RFN Friday Propaganda – Americans leaving Fiji

americantouristsWhat a crock of S**T .  We love the propaganda that RFN spreads, it gives us something to laugh at, and have you noticed it’s normally on a Friday they produce their best work.  This story is ‘allegedly’ written by an American who wants to make Fiji his home but because Frank is a dictator has decided to move back to civilization..  our comments are in blue

This story on RFN blog site

I am an American (more like I am a blogger on Raw Fiji and live in Suva) . I came to Fiji just before the 2006 coup and loved it so much and hoped to retire here and make it my home.
Today I find there is something very wrong. Then I started reading your blog (well that was your first mistake reading the crap on Raw) and realized what the problem was with these beautiful islands.

It is the bully Frank Bainimarama and anyone who is not ignorant with this monster of mismanagement and inefficiency will agree with me (I doubt that anyone would agree with you, your 5 minutes of experience of living in Fiji makes you and expert on what exactly?) that Fiji is a banana dictatorship and is now looked upon as a hick nation by people like me mainly because of the way the country is retarded by the dictator and his military regime. It is like the country has come to a standstill (also like your argument has come to a standstill, so far no substance in it).

So thank you American Visitor and F*&K off back to America because we do NOT want your kind in these islands, complaining that its ‘not like home’ that ‘back home its better than this’ that the ‘food is crap’ the ‘weather is crap, its too hot, its too wet’ etc

It is time its people woke up (no its time people like you SHUT UP) . As for me I am off to find civilisation (and thank you God for taking him away from us) and democracy elsewhere.  Can we have a round of applause for getting rid of people like this from our beautiful islands, Vinaka .


58 responses to “RFN Friday Propaganda – Americans leaving Fiji

  1. I left a comment on that article in Raw Fiji News. I said “good riddance”. There’s no credibility to the writer. Had he/she been a real foreigner, I said put your real identity on the article. The writer doesn’t have credibility just like everything else on Raw Fiji News.

    What I find funny that Raw Fiji News doesn’t seem to understand is that the more they try their propaganda to damage Fiji abroad and then try to incite the people here at home to rise up, the wiser the people become.

    The people of Fiji are much more intelligent then the losers at Raw Fiji News. Raw Fiji News bloggers need to grow up and realise that nobody is buying their bullshit.

  2. @vitivou well said, a breath of fresh air. The story is not written by and American its clearly written by RFN to cause trouble, funny thing is they lose credibility when they publish this stuff..

  3. Raw……. you are just TOOO Raw…….u sound like a bunch of kindergarten! GROW UP!!!!

  4. Go home redneck go home! Go somewhere where your opinions are worth anything!

  5. @Boo Boo – good on ya. Well said. Expats who’ve come here shouldn’t even be airing any views or opinions because they’re only a vulagi.

  6. ..mmmm…so, the “RFN” twins had a hocky dowry party last night and came away, as usual, tearing each other!!

    Did not know “RAW” printed that American story…better visit and have a look see me self…thanks Real!

    But, can’t “Real” ..like..keep being Real and fish new stories since it claims a couple weeks ago to have ears at Berkeley Crescent, New Wing, Delainabua etc….why worry about a blooming Yankee cry baby running back to Obama.

    Many of us wanna know what REALy is happening with Fiji progress plan? It is an unworkable manifesto to stall us or a REAL plan..that’s the reason we paddle here to look see!!..tell us Real FIJI News…and please stop plagiarising other blogs. Just that next time you RFN twins meet..yep…another ding.. dong!!

  7. Likeminded simpletons you all.
    Those tourists : They came, they saw, they shot through. You simpletons are right where you need to be. In your small world with your imbecile dick taker.

  8. @marida, why didn’t he print his/her real name and where he/she hails from, lasulasu! qo e dua ga vei kemuni na bleary KALAVO NI MAKETE!!! Take a hike !!!

  9. @marida drau veirauri ga kei kalavo levu Meo!!!!

  10. @s raqiqi..oilei..na cava noqu cala i e?..o raqiqi la dua kana “kalavo” ni bera ni lauvana ena dakaititi!!

  11. The crap they put out at “Raw’. I have sent several comments to their stories which are neutral rather then being anti Fiji and they never publish them.

    the only people who read their propaganda are the members of their team

  12. s raqiqi
    welcome to cyberspace and both you and Mr Meo cut the crap. You both leave in Australia I can see that from the time you post. So Mr Meo welcomes changes but at the same time wants to protect his Fiji but you s raqiqi you want ot destroy everything that is Fijian. You need to piss off back to Fiji asap. You are biting the hand that feeds you.

