Methodists pray for conference

98327Whats the problem????.  They DROP politics and the meeting can go ahead… SIMPLE!!! Pray that your SDL leaders have the courage to step down and do the right thing and take POLITICS out of  RELIGION.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has maintained that the church will not be allowed to hold its annual conference until it is apolitical and rids itself of members who are alleged to have brought political agendas to the church.

Members of Fiji’s largest religious organisation have been asked to pray for divine intervention following the Government’s stand to ban its annual conference in August.

Methodist Church president Reverend Ame Tugaue told FijiLive that ministers have asked their members to fast and pray so there can be a change in the government’s decision.

And the no-nonsense military leader has not changed his mind even after a seemingly casual chat with the Reverend at an evening function in Suva last week where both men were guest for the launch of the new Fiji National Provident Fund logo.

“We discussed ways in which the church could perhaps have another meeting with the government,” Reverend Tugaue confirmed to FijiLive.

“The annual conference is not just to elect office bearers and collect money but is a way in which church goers throughout the country can come together and reflect.”

He added that its various congregations around the country had put a lot of effort in preparing for the annual pilgrimage, which was set for Rewa this year.

Reverend Tugaue said the church is now looking at alternative methods of collecting money that will not be opposed by the Government.


14 responses to “Methodists pray for conference

  1. These coteries of men that perpetuate maleficence on the Methodist Church is almost beyond redemption we must therefore denounce with moral justification those who have perverted the house of worship they are incapable of distinguishing right from wrong.

    The politicisation of any religious organisation must cease in particular those that controls the reigns of the Methodist Church for those that are ordained to disseminate the word of the “Supreme Being” have indeed skewed the words of the consummate teacher to justify their wickedness.

  2. If the masses are “fuming” at the lost opportunity of giving away their hard earned dollars I am sure more worthwhile non-denominational charities like the Red Cross, Salvation Army will be happy to put the money to good use.

    No point fuming, it leads to serious depression problems.

  3. ..mmmm…Oh well…… deleting of posts perceived to be anti-Dictator not only compromises the honourable ethos of this highly esteemed column, it regrettable poses to reduce the readership of those who paddle in here to drink from the REAL reservoir of Fiji News.

    @ Topasi, stating the obvious, indeed the masses are “fuming”; the Methodist Leaders in being sensitive to this reality and other honourable purposes have proclaimed a corporate prayer and fasting, not only in Fiji but Globally through their sister Churches.

    Should you have fasted before, you would agree that true Biblical fast prompts the imminent subjection of unholy desires of the flesh nature, which is always in enmity with the righteous divine nature of God.

    Hence, the proviso of my deleted article ..” Thankfully, these masses only know too well that their anger may translate to become demonic should they take to the streets and employ evil violent tactics of civil disobedience.”

    Righteous Anger ( my paraphrase “fuming”) is biblical too, so God has, is and can be Angry too. The Good Book say that many times over…(….eh..too much love, prosperity, honky dory gospel makes us very mediocre and complacent)

    But, again my previous post may be just be tooo looong and tooo REAL!!

  4. They need that money badly dont they. What happened to all that money they were getting from Qarase govt. Perhaps an audit is in order.

  5. @ joe..gonei..yep..true man, make an audit, we shall find that the Methodist church, in fact, paid millions to the Qarase Government. Though, like other religious groups, the Church is registered as a non profit organisation, other revenue operation of the Church attracted all form of Taxes. Additional, up toward the demise of the Qarase Government the Church was financing the operations and salaries of professional and other staff at Ba Methodist Hospital, a medical service in a predominantly non-Methodist populace.

    The Church is a huge payer of Local Government tax which in turn flows up to the National coffers. The Church do not go leach on the national Government for any salary subsidy for the many Chaplains and other Church professional seconded to Government Schools, Military, Police etc. This does not even equate the thousands expenses of her members poured in all forms of social services to the greater community; food kitchens, Prison Visits, Hospital visits etc, etc. How does this figure..dur!! saves the National Government spending in those areas , where Government saving are directed to infrastructure and other worthy spending.

