What do people want?

fiji peopleWith the pending annoucement of the ‘Road Map’ lets look closer at what the people of Fiji really want.  A good place to start is with recent polls.

Visit http://www.crosbiew.blogspot.com/ for all the results on recent polls. Thanks Crosbie.
There were four polls on the internal situation.

In October last year 63% thought the NCBFF and People’s Charter processes were “a waste of taxpayers’ money.” This was not a good question because we do no know the effect of costs on process. A more carefully worded question would not have linked the two.

In April, 56% thought the President had done the right thing in abrogating the 1997 Constitution, but only 38% thought Fiji would return to democracy by 2011.

Earlier this month, 81% thought the political parties should support the Government’s initiatives to take the country forward. The first and third polls (NCBFF and 2011) seem at odds with the other two.


21 responses to “What do people want?

  1. There’s a lot of resentment towards the illegal regime on the ground. So don’t believe anything that is written here. It’s all bullshit. The people hate this illegal govt.

  2. Marida:

    Thats all lies the people on the ground knows the change are coming and its all good.

  3. vinaka aquila, duavata kei iko bro. keep up the good job/im behind you 100 per cent. no worries mate.

  4. Marida we know full well that ur outa of this country ,Please leave Frank alone ,we just love to see changes done as it is seen to be the betterment of this country and its people.we have been experiencing the good of reforms so please just peice off

  5. Agree with AQuila.
    Marida – Changes are imminent and we should all be looking to building a better Fiji. There WAS resentment, there is still a little around, but in general, most are looking forward to the positive changes and progress this country will make. Just you wait and see – Fiji will come to be the envy of most nations.

  6. marida kua ni levu na vosa . luveni maina.


    This dictatorial survey thrust down the innocent people’s shaking lap to tick as the sweaty soliders breathing down your neck directs; IS NO blooming survey at all….jinggers. That’s..eh..yeah.. blackmail!!

    That’s our point..IT IS WHO WE ARE!!…still no savy? Short story to make you kapish!

    Mid 2006 Lomainviti Provincial Council, after my tauvu Turaga Takala i Gau disembarked from the MV Lailai Na Dina , hugged, kissed and “vakcobocobo” when meeting the late Tui Levuka before the meeting proper. During the emotional meeting the Sawaieke Kid pledge loyalty to all things Lomaiviti..eh..Geee yah..eh..geee..yah!! Outside, immediately after the meeting answering questions from an “undercover” jono the Takala gruntingly sings a totally different song..his lips still wet from the grog in the LPC meeting.

    THAT IS WHO WE ARE..not necessarily what we say and tick will determine our destinity..yep..who we are…may be we really find out who we really are??..may be the Lizzards of Yadua, in Bua may just give us a hint or two!!..hee…heee…heee.

  8. Boo boo
    Boo hooo to you. Change is good but not this way. Change is good but does not mean you have to destroy “Fijiana” to enjoy change. That’s ignorant and short sighted. Stupid and for the loosers who don’t “have” but have “envy”. You can’t make a life now how do you think you are going to make it in the big wide wild world where your dependency mentality will be all but trampled over by the superior and shrewd brains of the Indians and the intellect of the whities. No worries, you can work in the nursing home or pick fruits. Better still go bludge on welfare and be an itch to the govt as a statistic

  9. Marida:

    Take Semi by the hand and go look for moko sari or better still for duna.

  10. Yeah go suck on your dicktators duna just to help him move the country forward to the toilet. Then open up when he starts to drop the bomb.

  11. @ AQuila, are you also a an “Iguana” ??

    …opps..am getting out of this cyber ring since it’s getting too messy with spew..and no one cleanning it up!!..cyber mates; e-mail me so we may surf around for a cleaner ring…semimeo@gmail.com.

  12. marida me dua vei iko na duna balavu, ona qai galu kina.

  13. butadroka
    I’m sure your sister would love one.

  14. marida you sound like my type, youve got ego i like. me dua mada nodaru gauna. ona kila kina noqu lewa.

  15. Me thinks you need a change of underwear – you might’ve done something in here! Besides – you’re in the wrong room – you need to go back to the toilet or back into the gutter where you learnt to speak like that!

  16. Boo boo
    You so weak in the head you think very little. You guys need spicing up. Check out butadroka, instead of thinking with his brain he is thinking with his dick, a few more exchanges he will be ready to spill. Welcome to cyber space. Give one of your undies to butadroka will you? He needs it.

  17. Oilei o marida…sa lasa saraga o iko!

  18. marida needs a good ‘root’. Come on Buta, you are the man to do it

  19. joe
    haven’t you been following? butadroka has spilled his juice, his finished, kaput.Boo boo just gave him an undie. How about you joe, boy, you need a root. Some boo boo still have fire in their belly. So go to it, boy. There’s a good boy. Boys are best with their grandmas

  20. marida my juice is waraki iko tiko/ ena waluvu nomu qara. sorry about that, i take my word back. ha ha ha.

  21. When I read all those comments out there it really goes on to say how people have reacted and aproved this so called reforms that is currently in place ,so cheers mr frank we re behind you

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