  13. @marida! bau via vosa tu o kalavo ni makete!!!

  14. I just left another comment on Raw “Fullofshit” News that goes like this:

    Good riddance that the pedophile foreigner leave our beloved country. We don’t need their ilk amongst us. We need genuine travellers.

    Lets see whether Raw Fiji News have the guts to publish my comments. They would like to talk about transparency and fair play by the Interim govt yet they don’t even practice it themselves. What a bunch of cowards and hypocrites.

    Raw Fiji News bloggers fail to realise that their articles get blown up in their faces right after they publish it because at every turn, they are all proven false. It just exposes their real motives which is to tarnish the image of Fiji thru the internet.

    If ever Raw Fiji News bloggers come and read my comments here, let them know this:

    You will NEVER EVER achieve your agenda or motive to tarnish the image of my beloved Fiji and weaken her economy.

    The SPIRIT and the LOVING HEART of the beautiful people of this country will protect them from the evils of deceivers such as those at Raw Fiji News that blog propaganda articles.

    Lastly, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what the bloggers at Raw Fiji News are doing. These bunch of wimps, faggots, suckers and kool-aid drinkers who thinks they know what’s best for this country know nothing about what the people really want and need.

    These guys try to brainwash the people of this country with their bullshit but nobody is buying their crap. let them try as hard as they can but I swear to the grave of my forefathers they will never achieve their goals.

    The people of this country are much more smarter than they think. The people are no longer gullible. The people are much more wiser.

  15. Semi Meo,

    You really need to get your thick head examined. Sometimes you use quote from the bible yet whatever you are talking about ended up making no sense at all.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. If you can’t write a cohesive, well thought out article in English, why don’t you just write in Fijian? But then again, your Fijian don’t make sense either.

    Oilei, Semi. Lai sili rokete mada me curumi iko so na katakata de rawa ni qai dolava nomu vakasama mo rawa ni qai vosa me matata.

  16. Marida,

    Ok we are simpletons. Then what are you? Dicksuckleton?

    Fiji is moving forward whether you like it or not.

    Take your crap with that pedophile Yankee and peddle it somewhere else. We don’t need you complicated mindset in our midst. It makes us sick.

  17. That’s the difference between the educated intelligent and the simpletons like vitivou. He just dunno unnerstand.
    Goes drop a piece of shit at the “RFN” twins doorstep then comes to mummy to report it. The people of fiji have always been smart. vitivou just got smart.

  18. vitivou
    finally got some education, did you? How far did you go? The imbecile you depending on is still waiting for his fiji junior certificate. So where does that leave you? Do you know you are smarter than him? Too bad you don’t see that.

  19. You know what Marida, I really like to dissect the mind of a learned person like you. Let’s see, I guess you have a PhD. OK I’m just a simpleton without a degree of any sort to warrant respect in any intellectual argument with people of impressive intellect like you. Yet maybe I know something that you don’t really need to have a degree to know.

    I suggest you don’t judge a book by the cover.

  20. Did I get an education? In what? I’m trying to figure out.

  21. What’s the matter mama and papa couldn’t afford school fees. Guess that sheds light on your dependency on this illegal regime. Hang around kiddo, they just might give you a job. Your hero has given jobs to his unqualified family and colleagues. Even the murderer his wife’s brother Francis Kean has a job. There’s hope yet kiddo.

  22. Ho ho hoho hoho….why should I hang around for them to give me a job? I can afford a job on my own alright…..Don’t need any help….

  23. @ vitivou…indeed you’re contributions are always “cohesive, well thought out articles” and you vernacular shames Dr. Paula Qereti.

    Sadly though, your attempts to theologize my use of the infallible words of Good Book can not be taken too seriously…sorry, mate! Just that we walk on two different roads..like….you walk ducking frighteningly under cover of anonymity on the lonely self denial gravel road full of F’s and S’s signage.

    Conversely, the rest of Fiji travels the serene journey plotted by our belief in the relevancy of the words of the Bible in EVERY area of our life, be they Biblical economics, Biblical Sociology, Biblical Cooperate functions. Biblical sexuality, Biblical science, Biblical Avionics etc…in fact B.I.B.L.E is Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth….just make sure you read through, but importantly, meet the author before you say goodbye to us!…Tonight?….God forbid as you may have some unfinished business!!

