It’s is not about democracy

fiji30The position of the military government gets stronger with every passing day, as the bleatings of our neighbours become tiresome and faint.

Time is the greatest weapon in the present scenario.

Bainimarama needs to do nothing, say nothing. Just keep the peace and plod along. Every day that passes until 2014 will be a thorn in the side of those who want to impose their will but have failed miserably.

The focus should be on the current economic recession, “political equilibrium” will come in time.

The bullying tactics adopted by the righteous neighbours only is having the opposite effect – instead of earning the respect of the Fiji community, it is galvanising support for Bainimarama. It is the classic case of people supporting the underdog against a common foe.

From Topasi


7 responses to “It’s is not about democracy

  1. Can not resist to comment on this comment on this blah blah fantasy.

    Hello..these “bleating neighbours” are Fiji’s Largest trading partners, still , in spite of travel ban and stupid coups the largest Tourist traffic to keep our mums and dads earning to feed hungry mouths, still generously AUAID fund humanitarian educational projects for the benefit of our children, still private technical AID, still the largest market for our varies contact and non contacts sports AND still the temporary homes of the largest number of Fiji Citizens outside Fiji!!

    Hence, these close neighbours have more reasons to be “bleating” than Uncle Sam whose is rumoured to promise to “assist” SDL” post Coup, is now just nothingness, or Big Aunty China who tangles mouth watering “ bani vaka utona” (chinese bun) in front of our leaders to jump ‘n swallow, only to discover too late the “utona” as probable ravaging of our natural resources at a mammoth loss to our pockets and degrading our beautiful fauna and environment..and…kai loma all around the Hydro and other Captal projests.

    Between now and 2014 is a looonnnggg time indeed, about 140 Million seconds..tick…tock…tick…tock…anything could even change between the ticks and the blooming tocks!!

    Claims of Commodore Bainimaram ‘s popularity amongst our lot may be an insult to the thousands still reeling from sudden redundancy, cancellation of spiritual festivals, abolition of the BLV and milking dry of the FNPF sick cow and may be soon the tearing up of the VKB in the name of one Fiji for all Citizens.

    The biggest popularity test for the Dictator is a credible election. Even I, a humble unknown granddad who’ve hung up the political campaign boxing glove may win over my Tauvu should election be anytime, any where!! We in Namuka na Qaqa always prevails!!

    For starters, I‘ll take him on at Nairai volley Park, Raiwai..dina niu sa qase..wananavu tu ga!!

  2. frank is doing a top job/if any one disagree, than take over, and show us how smart you are.

  3. ….tick..tock..tick..tock…..the heart of stone is now slowly transformed to heart of flesh..tick..tock….soon, Commodore Bainimarama..(which many of the Dictators diehard slave know him as “frank”)

    Your “frank” may not have had the rare opportunity to take a good look at himself in his mirror…mmmm…bathroom and dressing mirrors he has used since 2006 has changed nearly 3 times now.
    How he has not really seen his real self in peeping into Justice Tuivaga and Justice Fatiakai’s old mirror at his new palace, we do not know.

    All we know is that, mirror NEVER lies…a gray hair up the nostril the mirror will shout out!!…never mind you wanna push it in!!

    Sadly, though, cheer squad leaders of the Dictator, both in the Camp and in Civi life carries around “curved mirrors” and quickly thrust it in front of the Dictator each time he wanna see his “public image”, now badly warped image like any “curved mirror throws out..yep..mirror NEVER lies!!

    Only when he does his morning clean up does he see his real image, or when he sees depper into the mirror within the heart of his loved ones or the mirror the Dictator carries in his heart…

    Mirror…mirror ….what shall I do for ruining my country!!…mirror….mirror what shall I do to run away from you..tick…tock…tick….tock!!

  4. Butadroka the ignorant. Apart from running the country down to the ground, bainimarama is still waiting for his Fiji Junior Certificate. That makes you smarter then him. You can do a better job, can you? No? There’s your leader.

  5. Semi and Marida.

    Do this experiment. Take Semi’s mirror – the so called one that NEVER lies. Place the mirror on the bathroom floor.

    Remove all your clothes then straddle the mirror standing upright. Now recite, tick…tock…tick.. tock… (five times).

    Then look down into the mirror. If you see a dirty black cici staring back at you going hee..haw..hee..haw… you will be instantaneously enlightened.

    You will then appreciate never to look a gift horse in the mouth.

  6. Now, now Topasi, your mother has taught you well when modelling this to you with your father. I hope they didn’t show how to your sister too. It’s no wonder you support the DICk Taker. All in the family.

  7. getting out of this cyber ring since it’s getting too messy with spew..and no one cleanning it up!!..cyber mates; e-mail me so we may surf around for a cleaner rings…

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