Methodists Meeting – RAW is wrong AGAIN!

qarase praying

Come on RFN you guys are so far behing the game,  we know for a FACT that the conference is NOT going to happen until the two at the top resign.

From Raw (Methodist) Blog site

We can confirm that the Methodist Church have the Fiji Military Forces support to go ahead with their planned August conference.

FMF’s support is in direct defiance of their commander tyrant Frank Bainimarama’s earlier radio announcement yesterday that he is stopping the conference from going ahead.


4 responses to “Methodists Meeting – RAW is wrong AGAIN!

  1. Good choice of photos….a serene and intimate spiritual moment former PM Qarase and Mrs L. Qarase yields into.

    Despite our varied opinions of the man, we beg all bloggers to let that photo be!!

    (Now we say, RAW and REAL are both wrong!!….’cause both have NO human face!! Common guys….be REAL, and RAW!!..or may be RAW’s gulfren is REAL and they’re still having a blue..)

  2. dou sa bula mai noda. god bless.

  3. Please god, let her be praying for forgiveness for beating her granddaughter with a hockey stick! Please please please….

  4. haha
    no amount of praying could heal that sin

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