Military Rumours – Breaking News!


We have it from a reliable source that Pita  Driti has left his office, walked outside and stretched his legs. He then looked up at the sky (we believe this has some significance) and walked back into his office. More breaking news from the camp as it happens.


16 responses to “Military Rumours – Breaking News!

  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t he lucky! Just such a lucky guy. Wonder if he caught a glimpse of the sun? Do you think he took a picture?
    All I can say is wow!

  2. There is another LATE BREAKING NEWS – Pita Driti has had a shave.

    Sources who remain nameless said that early this morning he purchase a razor from the local chinese shop. He was followed and was last seen having a shave. The TV Camera crew came just in time to catch him wiping up. Watch the news tonight for the full coverage of this ground shattering event.

  3. The greatest, ground shattering event today was to learn that former President of the Methodist Church of Fiji, Rev Josateki Koroi , was “requested” to make a visit. After his treatment in 1987 by those who believe themselves to be “God Fearing”, it is astonishing that his good counsel might be sought now.

    “The Moral Gutting of Fiji ” began back then but a recent paper of this name makes no mention of this. By all means “raise our voice as one” – but let us get a proper perspective first. The One and Only Fiji – surely that is the goal, for us all?

  4. We have it from a reliable source that Pita Driti has left his office, walked outside and stretched his legs. He then looked up at the sky (we believe this has some significance) and said, “Why me?” Whereupon a passing mynah flew low and shat in his eye.

  5. You guys are funny. As long as you don’t piss off the Land Force Commander, I want to have a laugh with you guys all the way.

    The one we should be making fun of are the bloggers at Raw Fiji News. These guys are so persistent with their lies that we are left to wonder how on earth readers still believe in the articles they publish.

    It’s even funnier that some of them even come to Real Fiji News and question whether it has its own news to report on. Well, here at Real we are better of because all we are doing is point out the lies at Raw. And that is our real news, pointing out the lies at Raw Fiji News.

  6. @vitivou.. .. we need a bit of humour around here.

    Sometimes I take the mickey out of some people just to gauge their reaction. I intentionally push Semi’s button just to get that verbose, bible bashing nonsensical reponse. Somedays I think the guy is smokin weed as he seems to float 0n some ethereal plane.

    All for fun guys, no harm intended. Pita Driti – you look cool with the new haircut and shave.

  7. @topasi,

    It boggles my mind why people would want to believe the rubbish news coming out of Raw Fiji News when more than half of what they print are just based on their imagination. Time and time again they’ve been proven wrong.

    The people up at the camp needs to know that they have more support from the ordinary folks this time around. They are doing exactly the right thing to help the ordinary folks of this country become equal citizens rather than being classed like was done before.

    I like the new vision for Fiji and I’m ready to persevere all the way.

    Good luck guys. I’m with you folks all the way.

  8. Hey Jim, what’s the problem? Nothing’s getting right at Raw Fiji News?

    If the whole of Fiji and the world do not want Frank, how come the Samoan head of state, the MSG group of leaders all support him? I’m pretty sure even Tonga support Frank.

    You know what? The only people who do not support Frank are those small minded people like you and those liars, whiners and cry babies at Raw Fiji News.

    Raw Fiji News should now be called Raw “Fullofshit” News.

    By the way Jim, what’s your purpose too? nothing’s going right huh?

  9. @topasi & vitivou…. said “I intentionally push Semi’s button just to get that verbose, bible bashing nonsensical reponse. Somedays I think the guy is smokin weed as he seems to float 0n some ethereal plane.” I indeed flattered for being esteemed reigning in the heavenlies is no wonder you two naughty earthlings do not kapish my drift.

    So much for being pro-military…you just did a “Brutus’ on a top Army brass…amazing allegiance these fellas have.

    What can we say?…tei kapechi, raica kapechi,….produce after it’s own kind…even worse under anonymity!! God, have mercy on “Topasi” and “vitivou”. Sooo, after August what song you guys will be singing??..”dil dekodeko”..ha,ha,ha,

  10. Totally agree with vitivou and others – Raw has very long blogs that people just lose interest in them. Short and sharp – that’s how to write blogs – not political documents (so they think) like at Raw. Besides, most of it is so inflated, they’re high on their own hot air. Instead of looking at the negative and living in the past, like Driti, those at Raw need to open their windows and doors, let fresh air in, step outside and feel the sunshine – you’ll be surprised!

  11. @jim – blow it out ya backside mate…take your negativity away – better still – stick it where the sun don’t shine! We don’t need your kind here.

    Purpose: Supportting a dictator

    My advice for you fools to invest that knowledge on something positive for our children in Fiji….Sa rauta na kanaloto kei na butobuto..
    Sa vakamadua mai….

  13. Military Man

    @ Jim.. mate, fuck off if you dont like it. We do not care for your opinion at all. Read the postings mate, they are all Pro Military and Pro Government and PRO FIJI… take ya sick posting and piss off back to RFN..

  14. Military Man

    @ vitivou there are lots of Military who come here and read the postings, we do not take offence, Driti would be the first to laugh at this stuff. We have thick skin remember. thanks

  15. @ Military Man. Good to know you also have a sense of humor. That’s what’s needed during these times as you help to take Fiji forward. Vinaka all for the positive comments. GO FIJI GO!

  16. Raw is crap – i dont know why people even bother talking about it!

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