Methodists $215,000 scam!

The Methodist Standing Committee simply wrote off $215,000-00 of levies (soli vakamisinari) borrowed by the church’s Navuso Agricultural School on 7th July 2009.
Hey Methodist wake up to this methodist church – the crook and a false prophet who was managing the Navuso Agricultural School at the time of this abuse of funds.
This is money that all methodists contributed $10-00 each as your levy to the church for enhancing his kingdom on earth and not to be abused by a false prophet like Manasa Lasaro. He basically bulldozed the writing-off of the $215,000-00 through the standing committee supported by the other false prophet of Tomasi Kanailagi who stole the church house and land by transfering it to his name.
This was also supported by the blogging false prophet of Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

Be warned Rev Tugauwe (Methodist Church President) of Manasa Lasaro taking over your position. Remember he did it to Reverend Koroi and he will do it to you. Be bold and get the church in order or God will take that position away from you. You know very well that Lasaro is a racist person who hates Indians.

Manasa Lasaro do you remember your son drowning when crossing the Rewa River to come to Navuso Agricultural School at the height of your misuse of the $215,000-00???? Beware of the wrath of God. Wasn’t that a lesson for you???? Humble yourself and repent because you’re human like everybody else and you ain’t God.

3 responses to “Methodists $215,000 scam!

  1. Though we may not agree with extreme political opinions of these two former Presidents, we however, could only consider allegations made by those who have a face and name!! In the absence of those credible indicators, the allegations are only fit to stir with the Kinoya slimy sauce.

    This recircled new item is boring!! If you’re a Methodist, you should be aware of avenues for personal or congregational redress within and without the Church, however, if you’re no Methodist….. we say again, “what is your blooming “Baigani” in their “kuro kapechi”???

  2. Man this gets even better!!! His other son was just recently released from prison. Now Lasaro does that signify anything to you. Surely it has to be the wrath od God.

  3. sa voleka meda laki vaqara tale e dua na lotu tani, ena sega kina na politki, sega na lasulsasu ,sega gunu yaqona , sega na kakase, ka tadu yani. isa ko viti. noqu vanua/noqu kalou.

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