The blame game by Brij Lal

Brij LalBelow are comments from Crosbie Walsh on the speech Brij Las was to give at the Accounts Conference.  To read more on this please go to The summary says it all, Thanks Crosbie.

Brij blames the deteriorating situation on the Interim Government alone. No mention is made of the role of Australia and NZ, the Fiji media, the “Qarase” faction, and others who constantly placed obstructions in the IG’s path.

Elections are not held to satisfy the international community. Fiji will only hold elections (hopefully before 2014) when the system under which they are to be held is decided upon, and when race has been removed as the factor. The Government has made quite clear the “political culture” it wants to create.

Brij continues to see Fiji’s problems in purely racial terms. The 1997 Constitution was an improvement on the decidedly racist 1991 Constitution, but the Great Council of Chief’s provision, the reinforcement of race by its electoral provisions, and the parliamentary “power sharing” provision effectively deprived Fiji of a parliamentary Opposition, need revisiting. True, future modifications were expected, but none occurred in the next ten years. His “grand coalition of elites” is based on racial “segments of society.” Fiji is, and can be, “segmented” in many more ways.

I do, however, share Brij’s and many other people’s concern about the never-ending role of the military in Fiji’s politics. I also sometimes doubt their real intentions but, for the moment, they have the benefit of my doubt.

In sum, Brij warns of everything that has, and can, go wrong. Wisely so, perhaps, but we already know most of them. He supports an agenda rejected by the Interim government. I would like him to have proposed some new ideas on the “way forward.” Perhaps a hypothetical redrafting of the 1997 Constitution, with the benefit of hindsight, or the drafting of a new Constitution that would win wide support?



6 responses to “The blame game by Brij Lal

  1. Cabinet provision in the 1997 constitution was tailor made for the Rambo-Reddy (SVT-NFP) multiparty govt. It was unworkable as we know, when SVT and NFP were rejected by the electorate. Look at the 2001 mutiparty cabinet. Qarase said “If you dont support the bill, you are out of cabinet” Chaudhary said ” If you support the bill you will be expelled from the FLP”. What next? A fresh set of FLP members in LQ admin? A by-election for those who are expelled? Your guess is as good as mine. 1977 cons. has been tested and parts of it need to go and in that regard, Brij Lal, if he so wishes, can be of great help rather than hindrance in re-writing the 1997 constitution thereby giving the people of Fiji a fresh start.

  2. Oops!!! I meant 1997 and not 1977

  3. Na Koro Boy

    Well I’m a Fijian and the only thing that Brij has against the military is that it is 100% fijian and its our final bastion against all else in this country!! so I guess you’re an indian as BL but military stays here in Fiji!!

  4. Noob Saibot

    This is the same man who turned around and agreed with the govt. by saying “‘The interim administration has repeatedly told the international community and anyone else who would listen, that merely having elections will not solve Fiji’s problems. I agree. Elections by themselves don’t solve anything…”

    This man doesn’t seem to know whether he’s coming or going!

  5. na koro boy , im with you. military stays in fiji.

  6. brij lal, your happy living in canbera……living on a high life tamana. think of your family back home strugling…..we al know your a profesor/or what ever….. relax and think of your family…….military stays in fiji….. it was there before your father came….so whats your problem….mother fucker…..dont rock the boat…

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