New Constitution… thoughts???


Some throughs on a new constitution from Joe.

It is a clear indication that we are on the road to democracy when the Prime Minister is talking about a new constitution and blue print for the country.

I have a few suggestions for the electoral provision of our new constitution:
1) The President, Senators and members of the lower house,  to be elected.
2) Any party or independent that has failed to win at least one seat in 2 consecutive elections in the past be deemed as “ineligible” to contest in any future elections.
3) Any former “Democratically elected” PM cannot contest in any future
4) Any party and/or their prospective derivatives that demonstrated an intent to enact/legislate racist policies in the past be ineligible to contest in any future elections.
5) Compulsory retirement of PMs after 2 consecutive terms in office or 8 yrs, whichever is the lesser.
6) Absolutely no Brij lal style multiparty cabinet. It sux.
7) The RFMF to ensure transparency in relation to elections for the new parliament and be granted immunity from prosecution for the “cleanup campaign” that came into effect on 5th Dec 2006 and all subsequent events/actions involving the RFMF and its Commander-in Chief for the maintenance of law and order by decree or otherwise, as seen appropriate in their judgment. Under the “Doctrine of Necessity” clause of the 1997 constitution prior to its abrogation or adopted in part after abrogation.
8.) Subsequent to clause (7), immunity from prosecution is to be granted to the RFMF and its Commander-in-Chief for events/actions prior to 5th Dec 2006, but limited to and including the exact time of appointment of Commodore Frank Bainimarama as “Commander of RFMF”.

God bless Fiji


52 responses to “New Constitution… thoughts???

  1. Yesterday the ABC Radio Pacific and NZ International Dateline news ran a piece calling the current administration as Interim Government.
    I thought with the abrogation of the constituion that label went with it too.
    Another piece talked about the Australian parliament discussing the concern of China’s level of involvement in FIji and called for more responsible Development Assistance to FIji. There was alarm that FIji was getting greater assistance and had expert opinion to provide an analysis of this involvement.
    And then we had a piece about the the leader of opposition (Aust) being censured for attempting to bring the PM Rudd to a judicial review for collusion with a autodealer based on a fake email.
    Another piece had GEL eloquently criticising the registration of lawyers and dismissively stating that he would sell his Partnership shares with Howards and look for somehting better to do as the current judiciary in Fiji was Debased not worth his intellectual enjoyment.
    And in the face of this all autodealer fracas, GELs retirement plan, China’s interest in Fiji, and incorrect labelling of Fiji we have an administration working towards Constitutional reform, paving a path to democracy, addressing Racial inequality and reeling at being kicked in the gut at the recent PACER meeting in Samoa.
    If anyone has there priority right, it clearly aint GEL and his clutch of detractors, nor it is the Austraian Government let alone their media.

  2. I burst into hysterics of laughter when I read about the Australian and NZ governments trying to tell China how to suck eggs regarding its foreign policy. It is like a little mouse trying to tell a a big rhino what is best for it.

    It also highlights how inept these Aussie and Kiwi politicians are and their abyssmal understanding of regional cultures and sensitivites. I have dealings with the Chinese and understand their mindset to a tee. They do not take to kindly, in fact they see it as an insult when others try to impress their opinions on them without being asked in the first place.

  3. A new constitution granting immunity for the illegal regime – now I didn’t see that coming (!!).

    Banning of past Prime Ministers – now thats a surprise. As is your assumption that any former PM wasn’t democratically elected.

    The assumption that the army is the only body that can assure transparency – thats an even bigger surprise!

    What will be even more interesting is exactly how the dictatorship intends shaping electoral reform. Like all good tin pot military regimes they will want assurances that they can still influence outcomes. So how are they going to deal with the demographics of Fiji, which suggest that indigenous Fijians will enjoy a substantial numeric advantage by the time of any future elections, and which by that stage will probably be open to any political body that isn’t sponsored or representative of the narrow interests the army represents. And one suspects that the Peoples Charter isn’t going to solve that little problem.

