Fiji allies in MSG.


” Helpem Fiji Frend”

The stand taken by the MSG, in particular PNG and the Solomon Islands in relation to Fiji lifts the stakes to new heights. The implications are enormous, far far beyond the tiresome calls for the return to democracyin Fiji.

What we are seeing today are two island nations with enormous economic clout standing up to imperialist bullying by the big two. It is not the first time Sir Michael Somare has locked horns with Australia on the issue of sovereignty – he opposed “Operation Helpem Fren” a $2.4b aid package concocted by Australia in 2004, a condescending attempt to fast track the evolution of the PNG people from tree dwellers to the big smoke. At least that was the idea they spun, but the true motive was to exploit the mining and oil reserves of the country.

Sir Michael was over-ruled by his cabinet on that occassion. A decision they greatly regret today. But he is not gonna let Fiji suffer the same humiliation and standover tactics he endured at the hands of Australia in 2004. The MSG is no longer a feral dog feeding on scraps. The MSG carries more clout than all the Pacific island nations combined. That is a fact. How? Consider the current record prices for gold and metals and names like Rio Tinto, Gold Ridge Mining, BHP – all Australian companies raping the rich resources of PNG and the Solomons.

Forget about the rantings of Tonga and Samoa. They are just empty barrels with zero economic clout. They are just fresh-of-da-boat freeloaders who have nothing to offer Australia and NZ.

Fiji has some important allies in the MSG. The stakes have been raised to dizzying heights.

From Topasi


21 responses to “Fiji allies in MSG.

  1. Well they must have awful lot of clout Topasi – enough to get Fiji invited to the upcoming Forum meeting?

  2. bullshit..Have those MSG seen the amount of their counterparts that live in Fiji since the ratu sukuna days who want democracy..I lived ampngst their counterparts from Solomon Islanders to Vanuatuans..This people need democracy to get jobs flowing and to help some of them who are paying lease to landowners in Fiji…Frank is full of crap..Ive seen people from solomons,PNG etc sentence to jail in fiji…What difference does the asshole frank make..

  3. Vinaka Topasi for the excellent information. This is what bloggers who hate Bainimarama do not understand.

    The real motive of why Australia and New Zealand are sanctioning Fiji or trying to get Fiji out of the SPF is nothing to do with a return to democracy. It is to do with the fact that they see this as their best opportunity to get PACER implemented.

    PACER will see the final and total control of the Pacific island economies by New Zealand and Australia. This will create far worse economic benefits to Pacific states.

    Pacific island countries should now be supporting Fiji’s resistance to New Zealand and Australias domination of the Pacific states. It would be best for Pacific states to align themselves as one and bring China in as a trade partner.

    You will see that today, Australia, New Zealand and the USA are so concerned with China’s increasing presence in the Pacific. They will mention things like China being a communist country. They come up with this fear tactic that the Pacific island states will turn to communism and so forth.

    But let’s take a hard look. New Zealand, Australia and the USA are all trading will China. China is even propping up the US economy. So this fear tactic is nonsense.

  4. @vitivou… the Australia and NZ governments still hold fast to their imperialist mindset, treating all Pacific Island states as “children”. Not for long. They need to be told where to shove the carrot and the stick.

    @kahukiwa… whether Fiji makes it to Cairns or not is a dead rubber. They do not need to be there. In fact it would be politically better if Australia toes the hard line.

    “It is da art of fighding widout fighding”
    Bruce Lee – Enter the Dragon.

  5. Listen fools Australia and New Zealand are telling you the truth….
    Kua na lai gang up ga baleta ga ni da melanesian..
    Its like telling someone that they are racist when they are not…
    Always stay on the good side of the law….

  6. Well those nasty Polynesians – so unappreciative of Franks efforts to save Fiji from itself – are just standing back and having a good laugh –

  7. Fly on the wall

    @kahukiwa.. empty barrels make the loudest noises. The samoan pm is an anklebiter who has succumbed to the carrot and stick. He will sing the praises of ANZ as long as his bread is being bu7ttered on the right side. Stop the aid and this turkey will sing a different tune…

  8. @Fly on the wall…..anklebiters and empty barrels or not, all they have to do is sit back and watch Fiji waste away its natural advantages.

    Friends in the Cook Islands tourism industry can’t believe their luck – and they haven’t had to spend an extra cent on marketing, Frank has done it all for them. Well done boys.

  9. Fly on the wall

    @kahukiwa… another misinformed wanker who takes his cues from the NZ dailies… here is wisdom..

  10. @Fly on the wall

    You guys are a tad bit sensitive – of course people are still visiting Fiji but the longer the mess that has been created continues the more likely it is than places like Samoa and the Cooks are going to benefit from visitors who otherwise may have gone to Fiji.

  11. @kahukiwa,

    Who the heck cares if the tourists go to Cook Islands? There’s still more coming to Fiji.

  12. @vitivou

    It may well be a moot point after August and how the Great Leader handles the Methodist conference.

  13. @Vitivou… Agree with you on PACER.

    In terms of importance, this issue overshadows everything else, including the return to democracy for Fiji.

    PACER will make or break the ANZ economic dominance in the Pacific for years to come. It is not something that the Pacific Island nations should take lightly, or enter into in any great haste.

    Australia wants to fast track PACER – the PIF in Cairns was going to be the grand marketing platform. The recent MSG support for Fiji has changed all that. Whether the MSG did this intentionally or not, it will be rewarded with greater leverage and clout at the PIF. A very astute move on their part.

