Fiji Democracy Movement says …..


“The president of the Australian-based Fiji Democracy Movement, Usaia Waqatairewa, says the people of Fiji feel betrayed by the Melanesian leaders’ failure to stand up for them.” With such a bold claim, we are entitled to ask: Which people? How does he know? Who does his organization represent? How can be proclaim to represent the people of Fiji? My reading of the situation is that the country is deeply divided, and within this broad division there are several groups of opinions on desired outcomes. More than one of them will welcome the Melanesian leaders’ decision.

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So who is Usaia? Where exactly did he come from? We hear failed business man, failed at a few things, and some  skeletons in the closet…..  Usaia you are too stupid to speak on behalf of the country, so please stop.


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  1. People should not worry about Usaia.

    He is a mere pimple on the cow’s bum. Like a lot of his business ventures and associations this democracy movement will run out of gas once the faithful find out his true motives and where their funding has been misdirected to.

    You will find more than just skeletons in his closet. At the very least you will find half a dozen methodist pastors hiding there using the democracy movement and Usaia as their mouthpiece.

  2. True true…he’s harmless and yes a mere pimple and a cow’s behind. Th guy couldn’t organise an orgy at a brothel if he tried let alone get involved in political stuff! Be lucky if h stayed awake long enough!

  3. It is common knowledge that the majority support Frank, in Fiji and also abroad. Aust & NZ know this fact as well, and as I said before, these govts will not shoot in their own foot by going against the majority in their respective nations. Usaia is insignificant, RAW likes to portray him as a champion of democracy. Aust & NZ have taken the right stand against Fiji, as expected, but I wont be surprised to learn that they have influenced the MSG to start building the bridges.

  4. I agree with Joe.

    If you look closely, the support for such groups which Usa Waqatakirewa leads is coming from the Australian and New Zealand government and their agents within the South Pacific regional countries such as Samoa and other smaller islands states who depended on these two governments for economic survival. Then you have prominent people within Fiji being befriended to support these movements.

    The reason why Australia and New Zealand are supporting the anti-Bainimarama group located outside and within Fiji is simple. If you do a quick research as to who was the biggest beneficiary of the coups in Fiji, you’ll see its been these two countries. What Bainimarama is doing threatens to dismantle or reduce their domination and influence of Pacific states.

    You don’t have to look far to realise the extent to which the SDL government sold out most of Fiji’s prime assets to Australian and New Zealand business conglomerates. Look at how the Viticorp was sold to the New Zealand company. Look at how Yaqara pastoral was sold to an American company. Look at how Bridgecorp of New Zealand got to develop the Momi Bay resort development. there were many others and are just too many to name.

  5. Come on guys, slow down on the Koronikalou kid. Though many of us, yours truly included, may not have personally met Mr. Usaia Waqatairewa, my “Namuka na Qaqa” customary credentials demands I stand by this brave young “”Ubuna” fellla

    For those not in the know, Mr Waqatairewa is one of the few taukei to ascend to the Position of Deputy Director of the Fiji Human Rights Commissions. More demanding and crucial are the functions of this high office within the last few years of our Coup scared nation.

    This young kid’s brilliance in the Bar of Law, together with his brave mates at the FHRC, our sons, members of the imprisoned CRW were given a fair human hearing by our Courts. These are in addition to the growing daily cases of domestic abuses and gender abuser, corporate bullying, employer lordship and the whole blooming breaches of basic human rights.

    We are not too surprised at all, in his veins runs the righteous blood to sacrificially stand for human decency and social justice, and to copped flack for the oppressed. Definitely, engraved in his young heart the tenacity and rare bravery to be counted at such a time as this!!

    One day, Fiji will thank my tauvu, as many of us already are in his organisation present crusade for the silent majority in Fiji. Bash his ideology to a thousand pieces, and all piece may just shout back the “koronikalou’ taunt.. ”au domoni kemuni” !!