    We fear NO ONE ,but God, that’s the reason we use and are proud of our real name in the Real FIJI News column. May be it’s time to look for the UNREAL Fiji News at the unreal blogs….walk our walk and talk our talk!!..if you’re REAL e-mail me:semimeo@gmail.com

  24. Semi,

    You are still full of nonsense. End of story.

  25. Semi & Marida – you are both full of SHIT. You need the Topasi to come around and unblock your spiritual and intellectual plumbling.

    Your plumbing is so F#$ked up the crap is all backing up and coming out of your mouths.

    You need to loosen up both your sphincters to allow some sunlight into your dark tunnels. Butadroka has some suggestions on how this can be done.

    Once you see sunlight all you have to then do is push aside Qarase’s hairy gonads to see the vision of the REAL world.

  26. Semi & Marida… Furthermore, the repairs to your plumbling should not be too expensive.

    our arseholes are mouths are interchangeable, no need for spare parts.

  27. Semi & Marida… Furthermore, the repairs to your plumbling should not be too expensive.

    Your arseholes are mouths are interchangeable, no need for spare parts.

    Leave a Comment
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  28. @Topasi…….thanks for the opportunity to peek into your soul….mmmm…sudden surge of unbridled anger for no justifiable reason …mmmm….denial of unmet “needs”….not sure which one it is!!..any body’s guess may be gauged from triggers like mention of sex..!!

  29. @ vitivou..thanks for accepting defeat..true signs of return to REALality and sanity…now we can worked towards a VITIVOU!!

  30. Ha ha good one, Mr Meo
    At least butadroka was honest with his sex drive. Topasi without a doubt is needing private lessons with Atu and his wife. Mind you Topasi straight sex like Atu says ain’t much fun. You gotta do the opposite. butadroka knows how, its called kinky sex, ohhhh yeah baby

  31. dou sa bula mai noda, au sana duri tu yani e muri. kevaka dou na vinakata na back up. dou qai solia mai vei au. era na kana mapolo kece. like l always said, ni sa cudru na kai viti , tamata kece ena qalo e wai. kevaka ona bera/ o sana lau vutu. sorry about that.

  32. Semi,

    Where did I surrender? Ain’t no way in your SDL ball-scratching life will I surrender to a wannabe christian like you.

  33. @vitivou..never being an SDL…never will!!..thank you very much! Must admit you’re a better religious person than I..just have to learn to guard my heart and mouth..”for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.

    Just going though ALL my former posts to check if I’d cursed, blaspheme, spewed vulgar words, angry or too personal…mmm..or posted anonymously….naw…can’nt seem to find any, only posts with my real name penned with substance of given topic….as my words are my bond.

    As long as one posts anonymously, a bad looser you shall for ever be!!…just as victory can only be pinned to Real persons with Real names posting in a Real column!!.and let’s re-bulid our beloved VITIVOU with Real people with a Real vision.

    Sunday, I’ll take all I wrote in this column to my Talatala to check me out…hope you take all of yours to you Priest, Pundit, Talatala or religious guru, dakuwaqa, degei, moro, sucucaroba or who ever you worship as we just do not know from your posts which deity who’ve befriended and serve or “scratching it’s …eh..back……have a good weekend!!

  34. Ladies, gentlemen and Real Fiji News moderators

    The vituperative writing that is presently being bandied about between several bloggers is unfortunately being conducted in public. The various websites – RFN, RAW and many others provide interesting debate on various situations in Fiji. Whilst there are obviously different points of view held, would it not be more productive to conduct a thoughtful debate in writing, than to descend to the name calling that has recently become evident? In that way each party might elicit a reasonable response from the other and the differences expressed may turn out to not be as great as might otherwise be imagined.

    The fact that postings to all websites are, nominally, anonymous shouldn’t excuse anyone for forgetting who they really are. Which is to say decent human beings, concerned about their future and that of their families and friends. Some of the recent comments posted are beneath the dignity of the posters and I respectfully ask that the level of debate is returned to a more seemly standard.

    I do understand that if anyone, such as myself, visiting this site doesn’t like what they see then they’re free to go elsewhere. However I don’t believe the moderators of forums such as RFN set up their sites to try to divide Fijian society more than it already is. These forums allow us to express our views to each other in a way that is unfortunately not possible in Fiji at the moment. Given our current circumstances it would be ironic in the extreme if censorship of one form of another had to also be introduced on blogsites by the moderators due to the intemperate language used by bloggers.

