What new DAWN!

flags‘Like Fiji Man, I too hoped for a new dawn… God knows the potential for it was right there. It may still be, but it needs us who truly have Fiji at heart to stand up and be counted’.

‘And I’m not talking about insurrection – I’m talking about giving Frank more alternatives then what he has right now. Someone needs to point out that he has straying from the middle ground – straying from the line that is the best for Fiji.

Its a very difficult line to keep, and quite often will result in much criticism from the loud mouthed right & left extremists – DO NOT heed their voices. The silent middle ground has the majority, and always has.

From Son Of Fiji


12 responses to “What new DAWN!

  1. Count me in!

  2. I think Frank is doing the right thing. I totally support his vision for Fiji. The silent majority are really with him. Mark my word!!

  3. You got it…the only way to move forward it together and the only way to d that is to get involved.

  4. me vaka ga na vosavosa ya ” na ka vinaka kece e dau vaka meca taki” !! we have good times ahead guys!!!!! God bless Fiji!!!

  5. We got independence in 1970, but it seems that the fight for it is on now, ie Kiwis & Aussies telling us what to do. Fiji has never had a true democracy ever in its centuries long history. Now that we want a democracy, Kevin and Key and Howard and Clarke are on to their whistles in a flash, calling for a ‘line dropout’. 3 aust refirees awarded the match to the opposition because the ball not of the size and shape as required by Oz standards when the line dropout kick was taken. The match refiree, who has ultimate powers, intervened and suspended the match along with the rules of the game. This match will be replayed when the rules of the game are ammended to favour nobody. Now, who has a problem with that?????????

  6. im with you vitivou, god bless fiji.

  7. Time for all of you to go back to the village as you cannot compete with the superior brains of the indians and the whities in the big bad wide world. Your mentals are in the dominated so start marching now before you see your children and future generations prostituting themselves and living in ghetos.

  8. marida calm down/ kua ni levu na vosa. relax mada luveni maina.

  9. Joe
    For sure you are not an indigenous of Fiji. So what are you? Indian? Indigenous people should always be favoured in their country. Just as Indians should be favoured in their own country. What Indigenous want to feel like they don’t belong in the country of their ancestral birth. Maybe you should go back to India where you will be favoured. Australian aboriginals want to be favoured, so do the Maoris in NZ, the Red Indians in America and Canada and the Africans in Africa.

    butadroka and vitivou, to think that oppressing a nation of people by threats of using guns and brutality is blessed of God and you support this vision by the dictator, I think you are all baboons.

  10. @ marida, go get yourself a job you scum. You got too much time at hand, bitch.

  11. Joe
    Is that what you are doing? Trying to get a job from the goons? Poor bugger. The village is your only option. Plant for life. That’s an unforced change even the outside world will approve.

  12. marida tovolea mada na baboon. ona guilecavi tamamu. luveni maina.

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