Digicel spreads Swine Flu

digicel As reported on blog site  Coup 1/4  we wonder if there is any truth to the story??? Comments from Digicel!!

Fiji has now got 10 cases of the swine flu virus.

Six of them are employees of mobile company Digicel.

The workers contracted the virus via a PNG national who can’t be traced.

Two weeks ago the interim regime said their contingency plans for the virus was foolproof.

Editors note: nothing is foolproof and the governement never made those comments.


19 responses to “Digicel spreads Swine Flu

  1. Coup 4 1/2 and RAW, if anything, are doing a disservice to Fiji. They are ‘Frank bashers’. Little do they know that it is not Frank, but the military council, and the military does not take rubbish from anybody. The soldiers, globally, are trained to shoot at ‘targets’. , if it comes to that.

  2. Digicel are full of expats and its litle wonder they imported this from outside. this company doesnot believe in locals and make little or no investment in local talents . ma leka.
    I am with INKK which is awesome and definitely cheaper than digi.


  3. Joe you stupid fuck what the hell do you expect? Their basic right to be free has been stolen from them. Fuck off back to your village and plant cassava you ignorant idiot.

  4. @marida, basic right of all Fiji citizens regardless of race, colour or creed never existed before. It is now visible on the horizon. You must be one of those ‘priviledged few’ under previous govts.

  5. Joe
    You ask the Fijians that. After all its their country. Has anyone ever bothered to ask the Fijians what they think of that? Has anyone bothered to properly ask the Fijians how they can help their fellow citizens or the migrants? Has anyone ever bothered to ask the Fijians how and if they’d be willing to share what they have?

  6. @marida, from your comment, I understand that “Fijians” is in reference to ethic Fijians, and that being the case, you are outright racist. Fiji always had ethnic Fijians as leaders including the current admin, except 1yr of Chaudhary govt. Your questions are best directed to your present and past leaders. May be you should ask the landowners as to how and why they have been screwed by the NLTB under the leadership of past leaders of Fiji. This is only 1 example of many. Go do your homework dickhead.

  7. Joe
    When you see a Fijian you know that the person is Fijian native (ethnic) by appearance. These are who own the country. When you see an Indian, you know the Indian by his/her appearance. In Fiji you are called Indian. In Fiji, the other is called Fijian. The whites are called Europeans or “palagi” by their appearance and so on. Rascist? What is rascist about that. This is the reality. That’s the problem with you people. When truth don’t go down well with you, you yell rascist.

    NLTB? Don’t worry about them, they are ethnic Fijian. Still Fiji. Not foreign arseholes yelling rascist in indigenous country.

  8. @ marida, this is exactly what this takeover is all about. Now you understand. All this race crap will be a thing of the past. Be a good girl and support the current govt. I dont worry about NLTB at all. The landowners should worry about it.

  9. Joe
    That race crap is because there are foreigners living in that island who need to respect the natives and change needs to be done peacefully respecting the natives in the process. Not forcefully like the monkeys in the military are doing. People like you who are supporting the current method, you deserve to be hounded.

  10. Joe
    Saw poor Joey at the zoo last week while showing friends around. He was relaxed in his environment but didn’t look happy. That’s because as a native, his environment is now reduced to a station. That reminded me of what Fiji will be like in the forced changes for the ordinary native.

  11. By the way Joe
    Your appearance will never change the fact that you Indian. Why are you ashamed to be an Indian.

  12. Administrator
    Delete all my posts. Better still as your trade as a DICTAKER DCKTATKES

    COUP MY FUCKEN POSTS OUT OFF THIS SITE. You BABOONS are good at COUPING its in your blood. So DO IT>

  13. What no coup
    Bloody arse

  14. @marida, luvei ni maga toro.

  15. Joe
    Is that how your father likes it?

  16. Joe
    Is that how you like your concubine

  17. Ha ha Ha WICKED!!!!!

  18. Joey by the way is a kangaroo in the zoo couped out of his natural habitat and now living with foreign animals in the zoo. Sounds familiar? That’s what Fijians will amount to in the changes you supporting. That’s why I say, enjoy the change but do not destroy the “Fijiana”. You allow it to happen you will be a Joey in the Fiji zoo when the bigger and the brighter foreigners with equal rights trample all over you.

  19. marida/ na gauna ona moce kina, ona tadra ni sa coba tu vei iko dua na baboon / vaka mapolo tu. you will love it.

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