  35. @Jon..thanks, point taken,mate…put my hands up as am guilty of it meself!..apologise to all in this cyber coffee shop..meet you guys in a cleaner one soon, if this one’s not scrubbed clean!! Thanks Real Fiji News for the opportunity to cross sword with some ..eh….worthy cyber warriors…

  36. Hear hear @ jon. Yes, some of these topics were starting to lose its essence.
    Now, can we please proceed to more fulfilling talanoa?

  37. Vinaka Jon. We do not want to censor posts however if it continues with name calling etc we will. Lets keep to topic and argue our case without the name calling and insults.

  38. True Pale Blue

    Most of these postings will be swept away in the H1N1 pandemic shortly to become reality for us all. Those of a biblical disposition will realise that it has been sent to do away with all this foulness of mind, mouth and spirit. Those of a scientific disposition will know that sheer foolishness will render many persons vulnerable.
    Forty deaths a day are predicted for the UK with 100,000 new infections daily. Soon this will consume us all. No time for blogging.

  39. @Real News….phew!!….thanks Real News!!…better stay around for a while and see whether mouth cleansers and high pressure hoses would waken all us back to the given topic.

    ..but, if you claim pet status with the Dictator, how come Raw News gets all the inside latest Raw News??..may be some Real two faced traitors with the Dictators inner circle…or may be just Real patriots!!

  40. Red Dragon

    News obtained through Raw Fiji needs sifting well. The filth that has percolated into the site and now into THIS site makes a mockery of any democratic longing. Why would a democracy be suited or fitted for low-life of this kind? Did people go to war and die for the likes of such trash? Die for the freedom to spew venom and mindless rubbish? Think about it. Are you willing to lay down your life for your fellow citizens? Which of itself demands discipline and restraint? Democracy was not created for people like this. Follow the argument wherever it leads. Those without minds : peel off.

    In Afghanistan yesterday, soldiers were dying to save freedom for the free world. The Commanding Officer of the Welsh Guards regiment was killed. But many of you who post now are enslaved in the mind. To whom have you chosen to enslave yourselves? Consider carefully and deal only in the truth. Reflect, long and ……in solitude.

  41. Talking of Americans: Thomas Jefferson had this to say on 4th March 1801:

    “Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it”

    (First Inaugural Address).

    Don’t see much reason above? Apart from the last two or three postings. Does ‘democracy’ not demand the application of reason?

  42. Florence Nightingale

    Are the Americans leaving Fiji because they have read online that the death rate for H1N1 Swine Flu is predicted to be 1 in 2,500 by end of Northern Hemisphere summer? Perhaps they know something we do not know?

    Is this an existential threat? So why post mindless blogs when your very life could be at risk? Run out now for your masks, gloves and sanitiser – much more sensible.

  43. Jon,

    For your info, Raw Fiji News censor comments and they publish only those that support their agenda. They don’t ever publish comments that challenge their agenda or propaganda.

    Some of my comments may have gone over the edge but I don’t think its to the extreme. Semi Meo spew garbage all over the place. You just can’t comprehend what the hell he is talking about.

  44. Semi Meo,

    Please stop spamming all the blogsites with your garbage.

  45. Aw cummon people. We are not gonna kiss and make up.

    Marida has always been like a blowfly around a cow’s bum ever sine she showd up on the scene.
    There is no way i am gonna be nice to this maggot.

    Semi Meo is no better. This joker spews his crap on this site and then tries to mask it with quotes fom the Bible to hide its stench. Whichever way you cut it Semi, shit is shit and swearing on 10000 Bibles will not make it any more credible.

  46. @vitivou..I love you full speed, no brake!!…the more you defame me oh nameless ‘n faceless one, the more I love yah….keep following me around….by gooly you’ll learn some manners.

    Just ‘cause we do not subscribe to your spewie views we ain’t mean nothing to yuh !! If you’re game email me: semimeo@gmail.com……or else focus on the topic, NOT me!!..I am just an old gradad with two cents views..Goodness!!..some people…!

  47. “The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing.

    Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”

    — Aldous Huxley

  48. “People do not believe lies because they have to, but because
    they want to.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

  49. @Topasi..like your honesty to post quotes that precisely mirrors your guilt…NOW, we’re talking…and it’s only Monday morning… hope, come Friday you’ll see the light from the 100000 Bibles!!

