Government is an agent for change

bainimarama-un-aap-2709_a_1222488370Bainimarama has stressed  during a national address this morning to launch a roadmap featuring key reforms between now and 2014, when Fiji will go to elections to return to parliamentary democracy.

“The reality is that September 2014 is the deadline for elections,” he told an audience comprising members of the diplomatic corps  and the private sector, while flanked by his Cabinet.

Appealing to the international community that “Fiji continues to seek engagement”, Bainimarama thanked those external partners who had “shown fortitude and support” and were helping Fiji in areas such as infrastructure development.

Between now and 2014, the Prime Minister said his government would be an “agent of change for the betterment of Fiji” and would “not shy away from making tough decisions and making paradigm shifts”.

All these, he said, were a continuation of the mandate he said President Ratu Josefa Iloilo had given his government following the abrogation of Fiji’s 1997 Constitution on April 10 this year.

Bainimarama said between now and 2014, reforms would be implemented to give reality to the President’s mandate.

The reforms include work on a new, non-racial constitution to begin in September 2012, land reforms to be launched from 2010 to give native landowners better returns from land rentals while keeping their ownership of land untouched and fostering private sector enthusiasm to help grow an economy hard hit by the global financial crisis.

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23 responses to “Government is an agent for change

  1. viva la revolucion!

  2. That’s the problem when you’ve had a little taste of the outside world. You start speaking in tongues and pidgin .

  3. Adelante! Ojala!! That is certainly NOT pidgin and it means Move Forward and God Willing we shall. Why remain in a rut when the world outside demands that we change? Better do it with a good grace – there is no other way.

  4. “Do it with grace????” You call Military dictatorship doing it with grace??? Are you mad? Why do you remain in a rut? is it because you personally just don’t have what it takes that’s why you have to do what the outside world demands? Moving Fiji forward to where? Each one of you have been given the ability to better your own life. If you can’t do it what makes you think a dictator can do it for you? The dictator has a vision given to him by his “invisible ” masters to shove down your arses. and you supporting it. His orders are to change Fiji to a devil worshipping country and you looser baboons are supporting it. On Sundays you phuckers go to church but you support the devil’s work. Losers. Unbelievable.

  5. Ming the Chinese market gardener from Lomaivuna was working in his plantation one day when he strikes something solid in the earth. He clears away the soil and to his surprise finds an antique hand held mirror.

    Curiosity got the better of him so he cleans the mirror with a wet cloth. Suddenly there was an almighty boom and a deep voice bellowed from the heavens ” Your wish is my command master!”

    He had found a MAGIC MIRROR! Excited he hurriedly took the mirror home. For years he had suffered from erectile dysfunction and today was the day he gonna go hammer and tong with his missus. That night when he was ready to do the act, he got a cloth and wiped the mirror. KABOOM! “what is your wish, master?” a voice bellowed from nowhere.

    ” i wanna quickie election” said Ming hoping to see his member suddenly spring to life.

    KABOOM! he disappeared from his bedroom in an instant and KABOOM found himself in Frank Bainimarama’s office. As he looked towards Frank, he was petrified with fear.

    Frank’s nostril flared as he glared at the diminutive farmer. He thundered, “You want a quick election, how many times do i have to say that there will not be any elections before 2014?”

    The farmer got to his feet and retorted ” fluck you elections, I wanna my election you plik”

  6. getting out of this cyber ring since it’s getting too messy with spew..and no one cleanning it up!!..cyber mates; e-mail me so we may surf around for a cleaner ring…

  7. Now that Mr Bainimarama has, in so many words, advised that he is merely a vassal beholden to Ratu Iloilo’s far reaching vision for Fiji, those who continually excoriate him should hang their heads in shame.

    All right thinking Fiji citizens should now hope that, in view of the sacrifices he has made on behalf of the nation, Ratu Iloilo is granted the opportunity to see his vision for Fiji come to fruition.

    Considering the President’s advanced years, one can only hope that his vassal does his best to ensure that this comes to pass before 2014.

  8. @ TOPASI – Tamani LOL! Vinaka Topasi. Nothing beats a bit of humor to lighten us up a little.

  9. viva la Bainimarama!!

    This man is saving the country. Whether you like it or not.

  10. Marida – if the PM / regime didn’t do anything now and not plan for 2014 – then we would really be in a rut!

    They are actually NOT DOING what the outside world has dictated to them. They are doing it their way!

    It’s good that they now have a vision that is being recognised and accepted by citizens.

    You too have the ability to make a better life for yourself – why dont’ you do it?

  11. Blue
    “they are doing it their way” Never mind what the outside world think what about what you think? The crank and his bunch don’t respect you or your country men, they have nothing but contempt for you all. Your opinion doesn’t matter to them. THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS WHAT YOU THINK OR ANYONE IN FIJI THINKS. But then it suits your dependency mentality doesn’t it? They say you do. MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO.

  12. 2niu4u
    Typical dependency mentality. Instead of landowners leasing their land how about developing skills so that they can develop the land themselves whatever the heck needs to be done. Whatever it takes. Keep it within. The idiot illegal pm is not doing anything new. Fijians leasing their land have always been. I thought you wanted change, ain’t nothing new here. Just as rip of as ever. Fijians need a lot of growing up but that can’t happen when you have arseholes like bainimarama around. A lot Fijian landowners have just retained their land from massive numbers of years of lease to indians, why should they get back into it for shit money that doesn’t get around. Why can’t they develop and own their business.

  13. marida . iko kei au , me dua mada nodaru bose lailai kerekere.

  14. @marida, now you admit to having the knowledge that land owners got ‘shit money’ for leasing their land. Good girl, you are on the right track now, at least on land issues. Dig a bit deeper into it, and see why and how these land owners were ripped off and who is responsible for all this. Once you get answers to those, you just may be able to work out as to who is trying to fix all this BS that has been going on for, in your words “massive numbers of years of lease to indians”.

  15. @joe – well said. Marida’s knowledge of land issues is very shallow and just newly acquired as well as the dependency mentality blatantly evident here! She does need to learnt a lot more. Don’t forget your lip gloss, luv!

  16. @marida, talk on issues that you are well versed with! you look foolish when u talk about things u do not understand or do not know anything about!! bleary kalavo!

  17. @Marida – remember this ‘opinions are like arseholes everybodys got one’, fact is we are really not interested in listening to yours! Go back to Raw or SoliV and spew your crap there. You keep holding the country back and see where it gets you! please dont reply to this as its a waste of time, we SIMPLY DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK..

  18. You people trash oppositions yet fail to come up with something substantial. Of course they got shit money and now bainimarama is encouraging landowners to lease their lands again maybe for a bit more money .Why? why don’t you idiots come up with something so you can develop your own land instead of leasing? Oh I see, you don’t want to work hard you just want take handouts. You lazy buggers. You are no better off then the beggars on the street. “Give me give me”

  19. @marida! wailei via vosa tu kalavo ni makete!

  20. @ Marida…

    After Butadroka has finished with you, you will be screaming “Give me, give me more!”

  21. Topasi is imagining things. He likes to talk dirty during sex. You are a good candidate for Atu’s sex modelling. Time to go examine his southern region as Mr Meo says

  22. marida / au sa waraki tu qo. na kemu mapolo sa wawa tu/god help you.

  23. marida sona levu

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