Military Coup – We think NOT!


Right, enough of the f*&^ing rumours on RAW RUBBISH. The talk around Suva on the weekend was the ‘alleged’ military coup led by Driti and Ului Mara. These rumous do not help move the country forward, and the same rumour has been going around for the past year!.  There is NO split in the Military Council, as much as Raw Rubbish want to destabilise the country its not going to come from the Military. Change your tune,  find something new to write about or here is a good idea…  DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR THE COUNTRY.


4 responses to “Military Coup – We think NOT!

  1. Not only is Real RFN self appointed honorary editor of Raw RFN; Real RFN has now assumed the censorship role too!! Goodness, this RFN twins never stop, especially the crybaby feminine twin; Real RFN. “ DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR THE COUNTRY.” Like getting the Real News from you comrade news source with the Camp and refute Raw RFN with substance, not reactory gibberish.

    We are tired of Coups, ALL Coups are filthy evil, cooked up in the pits of hell!!

  2. Does this blogsite exist only to trash another blogsite namely Raw Fiji News?
    The Raw is way above the baseness of the people behind this blogsite. You are the pits.

  3. Since Raw Fiji News do not post comments that challenges its propaganda, there needs to be a place to air it.

    Real Fiji News is far better than Raw “Fullof shit” News in terms of keeping the news fair and balanced. Raw Fiji News is so full of lies that it boggles the mind why people take it seriously. This is why there is a need to have another blogsite to correct all the lies being spread by others.

  4. Rumours are that they will be installing a new Vunivalu of Bau, and that person is ENERI, the one and only. His matanivanua will be NASONI, the reggae master from the MIC show.

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