New Constitution – The end of Racial Discrimination


Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said his Government is committed to eradicating racial discrimination at all levels around the country.

“It would mean bringing in a new constitution, so that racial discrimination a tool previously used by many politicians to win votes is eradicated,” he said.

“It is my belief that bringing racial discrimination as part of an election is not a good idea, it will lead us to nowhere.”


9 responses to “New Constitution – The end of Racial Discrimination

  1. Getting rid of racist policies is the starting point. Setting the right environment where religious, racial and cultural diversity can be nurtured is essential.

    But that is only part of the equation – the most important part is to positively promote diversity as a strength in society not a weakness. The essence of multiculturalism is the celebration of differences in society. It should be seen as an asset, not a barrier to growth.

    This is why the People’s Charter must be embraced by all – it is the committment on the part of the individual to the spiritual health of the community. It is the common thread that binds all.

  2. What Bainimarama is doing in Fiji – Barak Obama is doing in the United States,breaking the racial barriers between all races,eradicating corruption,nepotism and favoritism.Rich lobbyists had their days for too long,just go on the sidelines and let the new generation take the lead – God bless Fiji and its (honest) people.

  3. First, we wanna know the opinion of the Tailevu Provincial Council. Secondly, we wanna know the theological ethos of this present Government’s pet Church mandated to exorcist evil away from all of us and cajole us to join as ecumenical new methodist prospects.

    Has there been suggestions from the PM’s own “Tikina” council to shred the Vola ni Kawa Bula?, or lift the registration restriction into the VKB. May be the Tailevu Provincial Council have secretly agreed this, hence, the PM’s vigour to eradicate “racial discrimination”. The VKB is the only document that distinguishes our Fijianess, half or fraction of it, or the total lack of it!!..mmm….in the new Bainimarama’s Fiji, there would’nt be any more Indo, Chino, Afro, Poly Fijian. We shall all be called Fijians. All credits to my Tauvus from Tailevu who may have advocated a no VKB Fiji.

    So, when these Chinese Hydro/Civil contractors completes four-year work visa, that may make them eligible to apply for Fiji PR and, thence Fiji Citizenship. Because we in Macuata would have registered all the, now Indo Fijian cane farmers up our neck of the woods in our VKB, we suggest the little kingdom of Gau take on the honor of accommodating our new Fijians from china. Just ‘cause the island is deserted with many Gauns over staying in Lami, Raiwaqa, Topline, lautoka and Vione, Taveuni!!

  4. Several millenniums have passed since the question was asked “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

    This fundamental question has never been answered in a way that is satisfactory to a civilized society; however many democracies albeit secular have attempted to address this question by way of their respective constitutions and many have failed.

    With pending abolishment of all discriminatory policies the architects of the new constitution must at the very least make an attempt in answering this question.

    For Day of Judgement the Supreme Being will ask what each of us did to help the poor and needy: “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me”


  6. I totally agree with you Fijimama,we have expose the bulshit that is coming out of his curry smell mouth Bainimarama is going to be charge for sending 4 men inside the mortury in Suva still alive.

  7. @fijimama &CIA
    u can rave as much as u want , it ain’t changing Fiji’s current situation.FB is leader , full stop! toe the line! or shut the f@#$ up!!!

  8. @fijimama, Frank knows what he is doing, only that you dont know what he is doing.

  9. Baseer Shah

    It’s that famous word which reminds me once again “now we have reached the rivers of no return”So now you dreamers if you can change the direction learn from the Iranian Rulers.
    Games over.

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