Raw Military Lies

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Sources  from within QEB say last Friday was another embarrasing day for the green goons. Nothing embarrasing about having a few drinks at the Officers Mess.

They reported that the officers mess turned into a brawling ground with main boy, Pita Driti, knocking out one of his own Captain to the ground. A brawl would mean more than two people.

They say it looked like the Captain decided to fake his own defeat after he told Driti they will soon be history.  What really happened was this… the Captain was drunk and fell, Driti helped him up and sat him in a chair…. OR this could have happened.. A guy walks up to Driti and says ‘Hi mate, I work for Raw Fiji News’ and then Driti wacks him.. or………( you fill in the blanks)

Big mistake by Driti? BIG LIES BY RAW??


28 responses to “Raw Military Lies

  1. Ha ha ha … or Driti thinks its the AG and decides to wack him.. i would pay good money to see that! Thanks Real you guys are so funny at times!

  2. “RAW Fiji News” puts it..eh..RAW…yours to season and cook to your taste..that’s what I like about them..eh..when they don’t delete my post like twin in crime Really “REAL Fiji News” do at time too..hee..hee..heee.these two RFN twins should get together for ..cuppa or bilo!

    How could a humble worshipper who plays various music instruments in his church P&W Team on Sunday services, engulfed in the serene, tranquillity and peace of the “anointing” revert to thuggery in the confines of the Officers mess….we can not figure.

    Put again, Jesus Christ Himself picked up the rope whack some naughty people and kicked some chairs and turn some table when thug defiled His place of worship.

    May be my tauvu, soon to be Brigadier Driti, has a paradoxical character of a Lion of the Tribe of Judah and cuddly tiny Lamb. The “Captain” may just have crossed his path when his Lion teeth was munching…better this Captain follow Mr. Driti to Church this Sunday and see his cuddly side!!

    ..eh..and which side does the Dictator see, we wonder??

  3. @Semi
    I read your posts with much interest, but at times struggle to grasp which side of the table you are sitting on. Are you military? or are you a Talatala? Are you for or against? and which side do you think the dictator sees?

  4. Semi likes to sit on the fence, the kind with the pointed tip.

    He’d like us to think he’s a talatala but so do all the others at St Giles…

  5. Vitiboy:

    Semi is sitting in a dark corner with his dakai titi awaiting the enemy.

  6. @topasi
    hey man i like your posts, you are always on the mark. But Semi is all over the place.. the guy needs to chill out a bit… seriously!

  7. Yes I need a smack in the mouth, i am the most hated man in the country, the reason why i have so many bodyguards is because the Military Council want me dead, the business community want me dead, the Ministers want me dead, my enemies want me dead, my friends want me dead (not that i have many of them) everyone wants me dead except my little pets John Prasad and Frances Narayn.
    I wish Driti would come for me late one night so i can show off my new Ninja fighting, i would seriously love to kick his butt.

  8. @the AG
    ha ha ha ha…. are you really the AG? or are you an imposter AG?

  9. Semi,

    Can you at least try and make some sense with your comments.

  10. Isa guys!!! sa qase ga na tamata !!! sa yatayata!!!honestly Meo has to retire!! he’s neither her nor there!!!!

  11. Opps..opps…come here little children,..now sit down near this bond,“Viti Boy”, “Topasi” and “Aquila”…come wipe your mucus…gooood!..naughty, naughty..

    As soon as I return to this blog you run to big daddy needing a hug..oh..I’m flattered.

    Listen guys..and listen good!!..when me 15 year old baby plays footy, there is always 4 groups of participants..yep..blooming 4 !! His team, their team, Game officials and the curious passerby/no interest onlooker!!..eh..and the family pets.

    Where did you naughty boys and girls bought the idea that this national circus started by Mr. Bainimarama is about, THEM against US?

    Give us good reasons why we should regimentally subscribe to or mandatorily sell our souls to the philosophies cooked up by Fiji’s Dictator, ousted SDL/Labour Government, NFP, Comish Teleni or who ever. We do not have to agree with all their views, neither do we expect them to agree with ours!..and we do not give a “kuro kapeci” what the Dictator perceives our allegiances to be, because we fear NO men!!