  6. Consider this..

    Two of the largest beneficiaries of Australian aid in the Pacific are the Solomon Islands ($230m) and PNG ($330m). Everbody else receives a pittance – average of $20m, Fiji included.

    Why would these two Melanesian nations bite the hand that feeds them? Why have they not followed Samoa and Tonga in singing the praises of Australia and NZ?

    The answer I believe is that these two Pacific Island nations have seen what effect the aid packages have bought – and they are not impressed. After so many years of dependance, they have very little to show. They are not scared to risk all and help Fiji perhaps find a working alternative to what they have been through under the stick. They are on a hiding to nothing.

    I take my hat off to that wily old politician Sir Michael Somare for putting his money where his mouth is.

  7. It is good to see Frank finally hitting his political straps. He has hijacked the PIF in Cairns by playing a very smart game.

    For the last few months he has been consistent in selling his roadmap for the future, seeking dialogue with those who condemn him. He knows darn well what the response will be but he still persists in putting it out there. Excellent political move. Even though he will not be there he has virtually put Fiji at the top of the PIF agenda much to the distaste of Australia and NZ.

    He knows darn well nothing the forum will say or do will force him to change a thing. He has endured the worst they have thrown at him. The truth is Fiji can exist indefinately outside the forum.

    The boot is on the other foot.

  8. Sad thing about Usaia, is that he does not even know what he’s preaching about, he’s speaking on behalf of his minority supporters.Usaia who is just babysitter in Sydney, hails from Cautata, Tailevu and of course, a blugger, going around houses to drink free grog and preaching out his opinions to some Sydney Fijians who has no idea what’s really going on in Fiji rather than gathering their stories from who knows who. People who supports him in Sydney should ask what had happened to his previous work for NLTB which only lasted a couple of years due to alcohol and adultry. And what kind of a leader is he who still pays rent around in Sydney and does not even own a house for himself ? What kind of example is that to the future of Fiji?

  9. Administrator…

    This topic is worthy of comment – unlike the Fiji Democracy movement. Would you please list it on its own..

    ” Helpem Fiji Frend”

    The stand taken by the MSG, in particular PNG and the Solomon Islands in relation to Fiji lifts the stakes to new heights. The implications are enormous, far far beyond the tiresome calls for the return to democracyin Fiji.

    What we are seeing today are two island nations with enormous economic clout standing up to imperialist bullying by the big two. It is not the first time Sir Michael Somare has locked horns with Australia on the issue of sovereignty – he opposed “Operation Helpem Fren” a $2.4b aid package concocted by Australia in 2004, a condescending attempt to fast track the evolution of the PNG people from tree dwellers to the big smoke. At least that was the idea they spun, but the true motive was to exploit the mining and oil reserves of the country.

    Sir Michael was over-ruled by his cabinet on that occassion. A decision they greatly regret today. But he is not gonna let Fiji suffer the same humiliation and standover tactics he endured at the hands of Australia in 2004. Thge MSG is no longer a feral dog feeding on scraps. The MSG carries more clout than all the Pacific island nations combined. That is a fact. How? Consider the current record prices for gold and metals and names like Rio Tinto, Gold Ridge Mining, BHP – all Australian companies raping the rich resources of PNG and the Solomons.

    Forget about the rantings of Tonga and Samoa. They are just empty barrels with zero economic clout. They are just fresh-of-da-boat freeloaders who have nothing to offer Australia and NZ.

    Fiji has some important allies in the MSG. The stakes have been raised to dizzying heights.

  10. Hear hear @topasi. Well said. And that’s what they’re all about – condescending and outright bullies, especially when it comes to exploiting natural resources of island nations. In the end, they end up treating their neighbours like dogs. So, hats off to Sir Michael for standing his ground and offering support to Fiji. We must appreciate the hands of our neighbours, but not when they have a hidden agenda.

  11. @ Topasi – thank you for the well written and objective pieces you put out. Its like finding a diamond in a big pool of mud! Your writings and those of like mind are the exception rather than the norm who are bent on spewing out a lot of venom. To all, enjoy the evening.

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