Frank Voyager PLEASE GO HOME.  This is the American who blogged on RFN last week, he has given us his name, thanks FRANK. I have not included his entire blog as it’s the rambling of a idiot however  read the  paragraph below for a laugh.

My last comments on your site seemed to have caused a lot of controversy. I wanted to let my thoughts be known and realized that none of your daily papers would publish it because of the censorship brought about  by your nation’s Dictator, Frank Bainimarama. I then checked out all the blog sites and felt that Rawfiji News was the only one that had credibility.
Frank Voyager


19 responses to “PLEASE GO HOME

  1. So….when did Real RFN assumed the honorary Editor’s role at Raw RFN??….and by how must are Real paid for?

    Culture at Real RFN had slightly changed of late; regressed to be rather re-active to anit-propaganda from twin RFN blog.

    The Commander and Prime Minister would have appreciated pro-Government stream of support flowing in this site. Naw..only any other blogs..

    Come on!!…regain your Real reputation as THE pro-Government crusader!! And scoops collector of all new development within the cabinet, Military Council. It seems we unknown cyber fighters have more connections within than this Fiji Military Blog!! ..a prestigious position they claim and have been elevated to in mid- April’09.
    Real RFN..wake up Real fast, guys!!

  2. Who wants to believe the crap coming from that pedophile Yankee anyway. Let’s not waste our time talking about him here.

  3. vitivou it seems you are the only one interested in what you call the pedophile Yankee. What is that saying? “it takes one to know one.”

    I plead with Real Fiji News to shed some light on the Bose Ko Viti. What do they think will happen when the christian soldiers will march into Rewa and gather in their thousands?

  4. We go from one condescending smug white trash to another…

    This shallow ignorant inarticulate excuse for a leader has the gall to refer to the leaders of Fiji and Samoa as CHILDREN!

    “NZ leader idulges in Kava Politics” from ABC

    New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has taken a dig at Fiji’s military leader, Frank Bainimarama, likening him to a “wayward” child.

    Mr Key is on a tour through the Pacific, visiting leaders in four island nations.

    During his tour the Prime Minister sampled kava with Samoa’s head of state.

    Afterwards, he had a dig at Fiji’s self-appointed leader, Commodore Bainimarama, when he was asked by journalists to describe what Samoan kava tasted like.

    “I thought it was fantastic, yeah, I tried it,” Mr Key said.

    “It was different to the kava that I had tried in Fiji. It was good.”

    Which one is better?

    “Oh well,” said the NZ leader, laughing. “It’s difficult to choose amongst children, even if one is a little wayward at the moment.”

  5. @topasi…good one. Totally agree…very condescending comments from a leader.

  6. And the same time Australia Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs is hopping around the Pacific sampling our kava, beetle nut , powered lime and betel leaves…what for these two Pacific hop about?….we do not know!!

    Mr Key may have just locked himself out of the curry flavour and favour around the Beehive. Silent Commodore’s admirers in Aotearoa may start from the Queens Rep, Indo-Fijian-Kiwi MP and other prominent Indo-Fijians -Kiwis.

    Most of these Indo-Fijian-Kiwis have a false hope on the premise the Commodore’s Government slowly sacrifices all things “taukei” for common identify and equitable privileges, including equal status in the VKB.

    Aussie Indo-Fijian are just too smart to discern that may never happen probably for a very long time yet.

    But again, why should we be too surprised in the Anglo tactics of “divide and rule”. While Mr Key is salivating Polynesian Kava, the Aussie Parliamentary Pacific Secretary enjoys Micronesia raw fish…just to let the Melanesian Block know that they do not necessarily have the numbers around the Forum.

  7. total rubbish

  8. Viti,

    Maybe you are a pedophile just like that Yankee. Fiji is a far much better country than America right now and we don’t need a Yankee to come and tell us what to do.

    America has to invade sovereign nations using lies to prop up its failed capitalism ideology.

    If you want to support that pedophile Yankee, you can go to America with him. Fiji is not your place.

  9. Raw Fiji News have no credibility at all. It amazes me how people get hooked so easily to their garbage. I think quite a lot of bloggists on that site really don’t know how to think for themselves.

  10. @vitivou….mmmm…you’ve just insulted Real RFN, for they too may be “hooked” as the last two weeks of topics has been source from their Raw RFN cousin…..and they make the best moderators in the blog cyber sphere.

  11. The business end of the Pacific Islands Forum had concluded and the leaders gathered in the hotel lounge for some serious drinking and backslapping.

    As expected the customary tanoa appeared on the scene and everyone looked forward to some heavy grog session.

