Reforms first says PM

The Prime Minister is sticking to his word and will not be moved by overseas pressure and will  implement all electoral changes and reforms before Fiji goes to elections.

The Prime Minister  said he knows that the pressure is mounting from the Commonwealth, the EU, the Pacific Islands Forum, NZ and Australia.

However, he said this will not deter his government even when funding from the EU and other agencies may be pulled out. Bainimarama also knows the Commonwealth will suspend Fiji soon but he said this will not change anything as far as Fiji’s return to democracy is concerned.


27 responses to “Reforms first says PM

  1. Vinaka vakalevu Mr. Bainimarama. Good things come to those who wait. May God continue to bless you for the journey you’ve been courageous enough to embark on for Fiji!

  2. Pastor Steve Penny may not have predicted Commodore Frank Bainimarama as “man of sedition” but…

    From the outset let us agree that we do not need or have to be reminded by a Prophet, Priest or Pundit or Pastor that Commodore Frank Bainimarama is a man of sedition. His seditious action contravened the letter and spirit of the Holy Bible and Fiji Constitution pre and post December 2006.

    Many of us have either read or heard of this Prophecy. To us lay people; non Revs, Priests or Pastors, prophecies according to dictionary are prediction. And “divine prediction” should be had in the context of the Church, temple, mosque or other religious environment.

    One thing I know though that me dad is a good and an accurate “prophet”, his predictions of the stinging belt on me bum should I misbehave is always fulfilled, may be divine, but it sure hurts and helps keep me outa jail.

    Seriously, proclamations of prophecies by modern day men of the cloth are neither new nor biblically out of order. In the southern tip of Kadavu, some 50 years ago a prophetic utterance by a Methodist Minister was taken lightly by a certain village. The frightening consequence is the total destruction and inhalation of the whole village by a “freak” tsunami, destroying all on its path, save the village church and the lone house the Turaga i Talatala was welcomed into. My source is, first hand, from my personal conversation with a son of the particular Talatala. He used to live in Nasinu.

    Spirituality aside lets look at the Prophecy as a…prediction…prediction of events to come. When I warn my son that it was going to rain, first question he shoots back, in his eagerness to go to the beach, is….when?

    Let’s look then into the Ps Penny’s 1,907 words prophecy and take a chronological map; a time line of his exact words, and not based on our own fluid guess work on how we perceive at our convenience and interest.

    Shall we? Let’s all agree that one year is twelve months, a month with an average of 30 x 24 hours day, not based on some mystic month or seasonal crop or breeding season. Ok, agreed!

    Now …Prophecy declared on Monday 3rd November 1997 , clearly states..” literally within five years”..ok, five (5) years ends on the, 3rd November, 2002.

    From 3rd November 1997 to 3rd November, 2002 Ps. Penny predictions include unprecedented spiritual revival .. “But a number of things will happen during that time. One will be that a man of sedition, a man of scheming will rise up in your political arena…”

    …let’s see, within those five (5) years shall we ask..was it Mr Naitini G Speight’s seditious acts the Labour elected Government, was it Mr Sitiveni Rabuka or Mr Isikia Savua alleged seditious acts against the late President Sir KKT Mara?

    He further predicts…”the church will literally flock together in huge prayer concerts, great prayer gatherings and will break the power of that thing.” Then that discounts Mr. Speight as some major Pentecostal Churches and even former Methodist Church Presidents were having honky dory parties at Parliament House with Mr. Speight and gang.

    Then….”Within maybe 2-3 years, just in the next few years,” this severally means and still means within the (first) five years we’re talking about. .. “one of your sporting teams, I don’t know which one, but one of your sporting teams will gain great prominence. They will win a great event beyond what they were expected”
    Should it be the Fiji Seven teams..mmm.. it can not be. Purely because in Apil/March 1997 (eight (8) months BEFORE the prophecy Fiji won the Hong Kong . Though Fiji won again in 1998 and 1999, we can not fairly say the win was …..”beyond what they were expected to win” It can not be Vijay Singh’s Golf victory either as the prophecy says “sporting teams “ not individual!. Unless, of course, another sporting celebration I may not know of.

    So the reference is to the same five (5) year period, NOT another extra five (5) year period

    But say, hypothetically, he meant another five years , so the prophecy period extend to November 3rd 2007, now he predicts in “”middle of their celebrations, something happened in the nation and the joy turned to mourning”. …A sevens celebration was in March 2005, Bainimarama’s Coup was not until December 2006. Not only well outside the first five (5) years but just did not figure to be celebrating that long for sevens victory.

