Police force to be increased

1991228The strategic framework delivered by Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is the best way for forward for Fiji, says Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni.

Commodore Teleni said he was particularly pleased with the outline given by the PM on the police force.

“The government’s priority now is the socio-economic life of people and it is important for me as commissioner of police to provide a conducive environment for that in terms of stability and security.

In his address, Bainimarama said the police force shall be strengthened with the upgrading of communications, transport and forensic tools.

Government recognizes that policing is important to also instill public and investor confidence, added Bainimarama.


27 responses to “Police force to be increased

  1. Yep, yep…finally – our ship’s come in. Well done PM, Commish et al for ensuring the safety of our citizens, investors, visitors and our future! Bring on 2014 and all the good intentions of the government.

  2. All they are investing in are bullshit and idiots like Blue believe it.

  3. Marida
    If you do not like the comments on this site then leave. We are NOT forcing you to read them nor are we forcing you to visit this site. The choice is yours.

  4. “It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own”

  5. Increasing the numbers may not best right now.

    However, decentralised Policing may just increase Police visibility. We do not need another kinda academic survey to ascertain human traffic returns to roost in their village, settlements after urban visits daily or on weekends.

    Hence, improve on the Savua strategies; building Police Posts around the Country, make sure a heavy presence up Navosa jungle.

    May be best for Comish Teleni to revive “Ovisa ni yasana/tikina”, this time under the Police Force and NOT Provincial Council…just a weary the “Gau Tikina” Secrete Police might use it to raid “Uvi” farms for their own “lovo”.

    But again, why increase Police numbers when just couple weeks ago, wearing the other white uniform, Pastor Teleni preachers the dire need for more youth pastors NOT young Police with baton in one hand and bible in the other!!

  6. This site should be called Coup Support then coup all the posts you don’t like
    Aquila you idiot
    perceiving faults in others is very normal human nature, what do you think caused the coup BECAUSE THE dicks in the military PERCEIVED FAULT IN THEIR MENTALs . Durh!!!!!

  7. Real News
    How about posting some of those juicy sexy preaching from that new satanic cult by the comish, I hear they talk sex in that church. How about it hey, they have a congregation of horny followers we can have a bloggers site for those who need to get horny. Sweet….

  8. @ marida, how about posting photos of your orgies with Qarase and co.

  9. a valameca sa voleka. a meca i a fika ga. dou sa moce/ au sa tuba.

  10. Joe
    Did you have an orgasm saying that.

  11. Marida:

    If it is human nature than stick you head up Qarase’s ring and see what you will find up there.

    You be suprised you just might meet your daddy.

    Whose your Daddy?

  12. Sounds like Marida needs to vent or maybe she’s desperate and without a job! What happened girl…you get burnt in the 06 coup? Don’t you know how to cope living in coup coup land? Do you need councelling? You poor thing? Thought you might’ve grown up by now and learnt to cope like the rest of us! Maybe your lifestyle took a hammering…i dunno! Iko sa valoloma…au lomani iko saraga!

  13. I believe the arabic translation for marida is ” i’m a sick woman”. Food for thought.

  14. AQuila
    I’m sure your Mum finds a lot of that stuff in your daddy’s aresehole

    You are so weak in the head, that much is not hard to see

    Boo Boo
    What ‘s in a blog name you idiot
    No wonder you all support the dictaker. You are all weak bunch of losers.

  15. Marida – just letting you know.
    You say this site should be called coup support -funny thing is…you are right! Strange as it seems, there are a lot of people who support the IG. So, seeing as you don’t have much to say that is of any substance, try visiting another site where your gutter language is appreciated by like-minded folks.

  16. booboo
    What, only 5 of you dimwits here supporting the coup? You haven’t said anything substantial of why you are supporting the coup, you don’t even know what your imbecile illegal pm wants because he keeps changing his sick mind.
    All you are doing is dropping some irrelevant idiotic opinions and supporting each other on your crap. It’s like minded people like you all that keep taking fiji backwards. Welcome to cyberspace, kiddo. You need to go back to school or the village make your self useful, get married have 5 kids teach them to plant bananas for the Suva market.

  17. @ Marida…

    Butadroka is an expert banana planter. He can show you a thing or two about planting suckers. He can plant his bananas on the level, on the slopes, in the bush and even in the swamp.

  18. Topasi
    he couldn’t hold his juice just talking sex. No no good for planting is butadroka your brother. He’s only good for swimming down the river. You both have to go to Atu and his wife for planting lessons. That pair like to plant from the top. Atu will have a holy heart attack if you told him that’s how you plant above.

  19. marida kakua ni leqa taka na planting/ o yau na qai plant taki iko. dont forgett , mapolo is waiting for you my love.

  20. Marida – thanks for the advice, but a little late in the piece. Have the 7 kids and the 25 grandkids, so we’re doing quite well in that department, thank you very much. Not sure what your legacy is, but it certainly does not have strong family values – it is plain to see.

  21. Boo boo
    Those who support a dictator have false claims to any kind of values. Which means they are everchanging. They have nothing solid to hold on to. 7 children and 25 grands you say? oh my,Nanny can play. Lets talk about sex baby, oh yeah.

  22. Red Dragon

    “All men dream: but not equally.
    Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible”.

    T.E. Lawrence “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.

    No sign of dreaming worth acting upon above. Is a Dream of Democracy in view? Any pillar of wisdom in sight?

  23. Noticias Reales

    It is apparent that Marida et al have no idea that the word ‘REAL’ means ‘royal’ in many other tongues. Is their education so wanting that they have missed this?

    What democratic ideal is served by the drivel of such pathetically under-educated time-wasters?

  24. @red dragon – (good book BTW!). Most appropriate and poignant quote.
    @ noticias reales – i concur!
    @marida – life is everchanging and it’s our ‘solid’ experiences that we hold onto. Something quite lacking in some instances!

  25. This commentary of the hoi polloi needs a make-over. Don’t know what hoi polloi means? Look it up in the birthplace of ‘democracia’! That should keep them all busy.

  26. @ Butadroka…

    “Mapolo not best thing in world. Best thing next to it”

    Sun Tzu – The Art of Whore

  27. Im very thankful to Mr Commander for intending to increase the Police Force,why the hell?Mr Commander you and your curry boneless mutton Commish should visit Saint Giles for a check up.Whom you trying to fool,fuck your full.
    You should put your money where your mouth is.Where is the transparency you constantly vocal about and if you really standby your words,do the honorable thing,by advising Mr Pumpkin Commish to step aside to allow the Police complete their investigation in the 5 LPOs he illegally signed whilst he was based at the Army strat.at Berkley Crescent road. Mr Coward…lamu tiko veiiko…you know it very well that’s why you appointed him to that Post.

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