Australia – Your foreign Minister is an IDIOT!


Australia and New Zealand are backing themselves into a corner and handing the pacific over to the Chinese, Korean etc.  However we wonder if America will allow this to happen, and if America comes to the aid of the Pacific where does that leave Australia and New Zealand??  Editors comments are in blue.

Australian and New Zealand diplomacy has failed Fiji, former Prime Minister and World Trade Organisation Director-General Mike Moore said yesterday.  It has failed because of the arrogance of these countries

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith defended his country’s approach on TV One’s Q and A show over Fiji, which is under the military rule of Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s regime. Actually thats not correct, check your facts Steve, we have a government of which Frank is the Prime Minister.

“Well they should be treated like pariahs, this is effectively a military dictatorship, this is a regime that has taken Fiji away from democracy.” Still yapping on about a democracy, play a different tune,  i am starting to think that this guy is a bit slow, how many times do we have to tell you… WE NEVER WERE A BLOODY DEMOCRACY!

Mr Smith said Fiji’s economy was in a “very precarious” situation, in danger of “falling over”, and it had started talks with international financial institutions. And the Australian economy is doing great!!!! The world is in recession, come on Steve, you are starting to sound like a broken record.

Australian sanctions were not to blame for the situation, he said. “We have never imposed or contemplated sanctions which would have an adverse impact on the Fijian economy, on the contrary.”  Ah then what are the travel bans Steve, we are struggling to get people to stand on boards and take up positions because you will ban them from Australia.

Mr Moore said one of the international financial institutions Mr Smith referred to was likely to be the World Bank.

“This represents a huge diplomatic failure by New Zealand and by Australia over several decades,” he told Q and A.

“Foreign policy is projecting and protecting your interests and promoting your values and building up over many years those values and those interests. We have failed.”

Mr Moore said “a game changer” was needed to look at the problems rather than take a critical approach. Someone who finally is speaking some sense.

“There has to be a game changer there, and to allow people to move, keep their dignity and keep their faith.”

After talks last week, Mr Smith and Foreign Minister Murray McCully said they would continue to put pressure on the United Nations over using Fijian peacekeepers. Idiots, what does this achieve, more poverty in Fiji, more unemployment,  did Steve say not three paragraphs back that they didn’t want to adversely effect the economy of Fiji.  Steve, mate, suggest you hop on a flight and come to Fiji and see for yourself what is going on here.

The UN decided last year not to use Fijian peacekeepers for any new missions but it has continued to deploy those already engaged.

Former New Zealand First MP Ron Mark told the show the UN struggled to find quality defence forces.  IT speaks for itself really.

“One of the greatest difficulties the United Nations has is getting credible defence forces from credible countries that aren’t corrupt…

“It’s one thing for New Zealand and Australia to be saying we want the United Nations to drop Fiji from its list of preferred countries [and another to find replacements].” AFTER ALL WE ARE THE BEST…..



13 responses to “Australia – Your foreign Minister is an IDIOT!

  1. well what is going to happen is this. Aus and NZ will have to back down or they lose control of the pacific, and they dont wnat that to happen, america will not let china have Fiji because of its strategic importance in the pacific. So my guess is this, Someone has to give and its not going to be Fiji, australia knows it has to eventually back down, however they need a concession from Fiji, lets see who makes the first move, but my guess is that America are sitting in the wings just waiting to step in.. that way it f…. over all parties.

  2. Not only him, his predecessor was as bad. Remember the Dr Haneef saga? It was all a scare tactic of the Howard govt to retain power. The ALP supported howard on that for reasons best known to them. Eventually the Oz voters realised this sham and voted for an even bigger idiot. These people have been telling us what to do in our own homes since 1874. Better late than never, but the time has now arrived, finally.

  3. Ginger Biscuit

    And we are told we must keep a sense of humour, elsewhere. At least my friend Zena M was. That would be difficult to do, wouldn’t it with all the bossing about that has gone on?

  4. Mike Moore is calling for a Game-changer and American Samoa , President Anote Tong of Kiribati, Vanuatu and Tonga are all telling our former allies to seek a different approach.
    There has to be a game change or the balance of power in the Pacific will make a critical change that will see Fiji leading the march to Beijing. Vanuatu has followed suit with a new Embassy in Beijing.
    Writings on the wall and the excuse that they will not do anything to prop a military dictatorship will only lead them to further alienation from the region.
    Both countries only got legit membership in the key regional bodies like SPC and the Forum Secretariat through Fiji’s Support then and now they are wielding their will willynilly to use these bodies against us.
    We all know that they forced democracy down the throats of the indigenes of their countries through merciless and ruthless butchery and think that is the way for the rest of us.
    No thank you we want a contemplated, measured, informed and balanced approach and pivotal to all of these is time. So why not wait for another 5 years when we have a more fair electoral boundaries, new and better consitution that does not have in-built self destruct provisions and people have tidied up some key bodies like the churches, etc…
    Come on NZ and Aust lets work this out together on our terms and have a little faith…

  5. It is not about democracy.

    The position of the military government gets stronger with every passing day, as the bleatings of our neighbours become tiresome and faint.

    Time is the greatest weapon in the present scenario.

    Bainimarama needs to do nothing, say nothing. Just keep the peace and plod along. Every day that passes until 2014 will be a thorn in the side of those who want to impose their will but have failed miserably.

    The focus should be on the current economic recession, “political equilibrium” will come in time.

    The bullying tactics adopted by the righteous neighbours only is having the opposite effect – instead of earning the respect of the Fiji community, it is galvanising support for Bainimarama. It is the classic case of people supporting the underdog against a common foe.

  6. australia and new zealand back off , drau yavu boci.

  7. What can you expect? Aust. calls us a puppet regime, when tey themselves are the puppets of the US. They went into Iraq, decimated that beautiful country, killed innocent women, children and the elderly in search of WMD’s . Have they found a single WMD? The world wants to see it. Rudd was very quick to put the blame on Howard for sending Oz troops there. Get them back home now, for God’s sake. What are they doing there? It is all double standards. Musharraf, the Paki coup monger is afforded a red carpet treatment when he visited Oz because US demanded so??? So, who is the real puppet? Who is a man of principle, Rudd, Key or Frank??? Go figure. “AS A WORD OF WISDOM TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, esp our neighbours, WE ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION, AND WHAT IS BEST FOR US IS OUR BUSINESS EXCLUSIVELY.” So butt out fellas, our well-being is being taken care of by our security forces. We dont need your Ballus and other would be frauds.

  8. With reference to my post above, it is like “THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK”. Having said that, the pot is really blackened by the ‘stars and stripes’ recurring incessantly. The kettle is unfortunate to be in the shadow of the pot, hence appearing black on the outside.

  9. @marida, I agree. Fraudsters like Ballu and those morons who marched in Sydney and Canberra are perfect candidates for what you suggest.

  10. Joe
    They are not speaking out against the leaders of their adopted countries. It’s arseholes blogging here calling the leaders of those countries names yet they live there enjoying the privileges and democracy of the countries whose leaders they are trashing.

  11. @marida, it is called ‘freedom of speech’, a major ingredient in a democracy.

  12. Joe
    This blogsite does not practice freedom of speech. Its monitored by BABOONS with COUP and DICKTAKER mentels

  13. marida/ dua ga vei iko na baboon.

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