    Aha..he then said..” There’s a tremendous awakening starting to happen amongst the people of this nation, out of religion, out of Hinduism, out of culture, an awakening concerning the things of the Spirit of God. You watch that continue in the next few years in this nation”
    We shall leave the spirituality barometer to the experts, but us lay people wanna ask was there a real spiritual “awakening” up till November 2007 where in drove, non Christians, “Hinduism” and all converted?…or was it a period when our extreme nationalist views frightened many kaidia from even entering our Churches, Parishes etc.
    In all, the timeline in the prophecy is “crisscrossing’, not necessarily traffic in our air space as predicted.
    Let me bore you no further. May I suggest we re-quantify this 1,907 words Prophecy again. This time around, let’s wear our biblical magnifying glass, common sense hat and literal critique this document WITHOUT any prejudices and WITHOUT any emotional hype that may blind us and tempt us “build a tent” and altar on this “Monday 3rd 1997” document.
    To conclude, some alarming claims and statement that may need revisiting.
    1. Claims of the move of God “…like you’ve never seen before..” Please not that “Transformation” DVD.
    2. “blood on the streets”. Though prophesied, the onus still is on our lap to be or not to be. Just that King of Nineveh (John 3:6) was humble and smart enough to act and avoid death and destruction of his people as prophesied or predicted! Smart King that!!
    3. “..the government will literally turn to the church… not those churches that are playing games”. Specifically, predicted is that the Governmt will ask the church to handle social welfare work, in fact, already being done by the church with successive Government blessing. Well, a smart Government runs to the Church for Godly counsel, in this prophecy’ for nothing more than “social welfare work”, NO MORE AND NO LESS. Let’s refrain from even concluding that this Dictator will bow before the Church, he may, but NOT in this prophecy.
    We would have thought that should this Prophecy be important to Ps Steve Penny it may take prominence in his Church web site and personal blog. Searched both and NOT even the word Fiji appear on both site.
    A 1,907 words prophecy on a Monday…we may then ask where or what occasion was this proclaimed and who were in attendance? So important to our History, that may be the Leaders of our Nation, Church, and Vanua were part of the occasion, I do not know. All we know is not every one who claims “ thus saith the Lord” are really hearing from the lord. I am NOT advocating Ps Penny, who successfully run 4 thriving churches on the SunCoast of Queensland does not ever hear from God.

    With all due respect, we then may ask the Prophetic gifting or Prophetic Office Ps. Steve Penny operates under, has he prophesied else where, and if so, were they tested to be accurate. As test of any Ministry are the fruits that abides.

    His web site is void of any Prophetic material.

    Or are we over glorifying this piece of document to judge, determine our Spiritual future and future of our beloved nation.

    In a Church service in my second village,Colo-i-suva many moons ago, one of my Tauvu preacher rose to preach. We were all in silence with bible in hand ready to open to his text for the day..his shouts penetrates the cold silence (“ noda lesoni e sega ni tiko ena volatubu vou, sega talega ni tiko ena volatabu makawa, sa tiko ena Volagauna ni siga lotulevu”)

    My Tauvu Meli (RIP) is now with the Lord.

    Let’s dust of the the old Bible and base our economic, political and social assumptions on the Good Book once more, shall we?..before we RIP.

  3. Semi Meo:

    Now with all these predictions lets see if you can predict the next election.

  4. @Aquila…my grandson shouts 2014!! you predict when your Dictator will be in Jail…mmmm…well before 2014!!

  5. Semi
    Mate, listen up, enough of the prediction stuff, we dont mind letting you post but lets keep to the topics. If you dont like hearing the other side of the argument go to another blog site. However you are more than welcome here as long as you know where we all stand, and that’s behind the Military and for moving this country forward. Got that?

  6. Semi Meo,

    Enough of the garbage please. The rest of us might all become insane like you and the movement of “We love Fiji so much we want to destroy it from overseas”.

  7. @Real News, same crowd as this esteemed Real FIJI News site?…..too bad some one remove the info proviso in “ABOUT” on heard page. Just trying to figure where in the Camp is your office….mmm…not inside the wooden building housed by our Military Legal Department. Went in to these offices earlier this year, everyone were too busy with their respective Lap Tops. Seems I’m getting the same cold reception I got from one particular junior Lawyer, even though some Big Brasses gave me some kinda red carpet treat, even after knowing full well my opinions on things.

    Look guys, most of my taunts on VB is cuase I’m kai Namuka, Macuata and on Comish ET as he is from Namuka No II.

    Do they agree with me? NO!!, may be NEVER..why should you guys agree with me either.