    The rest of us have only one BIBLE..we read it and have personally met the author!!

  50. Reading your bibles will be a useful occupation if only to kill time. Swine Flu in Fiji is expected to exceed the 1-2,500 death ratio predicted for the UK by late Summer 2009. In the three waves that are expected to arrive, there will be many deaths especially among the young and the elderly. Those who have not adhered to strict biblical norms of hygiene and whose social conduct has put them outside the Old Testament view of what is ‘kosher’, should look closely at their lives and take stock. Now – while there is still time. Judging by some of the communications posted here there are many of us failing in these specific commands of God to Moses. After all, does not a clean body come from having a clean mind? Or vice-versa?

    “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Could not put it plainer than that. “A clean mind in a healthy body”. Now is the time of reckoning.

    Never say that you have not been warned.

  51. Malcolm Muggeridge was ‘on the ball’. People believe lies because “they WANT TO’. So, there is an accountability issue here. Never, never allow anyone to lie to you more than once!

  52. An American says it like it is
    July 7, 2009
    My last comments on your site seemed to have caused a lot of controversy. I wanted to let my thoughts be known and realized that none of your daily papers would publish it because of the censorship brought about by your nation’s Dictator, Frank Bainimarama. I then checked out all the blog sites and felt that Rawfiji News was the only one that had credibility.
    My great maternal grandmother was born in Fiji so the family have always had a great interest in your beautiful islands. When I was old enough and could afford to pay for my airfares I made an effort to return to Nadi on numerous occasions to enjoy your resorts, beautiful weather and the lovely people. I am certain a part of Fiji was given to me through my great grandmother because the first time I set foot on your islands I told myself when the time was right I would return to make Fiji my second home. The time was now and made that journey only to be disappointed in what I saw and read in Rawfiji News. I haven’t or will give up hope but sadly realize it is going to be a long wait for me to return to Fiji because of its messed up legal system. A trusted justice system is very important for those of us entering your country – a legal system that is trusted throughout the world for our safety. Each and everyone of you need to think and choose your battles very carefully because it is going to be a long arduous campaign.
    You must all first learn to unite and focus on right over wrong. The squabbling and what came to my notice about my comments did your cause nothing. It showed you all up, the fact you are all educated but have not a clue what is right from wrong and why people like me make comments on how the 2006 coup have affected all of us.
    Unity is what is required and you will need the Trade Unions, big business people, owners of large resorts, large organisations, NGOs, religious groups and last but not least Fiji’s lawyers to bring the Military Regime down and out. This has not happened and when the lawyers had their opportunity they decided on the pragmatic approach and applied for their PCs.
    Don’t waste your time on people like me because I have a choice and for the moment I have chosen to stay away because I don’t like what I see. The other reason is because I have spoken out and according to your country’s rules they would kick me out anyway.
    Good Luck with your endeavours and thank you very much to Rawfiji News. Keep up the good work!

    Frank Voyager

  53. Obtained the above from Rawfiji News!

  54. Thank you Son of Fiji – lovely article.

    You see we want it all, that Fiji decribed by the uro levu American, the one most of us were fortunate enough to grow up in and the freedom of choice in the 21st century.

  55. interesting exchanges!

  56. American Living in Fiji

    First off – any American will tell you that the speech pattern and writing skill in the comment about Americans leaving Fiji because of Frank – are Obviously not written – By – An American. At best someone “playing” at being an American — or a local who now lives in USA.

    I am an American – born and raised – and lived there for over 50 years.
    For the record — I and Many Americans knew the coup was coming in 2006 – it was after all – all in the news for weeks. We remained in Fiji. We continued to build our homes in Fiji after the coup. We transferred our funds to Fiji after the coup. I watched Americans start small resorts and businesses after the coup. I watched an American friend buy a hotel after the coup. Americans hired workers to build houses, update projects and to work for them — after the 2006 coup. We were not afraid.

    Here is the deal — Americans who move to Fiji move here for a Reason. Mostly they want a simplified life at a slower pace. Some have had their little dream of starting a small business or resort in a place with nice weather and come here to do so.

    We live here almost year round – and so from time to time we read a local Fiji blog or two.