  4. Oz & NZ must reconsider their political bullying tactics because we have other allies in China and the UAE. These are bigger partners than our neighbours will ever be. Let’s look at what China has already given to the people of Fiji – The Vodafone Arena, the international swimming complex along with the international hockey stadium and artificial surface, maintenance of the same facilities including an international sized score board! Wonder if our good neighbours could loloma this sort of contribution to the people of Fiji? Obviously this was all brought on by negotiations by previous government, but the fact remains, they have contributed to Fiji on a mammoth scale and continue to do so. I’m sure the UAE will be interested in our roads and water infrastructure! Food for thought!

  5. @ Boo boo… Australia govt Aid to Fiji in 2009 is approx $21m. Australia govt aid to Pakistan in 2009 is $29m.

    Pakistan’s government could not give a rat’s ass about human rights abuse – they do it blatantly in spite of international condemnation. it is one of the worst examples of a corrupt tin pot regime subjugating the people and flaunting international law on human rights.

    Do we see the Australian government qualifying the $29m aid that they give to this tin pot regime? No.

    Do we see the Australian government lobbying the UN on the use of Pakistani peacekeepers who constitute a major part of the UN force? No.

    Why then bully Fiji. I guess it is because they can.

  6. Aust. and NZ aren’t employing bullying tactics – their present policies may not be the most effective or please everyone but they are hardly attempting to bring Fiji to its knees. Fiji lies within their supposed sphere of interest and influence so naturally they would be watchful of Chinese expansion – no surprises there.

    Its not in their interests to bring Fiji to its knees as the odds are that a la Solomons and East Timor both countries will be the required to clean up the mess. Nor do they feel it is in their best interests to tolerate military dictatorships in their backyard.

    Perhaps they are waiting for the regime to give them something that may cause a change in policies.

    And what is culturally insensitive about choosing to treat a military dictatorship as just that – a military dictatorship?

  7. China has contributed to Fiji and should be allowed to continue to do so, no matter what Australia and New Zealand may feel about this. However Fiji shouldn’t allow itself to become subservient in this relationship since the aid that China provides has to be repaid, albeit at preferential rates of interest.

    Regarding Boo Boo’s posting, some knowledge of the facilities mentioned would immediately show that there has been insufficient local input in design, specification of suitable materials and actual construction.

    The swimming complex, for example, was built without regard for local conditions.
    1) The scoreboard worked for a few months because the equipment provided was for interior use only, despite being located in one of the most exposed environments in Suva.
    2) The 25m pool was built too short, since if the electronic timing pads are installed, the dimensions between the pads is 24.90m, which is unacceptable for international standards.
    3) The Omega timing system is an expensive replacement for the original substandard Chinese system which packed up shortly after the SPG.
    4) The pool pumps and the vacuum system have broken down many times in the past and in the past there has been great difficulty obtaining spare parts from China. In summer the inadequately filtered pool water is a source of many ear and eye infections amongst senior swimmers and school children.
    5) Unfortunately maintenance by the Chinese is definitely not part of the deal, as Boo Boo claims. Broken tiles, showers, lights and toilets are testament to this.

    Advice on the shortcomings is not meant to look a gift horse in the mouth. However it is important to realise that Fiji has its own architects, engineers, building contractors and material suppliers. Their local knowledge should be used on future projects for which the Chinese are providing funding, otherwise this country runs the risk of becoming a receptacle for the employment of Chinese nationals engaged in substandard design practices and often using substandard building materials, all of which has to be paid for by the Fiji taxpayer.

    I have only mentioned one example of which I am familiar. I shudder to think of the possible ramifications if the same design and construction expertise is employed on some of the large civil engineering projects that have had recent media publicity

    I emphasise – Chinese aid is not ‘free’ and therefore should not be used without stringent quality controls being in place.

  8. Not too sure who this Joe guy is, but seems he wanting to rewrite or publish another Bible, let alone his pathetic suggestion of a new constitution. Did he obtain these suggestions from a grog party from Baniwai or what ever places his been ear dropping in?