    But now that you’vr truly identifier yourselves AND removed the provisos on “ABOUT” above, then I only too happy to fill really at home here.

    Feel at home, cause the Military Fraternity of the Republic of Fiji is a proud and dignified one. Unfortunately, today it’s Commander/Dictator needs a lot of help from all of us before he takes this fine organization down with him under the waters between Kiuva and Bau

  8. @ vitivou..bau vosa tu na maina..

  9. @ AQuila, sooo, you’ve read the site I refred to you?..good run and do your home work , and bring me a black and a white crayon so I’ll show you the now…

  10. hahaha…lol@semi meo… oi e dau vosa talega na maina??? lmfao…

  11. “Conflict is made up of small details. If one can see the depth and subtlety of measurable things, then victory is not mysterious.”

    “Knowing the other and knowing oneself,
    In one hundred battles no danger”.

    (The Sun Tzu)

  12. He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.
    -Sun Tzu, the Art of War

  13. “Woman who cooks carrots and peas in same pot is unsanitary.”

    – Mrs Sun Tzu, the Art of Cooking

  14. In 1992, while living with me family for a while in the Solomon Islands, I remember handed a Book purported to be authored by Chinese Watchman Nee. Mr Nee, who lived and eventually died in Mainland China, became a Christian at 17,and the same year became an author.

    Great Christian thinker, however, I was personally sadden that most of the original letter and spirit of his work were lost, devalued or exaggerated by western interpreters.

    There is also every probability his royal highness Sun Tzu, the self proclaimed war Chinese War Lord and military strategist writing may have been over glorified by some western interpreter/s.

    Many of us are advocates of the infallible words of Good Book the bible as sufficient set the tone for our social, economic and political assumption and moral parameters. Also very paratical manual for Husbandry, cuisine, sexuality, dating, medicine and even climate change.

    Though, it is not a manual for war, the Holy Bible contains some explicit blue prints of successful military manoeuvres and strategies of various kingdoms in many theatres of wars of the oldest Military fraternity on earth since Adam’s first round loss to Lucifer.

    On boy..and the poetic words of wisdom of the 31 books of proverbs, many written by one of the most successful Commander in Chief King Solomon is breath taking to say the least.

    May Commissioner Teleni and Commodore Bainimarama prefers the Good Book over other eastern philosophers to base their attempt to take us back to sanity. May just ask my Tauvu Dictator and Namuka No II mate that.

  15. Semi Meo,

    Sa rauta mada na kana “kool-aid”. Kerekere, mai gunu drau ni moli mada.

  16. @vitivou, sega o meo me gunu “paraquat” ga LOL

  17. @s. raqiqi kei nona dakai titi o vitivou, na cava e milamila tiko vei kemudrau na wekaqu….dau taroga o makubuqu..”you have ants in your pants, or what?”..qori me qai kenai sui vinaka na “paraquat” qai mai drau ya dua yani na bilo drau ni moli waicala, kua na suka..ya sa achi!!

    May we remind aimless bloggers this esteemed column is for REAL people, making REAL contributions with REAL names.

    Otherwise go drink par….opps, no, God forbid!!… please, go drink a cup of common sense, sugar with a bit of REASON and a pinch of sanity..yep… qai kenai coi na you guys could reformed; is that the topic of this story line?.

    Drau email mai:, me rawa na veitalanoa vaka i Taukei dina…se sa vodo tiko korotou na basi Taveuni?

  18. Blindedbythelight

    Even if Fiji was suspended by the Commonwealth because of our ‘reforms’ and delay in having elections, our people still need to understand where we are headed and the government must now start sharing its vision and communicate with its people. Great – a charter has been drawn up and sort of communicated to the nation, but understood by few nor has it been fully accepted, but it’s the people of this country who must know and understand what’s going on. They must understand the reasons why the PM takes whatever stand with our international partners. He must be transparent and confident enough to keep “his” people informed every step of the way. I’m sure he understands how much the country and her people have suffered pre & post 2006, and he must now start to build people’s confidence in him and his decisions. It’s the people who are the backbone of the economy. Treat them well and start working on Fiji – the way the world should be!

  19. Semi Meo,

    What’s wrong with us is that your posts makes no sense. And also because of your senseless uninformative comments, it looks like you are spamming all the blogsites.

    Qase ga sa shona……lolzzzz

  20. mada..noqu kece na Shona vaka hindi (Gold, Koula)

    Me qai nomu na kena vakaviti se kua…ia, na ka da kaya, o keda ga!

