Give FIJI a fair go…


Ema Tagicakibau commented yesterday on Radio Australia Pacific Beat and joined the bandwagon of VB Haters Club.

On a talk about the alarm in the rise of arms in the Pacific and their role in government shake ups, she remarked that Fiji stood out different in that the legitimate carriers of the arms were using it oppress people.

The only oppression I see is us being denied a fair trade and role in PACER, Unfair Travel advisories and constant unrelenting criticism from all quarters and the conscious decision to deny us an active role in trade and business and worse, discouraging others who can and want to help to withdraw their services.

Doesn’t anybody realise that the 2006 takeover made more sense than any of the previous ones? It does not ride on the back of power hungry crazed nationalists and Racism. And yet the previous two gained more restorative favour than 2006.

It seems that we will only gain favour if we ticked the boxes and dotted our “i”s in a given time frame as if we were doing a time and motion exercise on some game show.

Forging our way forward and addressing critical issues of change should be dealt at its own pace ironing out the kinks and setting the platform for true participatory governance. And in this journey we can do with real friends and true patriots.

From Ruff8boy


9 responses to “Give FIJI a fair go…

  1. Australia and NZ are behaving like Nurse Mildred Ratched in One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This cold sadistic person is bent on using her power and influence to instill fear in the hearts of her patients in order to humiliate and control them.

    Bainimarama will not swallow the sedation pill that others in the region have swallowed so willingly. His rebuke must not go unpunished. He must be made an example so that others will not follow his lead.

    It is all about regional control.

  2. Ruff8boy

    This is the sort of outburst I’d expect to read on your alter ego site RawFijiNews.

    Surely the Great Plan can withstand all of this nonsense?

  3. Topasi/Ruff8boy

    Whats with the virulent anti NZ and Australia thing?

    Surely you’re not holding them solely responsible for the current state of affairs in Fiji?

  4. @Kahukiwa… Virulent well that is your choice of words… Aust and NZ have been friends and well friends usually help… not actively move to bring a country down.
    Fiji has a made a choice and while they may disagree with it they should at least defend our right to choose to change.
    The close us out of PACER, they deter tourists coming through, and worked their way into Regional ORGS and key working groups to influence decision of the region to their favour using AID as a prodder.
    FIji needs good and friendly partners not judgemental manipulative ones. And I look forward to the day when we work towards a better Fiji with NZ and OZ on our side….

  5. ‘Fiji has made a choice…..’ your choice of words but essentially the heart of the matter.

    ‘Fiji’ hasn’t made a choice at all – Bainimarama and his cohorts made a choice and for any number of reasons it has turned out to be a bad one.

  6. Elections are about choice: or they are supposed to be. I do not believe that my vote counted in May 2006. At the end of my street on the way to vote I was confronted with:

    “Vote ……..or there will be bloodshed” (a bloody-looking substance had been smeared over this poster, supported by a traffic sign). When I attempted to inform the EU Observers (whom I had met only the previous day), they were unavailable and continued to be so until they left. Ditto for the Police. Only the military responded to my calls. Bully for them! And when I returned home the same day, the sign had been removed.

    So, what kind of choice did Fiji Citizens have in May 2006? Any different from that of the dissatisfied voters in Iran? Why the big fuss about Iran and an absolute refusal to listen to any one who justifiably felt ‘short changed’ in Fiji in May 2006.? Submissions were made in 2007. Was anyone listening? Did anyone give a brass razoo? No, I rather believe they did not. The Fiji Times, the Fiji SUN and even Fiji TV were notified – they took absolutely no notice. An “Inconvenient Truth” – Look the other way!

    To hell with your pious, sarcastic and ever so self-satisfied musings, KAHUKIWA. Did you vote? Do you know what it means to vote in a Fiji election? I rather suspect you do not. Come clean.

    So, Fiji did NOT make a choice in May 2006. Not what many of us believe was a free and fair choice. And I was receiving phone calls over many days to tell me just how difficult it was for so many to vote including members of my own family. All kinds of difficulties appeared from nowhere: how arcane?

  7. Zena

    I partook in the 1977 election and witnessed the outcome, when it could be argued that Sid Koya was unfairly denied the chance to form a government. In 1987 I followed the rise of Labour and wasn’t overly surprised at the coup, so I have a fair idea of the nature of Fijian politics and the electoral process.

    Sarcastic yes, pious no – merely pointing out that NZ and Australia are only reacting in a manner their electorate would expect and that they have the policy balance both governments probably feel comfortable with. They don’t want to damage Fiji but they also feel the need to show their displeasure with what is happening.

    And in the absence of any (reported) effective opposition to the regime from within Fiji, policymakers in Wellington and Canberra may well be looking at alternatives to the present measures.

    And get a sense of humour.

  8. @Kahukwia…I can understand your choice to be pedantic but whether you like it or not it has shaped our fate and for us who identify with moving forward it has become our choosing as well. And when the former allies deny us from participatio in PACER it is not specifically on Frank and his cohorts as you put it but against Fiji, Frank COhorts and all citizen and sundry! And aren’t you angry with the unfairness of it all!!

  9. truly think frank is doing a top job. and if you dont think so/ why dont you , have a go. boci.

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