    The only SDL/Labour Government monies paid towards any Church may have been for the secretariat of the now defunct ACCF, an interdenominational body. Even that group receives pledges of support from her member Churches, which the Methodist church is one of ‘em.

    ..dau tukuna o ira na qase mai na’oro..bera ni’u dalaga, rai mada..” Don’t be blinded or “via soli maka tiko vei la na Dictator sa rere tiko qori!!

  6. Semi Meo,

    I do not understand what you are harping about all over the place in the blogsites. After following your comments all over the place, I now have come to the conclusion that you are really part of the “I love Fiji so much I want to destroy it from overseas”.

    You know what? Just like those guys at Raw Fiji News (empty vessels that make the most sound), your complaints here that your comments get deleted is exactly what the Raw Fiji News bloggers do to our comments when we post there. So don’t complain and stop writing garbage. Maybe then your comments won’t get deleted.

    Au se gole tale mada va qo>>>>>>>>>>>>…..hahaha….

  7. Semi:

    You must have had your head stuck in the sand over the last two years.

    Ernst & Young auditted the Methodist Church in 2007 and 2008 and came up with glaring financial inconsistencies that prevented them from giving an unqualified audit report. There was no system of internal controls in most of the divisions. The ministers were a law unto themselves when it came to handling and accounting for donated monies. There were no records kept in the majority of cases. Some conveniently disposed of. It was one monumental financial nightmare.

    Come 2009 and the same fat pigs are gathering at the trough waiting for the offerings from the faithful.

  8. @ vitivou…”o se gole tale mada va qo” vei cei qori i’e ..o lai vaqara job Topasi?

    Who are the “we’…you gloriously ascribe to?; the few serving Miliatry personal who have not read the “Colonels letter” in the other blog site?.. or are you part of the “we” who’ve never paid any tax to my beloved Fiji while we from overseas send Millions every year to keep your “we” enjoy hospital service etc .?..are you the “we” who greedily aspire to build a “vitivou” baleti voreqe kei ira na nona gang ga” o sala gole qori vei Topasi, qarauni mo kua ni lai bera na “we” vaka varanise…ya keimami sa na qai gole kece mada va qo….

  9. Topasi, Topasi, Topasi….gonei sa topasi dina e so na nomuni vakavakdewa….waraki “vitivou sa gole yani qori..

    We only hope you know what audit….it’s ethics, mechanism and control parameters are.

    You do not have to be an Accounts auditor to figure this. From audit account clerks to the Principals in Accountant Firm are guided by regimented in-house audit protocols which definitely are in line with standard national or International account practises variably govern by our Tax laws etc.

    Now, with all due respect to this post modern statutory accountability mechanise, we mush never forget however, the Global Church of God have a pre-existing transparent and dignified Finance accountability regime based on the divine principles of Biblical economic. Principles that have never compromise, colluded and connived in any shape or form..NEVER EVER!!

    Just ask Jesus’ late Minister of Finance, Dishonourable Judas, greedy couple Ananias, with Sapphira his wife (Acts 5), Prophets Elisha’s Private Secretary. (2 Kings 5) and many more who thought they’d rout the Biblical accounting principles.

    Hence, well before the advent of this western kinda barometer to measure income and expenditure, there existed this very honourable, transparent and dignified type of accounting.

    To be at par with the changing of social economic times and commensurative Law and accounting practice, the church like every other Incorporated entity were mandatorily required to submit to these new accountability mode. Notably, the Church like all others have Financial and Banking obligations which may require the Finance and Economic situation and credibility of the church put in an accounting language that is universally acceptable to this various finance institutions.

    In most case these long standing Church accounting ethos and modern accounting practise clashes, like trying to use a wooden foot rule to justify the measure of air density…’wara me so’a”

    In fact, reputable and International Financial houses and Accounts firms overseas have managed to accommodate both these practices as they must be seen to compliment each other NOT one demeaning and accusing the other of proffessional incompetence or the other mere secularism.

