Comments on the PM’s Road Map

fj-lgflagIndeed there has been mixed reactions to the speech given on the road map, most comments suggest it lacked substance. Crosbie Walsh has given once again an evenly balanced view . Here are two sides of the story for more in-depth information visit

Comment 1

“President Himmat Lodhia urged the business sector to throw their full support behind Government, now that it has indicated the direction it would take. “This is the first time the message from the government is clear in which direction they are moving, that is the most important thing …As a business community we will support it,” he reiterated.

Comment 2

“I am afraid I am very cynical about FB’s promises and claims after what has transpired this far [restrictions on the media, the Emergency Regulations, alleged favouritism and nepotism in the senior public service, arbitrary imposition of the 55 year retirement age. As for…]”democracy will be given to the people in 2014 on a silver platter….Only naive people would believe this nonsense. Participatory democracy cannot emerge out of 8 years of military and ‘coercive’ rule … I don’t see any reason for the on-going imposition of PER.”

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5 responses to “Comments on the PM’s Road Map

  1. We’ve met most of these so called “Presidents” and their respective members on transit at airports or “family” cocktails. Not surprised at all they sing a totally different tune away from home and in the warmth of Real friends.

    They may be doing the present Government a total disfavour. Millions they may be siphoning away overseas through “kilavata” export and import commodity pricing, even as innocent trading to “other” Pacific Islands ETC!!, as long as “transactions” crosses our borders.

    Yet, we princely esteems these supporting comments as barometer of our commercial, manufacturing and other facets of our macro economic revival….well, good luck!!

    Hope the clean up Coup has been is Real, before we are Really “cleaned up”!!

  2. Great place to start – the business community and it is encouraging to see ‘buy-in’, especially from “the presidents”. If business people can see the advantages to them and the economy within the road map, then who are we to complain. After all they know their business and how to make it survive through good times and bad.

  3. Cu ga o vore me vutuki koya o leweni sa qai roadmap vinaka gai nukulau ya.

  4. vacava mo cu mada ga o iko Jim me rau qai caka nodrau mada o rau

  5. Roadmap gai vale ni po…

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