    Drau e-mail drau se baci ..kila ga na nomudrau vosa…

  21. ‘BlindedbytheLight’ has much to say of good sense. The people will come alongside if they are given clear and regular explanations of why things are necessary and shown that they are accorded, at minimum, ‘a parity of esteem’. It is this parity of respect which has for so long been absent in Fiji’s governance and which must now return. Arbitrary government is the death knell of esteem for the ordinary people and their daily concerns.

  22. @vitivou, ha!!!ha!!!!ha!!!! you hit the nail on the head!!!! i think it’s what u call “senile” LOL

  23. @s.raqiqi and dakai titi @vitivou..hope you guys do’nt end up banging your honorable heads together..ya sa laurai na ‘stars”,hee..!!hee…!!…hee…!….

    We must take our hat off for Mr. Teleni for be totally “REFORMED” in his worldview, though we may not all agree with some Christian practices of his new found church. But, we have seen some REFORMED fruits in him personally.
    Now, the Dictataor must now ask the Commissioner of Police how he kicked his heavy grog habit and cursing etc….that may be the best REFORM we need…cause with out the reformation of the heart, all else in the outside may just be show bizz..yep..temporary!! flowers tomorrow withers!!

  24. @ Real FIJI News….now you guys have stoop so low and petty minded like some other blogs around the e-jungle.

    Unfortunately, anonymous IDs and fictitious contributor names does not assist pinning credibility or lack thereof on various topics posted, even if purported to the sourced from PM press releases.

    If this faceless and nameless @joe guy is the best constitutional commentator Real FIJI News could source to excite e-interaction on the Commander’s Constitutional dreams, then, we may not be too surprised if this esteemed column readership is declining.

    To delete views contrary to your preferences further demeans, not only the fluid allegiance to who ever this esteemed claims to slave under, but may also a confirmation to us moderate readers that the stubborn spirit of this unrepented Dictator has flowed on to those who’ve proved to blindly open and sell their soul, spirit and intelligence to the seditious spirits.

    Well, just do not blame anybody should your work mates and even members of your family connivingly plots against your own leadership, even if one calls it a righteous and divine appointment….in due time, we harvest… in due time according to the seeds we sow. We could only hope, God forbids and God bless!!

    But again, after speaking to some at Berkeley crescent yesterday, we are not too surprised at all that this “Real FN” may not be the Military’s Real propaganda errand boy. How could it RFN even claim to be with boys faceless and nameless thugs like wanna be Rear Admiral joe, wanna be Field Marshal and Internation Law expert Ruff8boy, Bipolar commentator “Topasi” who confuses his plumbing works and mistakenly drinks “Kinoya” over flows confusing life’s absolutes with shifty morales to legitamise rape and baltanc thivery of a nation and our right to breath and talk.

    But, ,hee…heee..hee….hee…..many in Berkeley, Vatuwaqa, and HQ and New Wing would be having a chuckle should you have the guts to print these AND all others under my real name your deleted.

    Unbelievable, a tiny insignificant fly in cyber sphere like yours truly attracting some attention, could only be credited to truth….which shall always prevails!!.lah..lah…lah…lah…lah…hope to meet you in Suva mid July…Lunch n coffee at the Mall..nah..Fiji food eatery at High Street, on my shout!

  25. Semi, Semi, Semi…. I purposely chose the name “Topasi” for the sake of people like you.

    You see, the “topasi” are treated by with derision in Fiji by people of your ilk. They are the untouchables, yet they perform a vital and meaningful role in the community.

    I am your redemption. Your spiritual plumbing will be unblocked for the first time in your life. You display the classic symptoms of hyper faecal moral toxity which arises from your daily excessive intake of BS, so much so that the system cannot cope, creating a blockage in your spiritual plumbing. The BS has nowhere else to go but to come back out to the point of ingestion. Hence the toxic diatribe we see in your postings.

    But all is not lost. The topasi will come to the rescue. There is nothing that a 10″ vudi and a high pressure jet blaster cannot fix. If you follow my treatment there will be light at the end of your spiritual tunnel.

  26. @topasi you’re the man!!!! TELL MEO!!! LOL

  27. @Topasi and her mate mrs s.raqiqi..mmmm….interesting your guys experiences with the topasi therapy is amazing indeed…soo…since your self diagnosis and topasi therapy treat..where did guys go next??……what?…..take a deep at the “Kinoya pools”….oh my God…no wonder your words are the refection of your worldviews from the additional slimy therapy…again, if your guys are game to come reason then, come as you are..smell and all..I don’t mind at all….email me:…should you prefer to wallow in that pool then…what can we do?…nothing at all!

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