SDL Corruption

17442VyLMmThe SDL is the most stupid and corrupt political party in Fiji. This party was formed outof stealing $8 million from the Ministry of Agriculture budget in order to buy votes. Then it befriended the chiefs and leaders of the methodist church hierarchy in order to solidify its grab on power in Fiji.

I do not want to ever see this political party ever again come to power in Fiji. What’s funny is that they went around portraying themselves as a legitimate party. Everybody else in Fiji knows how the party came about.

From Vitivou


7 responses to “SDL Corruption

  1. The Momi Bay saga was created during the SDL reign.Typical.SDL gave Voko Industries $5M in loans but Voko paid only $1.5M,the rest was written off.The money is now used by the 2 Korean bros to purchase nightclubs in Suva.$3.5 M of Extinct Mataqali Fund was given to Ballu Khan eventhough he was not a Fijian and not reg. in the VKB.F.Y.I. God removed the SDL Govt. to allow them to repent of their sins.

  2. Unfortunately, the ‘everybody else in Fiji’ chose to join forces with the SDL4Lyfe troop and the ‘Methodical Methodists’ and they imposed a systematic tyranny under the guise of democratic government. This ruse was aided and abetted by both Australia and New Zealand and also achieved support from more distant and important ‘actors’: the EU, the USA and even ‘look North Neighbours’. Only now can it be seen how this tyranny became an orchestration for suppression of human rights in Fiji: all under the banner of ‘democracy’. What a sham!

  3. Back to the Think Tanks. They must not be left out? So obliging, so full of received notions and so uncritical (especially, self-critical?) What did they expect to achieve? How did they think it would end?

    They did NOT think it would end. In fact, they did not think at all. Just happy to tag along for the ride. These dim wits had us believe a major contribution was made. For this they had their price (to be footed by taxpayers, of course). Insured/pensioned and per diemed – sitting on multiple boards with multiple conflicts of interest. One or two demanding tax-free salaries, no less. Just so ‘hunky dory’. One great, happy family.

  4. SDLs corruption or Franks corruption – so what is different?

  5. it was all in SDL time..time has changed now..i have full faith in frank bainimarama. now everyone is equal..

  6. Voreqe Bainimarama

    Iam sorry people my main weakness is I do not know how to run a government. Again Iam afraid if I conduct elections now I will be thrown into jail immediately. Thats why I need to prolong elections so Ican find a way out. If Rabuka can find a way out, why cant I. We are both military personnel and we dont give up easily. We have the guns thats why its easy for me to do what I why want right now even changing clauses in the constitution to suit me. But first I have to rake in my millions in case I go to prison in the future or got sacked from the military.

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