    The MSG are the force to be reckoned with in the near future. Not Fiji, not Australia, not NZ, not the ankle-biters.

    Consider the PNG economy today. It is the ONLY ECONOMY IN THE REGION THAT IS EXPERIENCING UNPRECEDENTED BOOM. Whilst 90% of world economies are suffering the recession, the PNG economy is bucking the trend and experiencing real positive growth! This speaks heaps for investors, China especially. Australia’s aim is to to lock in a preferential trade agreement urgently before China and other SE Asian investors have a serious look in. It is not in PNG’s economic interest to narrow her options for growth. There are 6.4m people in PNG, the largest populated island nation. The potential for business is great in the current economic climate.

    Yes, Sir Michael Somare goes to the PIF with all the big guns and ammo strapped over his shoulders. There is nobody better than this seasoned politician and friend of the Pacific to broker the best deal for all island nations.

    Go you good thing!

  14. @Topasi

    What a pity then that PNGs exceptional economic growth is not enjoyed by the majority of her people – rampant corruption and a wasteful and inefficient central government ensure that.

    Like Fiji, PNGs political class have always managed to ensure her true potential is not fully realised. So in a way, the Great Leader has probably found his Pacific soul mate.

  15. @Kahukiwa… yes, it just goes to show that the amount of aid, no mater how big, does not necessarily equate to development and better living standards. Most of it is misdirected and mismanaged, a fact known by the Australian government for years, but they still persist.

    The only conclusion you can draw from this is that aid in the ANZ context is being used as an instrument of political will and has little to do with development.

    The quicker the islanders realise this the better they will be in getting themselves onto the road to self-determination.

    Australia and NZ are the real culprits.

  16. @Topasi

    Have to agree – though one suspects that in the case of PNG, Australia has been atoning for the woeful state it left PNG in at the time of independence. The guilt factor has worked wonders for the PNG elite.

    In the ANZ context for the rest of the Pacific, the use of aid as an overt political tool has been balanced by a fair amount of technical assistance which has benefited the recipients. Political influence is of course one factor in the aid game but it is also in ANZs interests to develop the Pacific if not for the fact that it gives them wealthier markets to export to.

    Is China the answer to Fijis current problems? Rabuka turned to Malaysia post 1987 and also allowed increased Chinese migration – it may have diminished the influence ANZ have in Fiji to a degree but I don’t think it succeeded in displacing them.

  17. @kahuhiwa and topasi,

    See, there are things we can all agree on. That is very healthy indeed.

    China is not the answer to all our problems but in terms of trade, China may help a lot. When you have Australia and New Zealand trying to strangle Fiji’s economy because they are our biggest trading partners, the best option we have is China.

    China’s strategy is not to interfere in domestic affairs of the countries they trade with. They go purely to trade and they respect the sovereignty of countries and nations. This is a well known fact to the US, EU, UK, and others.

  18. And is the reason why China’s economy is growing to unprecendented heights that it has to prop up others economy.

  19. @vitivou & kahukiwa…

    Back in the late nineties I purchased a book from a $2 sale called the Empty Raincoat by Charles Handy.

    When I consider what is happening in the world today and how difficult it is to negotiate mutual beneficial outcomes in business and politics, the concept of the “Chinese Contract” springs to mind.

    Basically the “Chinese Contract” in Handy’s mind is this – in order to make lasting relations in any deal there must exist a prerequisite for compromise. Both parties will have to concede for both to win. At the core of the relationship lies trust and a belief in the future of the relationship. It is about the willingness to sacrifice some present good in order to reap future rewards. Both parties must walk away smiling in the belief they have won something.

    With the Chinese Contract, there is no need for all that legal bullshit.

    I have been privileged to have been involved in many business relationships usually with the Chinese where my word really mattered. The cultivation of relationships for future gains is more important than present outcomes.

    If you have the chance, it is a book worth reading. It was not so relevant for me 15 years ago, but I am only beginning to appreciate its concepts today.

    Good night, good folks.

    “Like dogs, if we are well fed we are content.

    However, contentment and complacency have no place in a world where inequality and despair are rife.

    uccess and vision can no longer be about our individual “empty raincoat” struggle for profit and material gain.

    If we do not help each other then we most certainly cannot help ourselves.”

    Charles Handy – The Empty Raincoat

  20. Vinaka vakalevu Topasi. I will certainly look for that book.

  21. The truth has been spoken. ANZ big two countries only want to do the PACER to get MSG resources.
    Polynesia has got nothing. Micronesia is at zero.
    PNG needs to cut off trade with Aust and NZ. Somare should give them the middle finger and leave. As a PNG man, I do not see anything I need from the PIF. There is nothing in the PIF for me.
    Aust and NZ now run the PIF like their own road show.
    PNG should leave PIF . PIF is a waste of PNG’s time. Only a one way voice for Aust and NZ and their polynesian slaves nodding to their every word.
    My PNG economy is booming and the Aust and NZ economy is in the ditches – they need our people’s mining royalties to buy their goods to save their industries.
    No way! We trade with whoever we want to trade with.
    Aust and NZ can keep their aid too. It is nothing compared to what my people will get from mining.Some people cannot believe that our mining landowners in PNG can move from owning nothing to owning an aeroplane in a short period.
    Well, sit back and watch – melanesia is on the rise.
    People have always talked down on us ; well, let them sit back and eat their words. Australlia will never control us again. And as for New Zealand? who are they? NZ is already smaller in both population and land size to PNG. They are becoming a midget to us.

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