New FNPF board members


Never has there been so much speculation over board appointments.  The list of front runnes for FNFP are as follows:

Robin Yarrow

Radrodro Tabualevu

Div Damodar

Humpy Dumpty

Ajay Punja

Francis Narayan

Barack Obama

So your guess is as good as ours.  But we are hoping for either Humpty Dumpty or Barack Obama. Submit your top  names for the job under this blog please.


22 responses to “New FNPF board members

  1. I’d recommend Semi Meo for the job – he’d find a way to invest the contributors funds in worthwhile projects like The Manasa Lasaro Benevolent Fund and the Rev Steven Penny Futures market.

  2. @ Topasi
    He would have my vote, he sound like the type who is real sensible with money. You know like a $40m donation to the methodist church!

  3. Blindedbythelight

    Another possibility – Ballu Khan – he’s good at spending other people’s money!

  4. Div Damodar gets my vote. he is clever, dynamic and he would give every member a free chicken dinner

  5. seriously why not me

  6. Set a thief to catch a thief.

    This person ranks and reeks above the lot. The ideal person for the role as he spent 15 years as head of the FDB where he masterered the art of thievery, corporate incest, corruption and procrastination. He feels right at home in this den of corruption.

    I nominate Laisenia Qarase.

  7. Dr Robin yarrow and Radrodro Tabualevu are excellent choices.

  8. Ginger Biscuit

    Dr Robin Yarrow has my vote but Humpty Dumpty should not be left out? Isn’t he into “Great Falls” and therefore having to constantly reinvent himself? A useful trick. Especially on boards.

  9. Bestowed honour to be guardian of the fruits of our people’s sweat and toil from their working years is no joke at all!!

    It seems, we do not trust our Finance gurus anymore. Gifted though they be ….naw…no credibility we allege…all their hands tainted or bond IG way or some lurking interests in the dark corner.

    Solution? A class action by brave members and even former members against the early morning milkmen, and especially the driver of the milk tanker.

    @topasi, true to his name, will hose off the greeny droppings, while his gulfren “Fiji Girl” cheers him on..go topasi, go!!

  10. Son of Fiji

    Robin Yarrow – Rational thinker, good choice.

    Radrodro Tabualevu – Out of the box, boundary breaker – excellent.

    Div Damodar – Hopeless, nothing more to say.

    Humpy Dumpty – a bit fragile, but better than Div

    Ajay Punja – A man’s man, with a gas tank full of energy

    Francis Narayan – Smart, but thinks he’s the only one

    Barack Obama – Wily – tread softly, this guy is not what he’s portrayed himself as.

  11. Semo Meo for President! just what fiji’s needs a Fijian/Kai-loma.

  12. @AQuila..gonei, noqu tauvu “kailoma” ga sa wawa toka qori me ra vakacegu na Turaga bale na Tui Vuda.

    If you need a “kailoma” Afro-Fijian then here we are..but who needs a President when beloved Fiji is ruled by a traitorous Dictator!!..who holds a gun..opps..a pen for the Preso to sign all kinda flimsy decrees to legit all the Dictator and his friends biddings!!

    ..naw..nh’ahi mag’tah!!

  13. All the above including Semi Meo are rejects so I nominate the following: 1 fijian, 1 indian, 1 chinese, 1 halfcaste, 1 indian qauri, 1 fijian qauri, 1 halfcaste qauri plus 1 priest each form Roman Catholic, Methodist and Hindu, no Muslim because AG already there, this represents true cross section of cosmopolitan, homosexual, religiousas, fucktassus fijianasus.

  14. lol @ Fiji Man
    They are sure to be okay with that one. Plus the comish new brand of christianity with lots of juicy sex instructions to keep them horny. Oh yeah, yum yum…

  15. sa voleka na valameca ena site qo. au sa tuba. qai nomudou ko viti . dou sa moce/ ko marida qai noqu. ni sa cudru na kaiviti tamata kece ena qalo i wai, ia kevaka ona tobo, osana lau vutu.

  16. @Fiji Man.. none of us Fiji men or Fiji women are “rejects” not even you Fiji Man!…again “ Bestowed honour to be guardian of the fruits of our people’s sweat and toil from their working years is no joke at all!!
    @Marida.. perceive that you may be a lady…just wanna let you know that sex is GOOD, as long as it is enjoyed in the confines of a marriage relationship. Definitely, God created all the sexual faculties and sanctifies it. So let’s keep it that way…shall we? willfully deviate, though temporary the pleasure, imminently attracts untold sorrow!!
    It is not uncommon for Churches to talk about sexual parameters in terms of pre and post marriage relationship. In our culture, as in many, sensitivity and diplomacy are upheld where gender segregation is encouraged should intimate or sexual anatomy is graphically presented as part the Biblical teaching.
    Those who indulge in teaching sex by selectively gleaning from myriad of sexual encounters recorded in the Holy Bible and not counter balancing with the spirit of the word, may be no worse that those who promote pornography
    But our GradParents era view sex purely for procreation, while our generation over rates sex as probably the epicenter or determining factor of the longevity of marriage relationship or lack thereof.
    Goodness!!..let’s just have one each, close the door and keep all else out, and keep all the secrete in the bedroom!! When you old like yours truly…slow down!..there more to life and other things to preach about than blooming SEX!!

  17. Excellent advice Mr Meo
    Sorry I didn’t mean to include you in that lot, guess I jumped the gun there instead of separation.
    Yeah some old fellas still have a lot of fire in their belly. They are the most frightening ones. Cheers

  18. Semi Meo’s flaccid reaction to sex stems from his inability to crack a fat. All smoke no fire.

    The only fire in this old geezers belly comes through his sphincter after pigging out on hot beef vindaloo at Singhs curry shop.

  19. @Topasi…….thanks for the opportunity to peek into your soul….mmmm…sudden surge of unbridled anger for no justifiable reason …mmmm….denial of unmet “needs”….not sure which one it is!!..any body’s guess may be gauged from triggers like the mention of sex..!!

  20. ni sa cudru na kai viti, tamata kece ena qalo, kevaka ona tobo ona kana mapolo. sory about that. i take my word back. ha ha ha.

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