    We know many of these independent accountability houses. In fact, many major mega Foreign lenders and the likes of uncle Bill G and uncle Warren Foundations looks more favourably to NGO that have gone through the tooth pick of organisation like the ECGA.. Evangelical Council for Financial ( accountability and many more. I’m a board memebr of one such org that subcribe to ecfa.

    May be these globally reputable and independent type Auditing houses need to set office in this region..just cause they “kapish”…Biblical economics and well versed with Internatinally accpeted acounting and audit policing.

  10. Semi, Semi, Semi…..

    There are those who have stolen from the Methodist church and doing so have lied to the congregation. They have sinned and have not been punished.

    There are also those who have not stolen BUT ARE AWARE of these sinful acts that permeate all levels of the Methodist church in Fiji AND conveniently turn a blind eye to them. They have also sinned for they have betrayed the trust of the people and God. They have allowed darkness to overshadow the light.

    You should take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. No amount of Bible quotes will make it right, you self-righteous hypocrite.

  11. Topasi…sega vakadua ni da cala;…topasi na yaca, topasi na vakadewa, qai mai topasi kece ga..

    This Coup apologist and Methdosit in denial even after visitng the site we suggested above. And still basher Methodist Leaders without evidence…THAT IS , to use hi s own words ..“self-righteous hypocrite”..just like Topasi shall always be Topasi!!…oh….well…may change if have good deodorized moral bath.

    The Methodist Church has credible in-house auditing system as stewards of God’s monies and properties.Hence, let them and God deal with it.

    If you are a Methodist, then take any or all your complaints starting from the “bose curusiga, bose vakarau, vulatolu, and thence forth. If you’re not a Methodist like yours truly, then, SHUT UP!! Goodness, haven’t you got better things to worry about while running on your Dictators errands?

  12. sa rauta mada


    sa warai ni qai gauna ni lolo qo kei na masumasu qo sa gauna ga ni rogoci nai sau ni masu.

  13. @ Real FIJI News….now you guys have stoop so low and petty minded like some other blogs around the e-jungle.

    Unfortunately, anonymous IDs and fictitious contributor names does not assist pinning credibility or lack thereof on various topics posted, even if purported to the sourced from PM press releases.

    If this faceless and nameless @joe guy is the best constitutional commentator Real FIJI News could source to excite e-interaction on the Commander’s Constitutional dreams, then, we may not be too surprised if this esteemed column readership is declining.

    To delete views contrary to your preferences further demeans, not only the fluid allegiance to who ever this esteemed claims to slave under, but may also a confirmation to us moderate readers that the stubborn spirit of this unrepented Dictator has flowed on to those who’ve proved to blindly open and sell their soul, spirit and intelligence to the seditious spirits.

    Well, just do not blame anybody should your work mates and even members of your family connivingly plots against your own leadership, even if one calls it a righteous and divine appointment….in due time, we harvest… in due time according to the seeds we sow. We could only hope, God forbids and God bless!!

    But again, after speaking to some at Berkeley crescent yesterday, we are not too surprised at all that this “Real FN” may not be the Military’s Real propaganda errand boy. How could it RFN even claim to be with boys faceless and nameless thugs like wanna be Rear Admiral joe, wanna be Field Marshal and Internation Law expert Ruff8boy, Bipolar commentator “Topasi” who confuses his plumbing works and mistakenly drinks “Kinoya” over flows confusing life’s absolutes with shifty morales to legitamise rape and baltanc thivery of a nation and our right to breath and talk.

    But, ,hee…heee..hee….hee…..many in Berkeley, Vatuwaqa, and HQ and New Wing would be having a chuckle should you have the guts to print these AND all others under my real name your deleted.

    Unbelievable, a tiny insignificant fly in cyber sphere like yours truly attracting some attention, could only be credited to truth….which shall always prevails!!.lah..lah…lah…lah…lah…hope to meet you in Suva mid July…Lunch n coffee at the Mall..nah..Fiji food eatery at High Street, on my shout!

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