Fijian Holdings Investigation begins


Remember innocent till proven guilty, so RFN stop with the ridiculous rumours please.

Government has started proceedings to investigate Fijian Holdings Limited says Government and Military spokesperson, Lt-Col Neumi Leweni.

Lt-Col Leweni said that as a first step, Government has asked Fijian Holdings chairman Isoa Kaloumaira and group managing director Sereana Qoro to step aside to allow the investigations to proceed without hindrance.

Investigations are on going and at this stage the government has kept quiet on the reasons for their investigations.

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4 responses to “Fijian Holdings Investigation begins

  1. Fiji military taliban to investigate their own illegally appointed incompetent fly-by-night known losers. That’s a big laugh as the taliban carried out the coup supposedly the clean up campaign against the ellected govt of the day in 5/12/2006. Now they are investigating their own stupidity.

  2. ..mmmm…we hardly see Raw (RFN) snooping into or even commenting onReal (RFN) lead stories.

    When will the RFN cousins smoke peace pipe together? But again, at times these cousins-in-crime wanna make us believe that they haven’t actually kiss to make up.

    Seems the Military Council has reminded the Commander of the original purpose of the 051206 Clean –up Coup. The ultimate reason the Senior officers and other ranks were led to believe then.

    How my tauvu commander is going to juggles core base allegiances, shift of allegiances or the lack thereof amongst his trusted inner circle needs a lot of prayer.

    The psyche of a Taukei grandad like the Commander and many of us, may not be able to perfume to precision the circus act as we may just wanna please everyone. May just end up displeasing no one at all!!

    Nonetheless, we again say..let the fun..opps cleaning begin!!

  3. (my bad) ..May just end up displeasing all!!

  4. True Pale Blue

    Who cares about ‘pleasing all’ or ‘displeasing some’? It is proper, decent, honest governance that counts. This and ONLY this. No allowances, no per diems: count on those who will work in the best interest of the country. Only those.

    ” Governments do not have money. They are funded by taxpayers”. (Baroness Thatcher)

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