Australia and New Zealand… ????

kevin-ruddPM Bainimarama – A Strategic Framework for Change

A key objective of my Government has been and shall continue to be the engagement and/or re-engagement with our neighbors and our development partners.

My appeal to the international community is that Fiji has and continues to seek engagement, not disengagement. The principles of internationalism and sovereign dignity require dialogue.

Lets work together to build bridges; lets work together to improve the lives of all Fijians and indeed the lives of all Pacific Islanders for a stable and an economically developed Pacific.

We thank those of our international friends who have shown fortitude and support; who have shown the willingness to listen and understand. We thank our international partners and multilateral agencies who have continued to engage or have reengaged to provide assistance to our objectives and facilitation of infrastructure development and reform.


11 responses to “Australia and New Zealand… ????

  1. A load of rubbish from a crank.
    Engagement not disengagement my arse. No engagement with the people of the nation is the reality except to open his big loud mouth to bark like a dog at the people. One wonders if his pupppies at home bark or yelp at the dinner table.
    After he’s done his best to disengage from the international communities he is so thick to turn around and read a stupid speech like that. Voreqe Bainimarama, illegal prime minister of fiji. Is there any other PM in the world thicker than this one.

  2. mmm..nice “ New leadership” photo on this page. Thank you…Vinaka vakalevu and Dhanyavaad to this esteemed blog “Real FIJI News” for being true to your name.

    Fiji is indeed ready for “NEW LEADERSHIP”, now that this illegal Government do not have a workable plan anymore. Cries of desperation from my “tauvu” Dictator may not be considered as genuine plea for help.

    From within Cabinet and Military Council are snippets of his sheer stubbornness leaks to the public domain. How do we expect him to even listen to foreign negotiators, let alone respecting and considering Foreign Leaders counseling for our return to sanity?

    Thanks again, Real FIJI News,…Fiji indeed deserves “NEW LEADERSHIP”.. as from yesterday!!..when is the Commodore taking that historical bus ride back to his ‘koro” keep tuning in to this Real FIJI News..they got the realbestlatest!!

  3. @marida, our neighbours will definitely engage sooner or later, and guess who will be barking? You and your dickhead mates. Qarase was the thickest PM the world has ever seen, who thought democracy was a foreign flower and now his ‘soresore’s’ like yourself are suddenly calling for democracy, include your methodist dimwits with that, bitch.

  4. sa yawa na vakamacala sa lako tu qo. meca i a vika ga. ia sa malo. au sa druka.

  5. Joe
    Did you have an orgasm saying that? You need a microscope to find Fiji in the world map who is just a little dot. Fiji needs to engage. You are too blind and stupid to know what your imbecile of an illegal pm is doing to the nation. What are you waiting for, a job to fall into your lap. Go to the village plant some bananas your contribution to your community.

  6. @Marida – remember this ‘opinions are like arseholes everybodys got one’, fact is we are really not interested in listening to yours! Go back to Raw or SoliV and spew your crap there. You keep holding the country back and see where it gets you! please dont reply to this as its a waste of time, we SIMPLY DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK..

  7. Rocky
    Yeah I hold little fiji in the palm of my hands and throwing it backwards to the cannibalistic days where your imbecile pm is taking you. The time is coming when you’ll start eating each other again starting with your pm’s tangled brain.

  8. @ Marida.. don’t flatter yourself.

    The only thing you hold in the palm of your hand is Semi’s Meo’s hairy soresore.

  9. @Topasi…….did not know you are an expert in the southern region…thanks for the opportunity to peek into your soul….mmmm…sudden surge of unbridled anger for no justifiable reason …mmmm….denial of unmet “needs”….not sure which one it is!!..any body’s guess may be gauged from triggers like mention of sex..!!

  10. Ha aha haha Topasi. You are sexually frustrated. You need to take a lesson with Atu and his wife. But you gotta do all the opposite of what they say, okay. otherwise go to butadroka I’m sure he’s still got a lot of juice left. Last time i checked he was almost spilling. If you go now you might get lucky.
    he he

  11. marida kedaru me dua nodaru gauna, oti oya osana qai vosa vaka vinaka taka na kai viti. mas baba.

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