    A few weeks earlier Kevin Rudd and John Keys had made whirlwind trips throughout the Pacific seeking support for their stance against Bainimarama. During these trips they consumed numerous bowls of Kava everywhere they went. By now they believed they knew a thing or two about the drop and were confident of pitting themselves against the best indigenous kava drinkers in the region.

    They bragged they could identify every kava mix right down to the locality of the crop and its age at the time of harvest.

    Bainimarama being the youngest of the leaders was duty bound to mix the grog.

    The bilo from the first mix was offered to Kevin Rudd. He downed it in one gulp smiled and proclaimed, ” Kadavu Waka, 6 years maturity”. There was widespread applause as this was proven correct.

    The bilo from the second mix was offered to John Keyes. He downed it in one gulp burped and bellowed, ” Ovalau Waka, 8 years maturity”. There was widespread applause as this was also proven correct.

    On the third and fourth mixes, both leaders again were 100% correct in their analyses.

    This was beginning to irritate some of the indigenous leaders who considered themselves seasoned grog swipers and no johnny-come-lately was gonna show them up. They converged on the kitchen where Bainimarama was preparing the fifth mix. One of the disgruntled leaders lifted his sulu and urinated in the kava mix, muttering “Analyse this!”.

    The first bowl was offered to John Key who by now was beside himself with glee. He gulped it down in one hit.

    There was momentary silence then he burst out, “Bwah, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha… You can’t fool me. I know what this is. This is Savaii kava mixed with fresh piss! Yes Fresh Piss! Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha”

    Bainimarama looked him in the eye and said, “Yeah right, but whose piss?”

  12. @ Topasi….at it again, jibbing from the south pole….we invite yet again to come up north, mate….come up north!!

    …mmmm…but the hand who “lose n taki” must be itchy after the additional golden syrup…..and knowing pacific diplomacy…one of our own “rabe” after Mr. Key unlocks the added wonder.. ….either way this supposed humorous jibe “demeans, mocks and insults Commodore Bainimarama, Pacific Leaders and the Anglo Leaders.

    But again, naturopath former Indian PM Desai may just take the whole “Tanoa”.

  13. Does this blogsite have any REAL news??? All I can see is that this site keeps on commenting on articles from RFN. Maybe they should switch names…

  14. SDL4LYFE,

    This blogsite has real news unlike Raw Fiji News which are just full of made up on the fly news. Raw Fiji News is a blogsite for whiners and cry babies.

    The SDL is the most stupid and corrupt political party in Fiji. This party was formed outof stealing $8 million from the Ministry of Agriculture budget in order to buy votes. Then it befriended the chiefs and leaders of the methodist church hierarchy in order to solidify its grab on power in Fiji.

    I do not want to ever see this political party ever again come to power in Fiji. What’s funny is that they went around portraying themselves as a legitimate party. Everybody else in Fiji knows how the party came about.

  15. What have either SDL4Lyfe or the Methodist Church of Fiji leaders and uncritical supporters to say about corruption? Have they fully grasped and recognised what corruption has done to development for the people: sapped and sucked the lifeblood of development and progress? No wonder President Obama referred to the necessity for African countries to take charge of their own future and this future would require a commitment to proper governance through strong institutions. How might the strength of the methodist church and the SDL best be described: a force for good or a united force for economic stagnation and a crippling of innovation for change? Does RAWFiji contribute to the discussion on corruption? Does its ‘credibility’ stand up to scrutiny? Tell us. The silence about the cancer of corruption is deafening. Or have they been beneficiaries, fellow travellers/ voyagers in all this? Time to speak up.

  16. Obama in Ghana

    “No business wants to invest in a place where the government skims 20 percent off the top, or the head of the port authority is corrupt. No person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery. That is not democracy, that is tyranny, and now is the time for it to end”.

    So, Australia and New Zealand: what have you to say about that? Kindly tell us all in Fiji how you believe that our interests will be assisted by an immediate election (which we cannot afford?) . Please explain in detail how one tyranny may not give way to yet another…… infinitum?

  17. Semi Meo,

    Could you please go away?

  18. That refers to bainibavulu mental case marama who is the tyrant here.

  19. psst..psst…@vitivou….yeah..we ARE going away and moving on to sanity while you and your co-cheer squad stay in your “vitivou”..we’re moving to “vitidreu” o se “vou” drokadroka toka la keimamni sa qai sara ki na “vitisavasava” kei na “vitiwaraiobainimarama”, ‘vitiwaraioqarase”, “vitiwaraionomumomochaudhry”..psst…psst..mothe joe!!

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