    We are aware this esteemed column is Military backed/pro Military, but we have doubts these pathetic suggestions have been summarised as the popular opinions the joint Military Intelligence/Police Special Branch “agent vinods’ in our various neck of the woods.

    These suggestions insult every member of the present regime INCLUDING the Dictator himself. Ironically, this constitutional bush lawyer Joe esteemed the Commodore high up the “vuni vudi” even affording him divine status, then chops the “vudi” tree down the slope.

    Sa baci tauvi soso tale na sutu vulavula nei noqu tauvu..hee..heee..heee.. man, I have to e-mail this constitutional piece to him…waraki koya toka mai keri, Joe, o baci nakita sara ga!!

  9. @Semi… The suggestion of a new constitution is not mine but I strongly support it. It came from the PM himself. Your ignorance shows how informed you are of current affairs in Fiji. Stop visiting RAW website if you want to know what actually is happening in reality. My suggestions in the post are aimed at keeping the NFPs, Chaudharys, Qarases and the likes out. They are suggestions only and you are welcome to add to it. This is a serious matter son, we will have a new constitution in place before we go to elections. It is no “vuni vudi” BS.

  10. @ Kahukiwa, the media has much to answer for in influencing the path of foreign policies of Fiji’s neighbours. They are very much to blame for the negative outlook on Fiji mostly due to their limited knowledge of the situation on the ground and the influence of religion and culture in Fiji politics.

    The blueprint for the Solomons and PNG follwed by the Oz and NZ governments do not apply to Fiji. There is no “one size fits all” solution to Pacific Island politics. We may look the same, speak the same, eat the same foods but thats about as far as it goes. The mentality of a PNG highlander is so much different to a an indigenous Fijian which is also differrent to an Indo-Fijian.

    It is only recently that the Oz government is beginning to question their bilateral relationships with Pacific Islands. In a lot of cases it can be argued that Australian foreign policy over the last 30 years has stunted the development of Pacific Island nations as a result of their mis-directed aid programs. Out of sight, out of mind. The classic case is PNG where for the last 35 years since independance, Australia has been pouring aid to the tune of $300m per year. Today the country has the highest poverty per capita ratio in the Pacific with a growing dependence on foreign assistance. With the glut of land available to the people, they have yet to learn to become self-sufficient after 35 years of Australian assistance. In fact it can be argued that their development has been stunted because of this dependence.

    Aid is not what it is cut out to be. There is always strings attached and a hefty price to pay.

  11. Topasi

    Agree with you on the media front – with a few notable exceptions reporting on the South Pacific hasn’t been as good as it should be.

    But I think its stretching it a bit to blame the media entirely. NZ and Australia would base their policies on a range of sources and inputs such as diplomats, intelligence agencies,business people, as well as the media.

    Ads for aid, well I would argue that trade is always preferable to aid but that argument has never held great sway in NZ and Australia. And you are right about PNG – not much to show 30 years after independence.

    But I will also argue that NZ and Aust. have based their present policies towards Fiji on facts presented to them. At the end of the day they don’t have to set out to deliberately damage Fiji – the regime seem to be managing that well enough.

  12. @ Kahukiwa… you seem to conveniently dismiss the vindictive actions of the Oz and Kiwi governments over the last month in going out of their way to lobby the UN to cease employing Fiji peacekeepers immediately. If this not an act of sabotage with extreme prejudice I will be a monkey’s uncle.

    If that was not enough the gang of two went over to the Chinese to attempt to poison the relationship that Fiji had tried so hard to nurture with China in its years in isolation. This dispicable act is not the action of a friendly neighbour. It is something that Pacific islanders detest, it is lower than a snakes underbelly.

    The facts are glaring you in the face – these are actions intended to cripple with extreme prejudice.

  13. Topasi

    What Can I say? The world just doesn’t understand dictators like it used to!

  14. @ kahukiwa…ignorance is bliss – some people choose not to try to understand preferring to let others do it for them.

  15. vinaka booboo , keep up the good job. god bless fiji.

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