FNPF board still in doubt


Still no word on the new appointments to the FNPF board. However we can confirm the following:


Div Damodar

Humpty Dumpty


Dinesh Shankar

Pramesh Sharma

Laurie Melsop

Annie Rodgers


12 responses to “FNPF board still in doubt

  1. What happened to Radrodro Tabualevu? Hope he’s still on the list.

  2. Sad about Humpty Dumpty. But I guess its the ‘governance’ we are really after? Who will enforce proper, equitable governance and cull the per diems. Per Diem allowances are the death of good governance: ask around.

  3. Lets just hope that the people they get to sit on the board are experienced in finance.

  4. I wonder how much Lionel Yee gets in monthly pension from FNPF.

  5. That is a good question from an accountant? So, who was watching around ten years ago, or even eight? No medals for those who ask questions now and now before. Many of you were half asleep or ensuring “I’m alright, Jack”.

  6. Don’t forget Peter Foster!

  7. Ginger Biscuit

    Some of us will NEVER forget Peter Foster! He sure gave us the ‘run around’. However, he may well have given us other things too? How about all those he befriended and gave fat tips to: did they not understand they were being bought? Or did they not care?

  8. Well a person like div damodar who is already running number of cinemas successfully. he is the perfect person to be on the board.

  9. yeah..you are right.i really dont understand why people are after him..he is such a good man.

  10. I am sure that right decision will occur and I am hoping the consideration of each person with their qualifications will make a positive impact for Fiji !!!

  11. Hmmm Mr Shankar would be a excellent choice!!!! Was he chosen???

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