    Come on!!..smell the flowers,..look into the horison,..throw a rock in the pond and as my grandad used to enjoy; take a walk alone in the bush or some serene locality…. breath a lot of fresh air..not others bad breath..pppllleeaaassee!

    All we are saying are LIFE and TRUTH….absolute truth, are much much more precious, than what we are now led to believe by the myriads of propaganda gurus of the respective philosophies in our neck of the woods.

    Let’s hunt for the truth, shall we?…cause that will set us free!!..or do you guys still trust all these leaders to steer our ship away from the very reef they intentionally wreck us into???..we say,…DUR!!

    ..oh..yeah..with all due respect to all the men of the cloth, you do not have to be only a Talatala to read and know your B.I.B.L.E – Basic Instructions Before Life Ends to imminently meet the author of Good Book!!

    ..oh..yeah….I love and a lot of time for me relatives patients, and hard working staff at St. Giles..the best you boys and girls could do is give the concrete walls of St Giles a coat of fresh paint!!..not mucus..go and wipe it off!!..”dou yavu ucu va luka!!”

  12. @S.RAQIQI….o bai lasutaki mate tu mai vei, boy?

    ..o via “retire” ga o iko, ia cakava sara yani, ike, segai, wananavu tu ga!!

    Could you run and pick up “Viti Boy”, “Topasi” and “Aquila”, please..I left them near the pond with “raboto”.

  13. On a serious note, can we the contributors to this board organise a soli for the benefit of Pita Driti who has fallen on hard times and cannot afford to buy a razor to have a decent shave.

    His appearance is an embarrassment. Looks like he has not had a shave in two weeks. Isa, lets all give generously.

  14. Also in the picture of Pita Driti, there appears to be some kosa on his head or are those splatters of mynah shit.

  15. driti, nomu sede qori boy. keep your hands to your self. if you think you can fight/ than take up boxing. its fun when you get a left hook to the head. tovolea mada bro.

  16. As long as the Fijians are spending their time trying to impress each other with their wits and their 2nd acquired language called “English” and not spilling out on the street to demonstrate their opposition towards the illegal takeover of their govt, the military can continue to claim support of the people because of lack of opposition.

  17. Semi Meo

    is the only true blue Fijian here. All the rest have tasted western life and suddenly they think they want to live like that. See what happens when you come from the village to the city? Eye opener for the ignorance. Semi Meo seems like a very intelligent well educated gentleman. He holds value on what makes a Fijian as well as great awareness of what is out there outside of Fiji. Obviously he has travelled.

    That’s the difference between Meo and you loosers. He is not willing to destroy his Fiji to allow “outside” influence to take over. You enjoy it. But you do not allow it to take over.

  18. marida, me dua ga vei iko na true blue fijian va mapolo tu. that will quite you right down.

  19. Driti is so sexy! Uro!! He is a REAL man.. Can we have a poll on the sexiest army boy..

  20. I’m with Topasi, he needs a shave and a clean up. My vote would go to Ului Mara. He is a real man! He can be mine anyday.

  21. Mere
    are you kidding? He looks too feminine. You want a real man, ask butadroka, he has some added ingredients when the real thing doesn’t work.

  22. Driti needs a shave, a new hair do and lipstick to complete the cycle. A nice wig would have khaiyum and Gates hearts thumping.

  23. @meo vosota , e tukuna ma i o “raboto” ni ratou tiko vei ” tu kalavo (kemuni)!

  24. marida au na qai solia vei iko na real thing. god bless fiji.

  25. marida, do not forget, fijians were canibals. o iko lau kana bulabula, you would be on my main menu, and you would know/ what ill be eating.

  26. @butadroka!!!! ha!!!ha!!!! kemuni ni bau veisureti mai!!!!LOL

  27. Dua mada na vei tauri boci vakasigalevu!! liutaki kemudou o Butadroka!!

  28. it is surprising to see that Raw Fiji News seems to be updating the Public on wot is happening within the Military, the Government and so on which means somebody from within -in front of their own eyes is leaking information without being caught and whoa REAL FIJI NEWS is doing is just waiting for RAW FIJI NEWS TO PUBLISH A Story then for them to TWIST IT AROUND!!!!

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