    When the racist rise up to vent — we wonder how it is that Fijians find their way to USA and are received by their neighbors and while there get along VERY WELL with their Indian and non Fijian friends – but cannot do so here in Fiji because of the religious, cultural aspects of local village life here. Fijians overseas admit to us that they love their neighbor in USA but loving that same Indian would not be possible in Fiji. As a Christian this perplexed me no end as I had not known that God had geographical zones regarding Truth and Living Principles.

    As far as the economy — Fiji’s economy will suffer just as other nations are Already Suffering — The facts are that the World Global Economy has slowed down. More tourist destinations fight for fewer tourist dollars. Tourists are staying closer to home because they either lost their jobs or fear spending money.
    Investors are holding on to their money and “wait to see” the outcome of current economic upheavals.

    Outside of their personal financial status changes – any fear about Fiji —
    if they “fear” coming to Fiji it is more likely that the female tourist raped in her Nadi hotel room, the Aus lady raped in Taveuni or tourists robbed at ATMs — went home and Told People. Would you come to Fiji if you heard people’s experiences such as these inflicted upon tourists and foreigners?

    Every day street crime is what I hear people complain about when foreigners complain about Fiji. They also complain about the bad service and the “not tasty high priced” food at hotels.

    They don’t complain about the leadership of Fiji. If anything the “Tourist Police” have probably made it safer for tourists.

    Did you know that a travel book on Fiji actually warned people about hotel where maids and employees stole from tourist hotel rooms?

    It is the small thing that breaks the back of a camel. It’s the news about innocent Japanese students getting attacked BY Fijians — with KNIFE in hand — in what should have been the safety of their own dorms — that ruins tourism and investment in Fiji. People want safety where they live and visit.

    So whomever wrote that comment above — I would say, “Shame On You.” You should state the facts as they are. Look around — look at the local crime rates. How many of your friends are guilty of crimes?

    Then look and see how many Americans Live here today – and look at how many more are making arrangements to move here next year. This should tell you that if anyone has hope for Fiji it is the Americans.

    Look around – the local Brain Drain — are running. Ask yourself why. It’s not just about money. It’s not about the government. It’s because people want peace and safety for their young families – away from racism.

    As a Christian too – I would ask those who write to these blogs – How On Earth do church leadership claim to be “Christians” and then spout such hateful racist words? HOW is this any different from Africa where some “Army of God” black group of men – is out raping and dismembering and killing – other “Christian” black women and children?

    Seriously, I wish people would stop hiding behind the “guise” of Christianity and just step up and speak what they really mean without the mask.

    Perhaps it is best that church be church and political meetings be political meetings so that small children attending church do not confuse the teachings of Jesus with those of the local preachers who speak their own political opinion and agenda.

    I find nowhere where Jesus tells me to steal or hate or threaten my brother. I find too that many of these angry bloggers forget that brotherhood is not about “color of skin”.

    So for the record – my take on Fiji as an American is simply this —
    We are Resolved To Stay. Period.

    American Living in Fiji

  57. American Living in Fiji

    Dear Frank Voyager,

    Oh MY GOD!!!!
    Have you even Read the USA PATRIOT ACT?!
    Do you even KNOW about the hate bill which passed in the USA last week?

    The carbon tax bill which will inflict incredible pain in USA and on poor countries when scientists in the many thousands (37,000) all admit it is a farce?


    If you had read any of these bills – or were aware of real current world events which you never hear as “an American” on “American mass news” owned by global new world order types — you would have said that Fiji is way ahead of the game in current freedoms!!!!!

    Do you know the power of WHO or what they can take from you?

    oh wow – is all one can say to your reply here.

    If you are going to preach – you should start preaching in the USA first.

    Perhaps a short trip to one of Alex Jones’ videos to start the wake up process…. all contents documented by factual paper and interviews with real people who live today … not some imaginary figment of someone’s mind…….and then after that get online and read some of the new bills which just passed in the USA.

    And then get on CSPAN and listen to congressmen and senators admit that they voted in bills without reading them. 1,500 pages worth of bills. Listen to leaders say that they were threatened if they did not vote a specific way.

    Then READ the Georgia Guidestones – and think about who commissioned a depopulation statement for The World.

    Seriously, don’t inflict this kind of bull here in Fiji – without knowing what is going on in your very own backyard – especially – if you truly do live in the USA.

    Those of us who live here – Believe For The Best for this little island nation. We pray that it will be like a little respite from the craziness of global plans.

    If you had lived here before – and have such contacts and connections – why not come, invest and help make a better Fiji?

    But ONLY after you know what is happening in the USA …. right under your nose …. first.

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