Connect Facts

The REAL facts on Sharon John’s  (from and email received from Sharon Johns, thanks ) We have said this before, RFN get the facts right.

  1. Her salary is NO where near what is claimed on Raw Fiji News  (she wishes it was)
  2. The revenue of Connect continues to climb
  3. Connect Customers continue to grow
  4. The business couldn’t be healthier
  5. She has been in Fiji for 10 years

3 responses to “Connect Facts

  1. How does one verify an email sender. The sender address is easliy changed

  2. Stay connected with sharon

    Raw Fiji are just showing what a load of time wasters they are. Sharon is doing a great job and deserves credit for bringing Internet to the masses in Fiji.

    Raw Fiji are just picking on Sharon because she is prepared to stick her neck out for the good of Fiji.

  3. Hear hear @stay connected.
    @rfn…stick it where the sun don’t shine you snivelling, nit-picking no-hoper. When you have something constructive to say about anyone, say it. If you’re only about tarnishing the good work that people do, then go take a flying leap – no-one wants to know.
    Good on ya Shazza…keep up the good work!

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