What about corruption?

newbribeWhat have either SDL4Lyfe or the Methodist Church of Fiji leaders and uncritical supporters to say about corruption? Have they fully grasped and recognised what corruption has done to development for the people: sapped and sucked the lifeblood of development and progress?

No wonder President Obama referred to the necessity for African countries to take charge of their own future and this future would require a commitment to proper governance through strong institutions. How might the strength of the methodist church and the SDL best be described: a force for good or a united force for economic stagnation and a crippling of innovation for change?

Does RAWFiji contribute to the discussion on corruption? Does its ‘credibility’ stand up to scrutiny? Tell us. The silence about the cancer of corruption is deafening. Or have they been beneficiaries, fellow travellers/ voyagers in all this? Time to speak up.

From Pita Vatu


One response to “What about corruption?

  1. What corruption?..where..eh..opps sorry..mmmm…let’s all take our leave, and do’nt forget the lunch money from the Regimental Bank…..
    ….oh, still have not work out how, money black market operates in the streets.
    ….though Fiji is no more “Hub” of the Pacific’s political,economic transit..still very much is “Hub” of many ..eh..narcotic,human, scam and trade..and we have no idea!!

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