmed that he ate NADOS chicken for lunch. Confirmed that he washed it down with a large coke.

  7. BleedingFiji

    Oh gee.. i almost thot that was washed down with a large cock.. oh so it was coke! Yummy lunch, FijiGirl!

  8. Hey BleedingFiji, is that what you’ve been doing all these times? No wonder you are bleeding.

  9. BleedingFiji


  10. If Ului ate Nandos than he had to wash it down with a cock. Thats what Div Darmodar does. He always washes down with a cock and thats why he owns the eatery.

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