Narayan leaves FTIB

18518tuqm8Seems that the government backed the CEO Annie Rodgers,  as Viliame Naupoto has been made Chairman of FTIB.

Bye bye Frances!

As reported on Coup 1/4

The Chairman of Fiji Islands Trade & Invesment Bureau, New Zealand citizen Francis Naayan, is understood to have returned to Auckland.

Narayan is believed to have flown out of Nadi on Wednesday after writing to his friend, interim prime minister and army commander, Frank Bainimarama, setting out conditions that will see him either continue his role as FTIB chairman or quit.

Sources have confirmed to us that in the letter to Bainimarama, Narayan stated that he was returning to New Zealand for two weeks, where he would await the regime’s response.

We reported last week that Narayan had lost his $160,000 annual salary as investment cosultant for Fiji National Provident Fund and was having problems with FTIB chief executive, Annie Rodgers.

Narayan has told Bainimarama he can no loger work with Rodgers, saying that if the regme wants him to continue as FTIB Chairman, then it has to get rid of Rodgers.

viliame_naupoto_005Comments from Fiji Live.   Former commander of the Fijian Navy, Commander Viliame Naupoto, is now at the helm of the Fiji Trade and Investment Board.

Naupoto confirmed to FijiLive that he took over responsibilities of the chairman of the FTIB, the Government body tasked with promoting investment in the country, last week after the departure of chairman Francis Narayan.


3 responses to “Narayan leaves FTIB

  1. Hallelujah!

    It is about time the overpaid couch potatoes with oversized egos who sit on government boards doing sweet f#@k all, are taken to task and shown the door. Nobody is indispensible.

    These shallow useless parasites reject anything that threatens the status quo of their little empires. They are responsible for entrenching a culture of mediocrity in the civil service, objecting to change. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Like a cowardly dog he wrote the ultimatum to the PM after he left the country.

    Congratulations Ms Rogers. We wish you well.

  2. Francis Narayan go back to your hole and dont return!! you have wasted our hard earned money!! you were a user, bullshitter, the whole works put together, we’d rather not see your ugly face here in Fiji no more. RIP.

  3. Francis Narayan used Siwa to get a job with ADB.When his term expired, ADB did not extend his contract.

    He was unemployed when he got on the gravy train in Fiji.

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