These are the Methodist Church Divisions that have stated that they DO NOT SUPPORT  Lasaro’s anti-government motions:

Nabua Church Division,
Navosa Church Division,
Ba Church Division,
Beqa Church Division,
Namoli Church Division,
Nawaka Church Division,
Davuilevu Church Division,
Verata Church Division,
Naitasiri Church Division,
Macuata Church Division,
Matailobau Church Division.
A whole lot did not even receive the ill conceived motions.
Like kids say nowdays “E cava tiko mada” Lasaro.


  1. So this is now a governance issue? How many more will surface? How come so many have been hoist on the petard of improper consultation and a failure to inform? And yet they must produce ‘soli’? Does the Kingdom of Heaven run this way?

  2. I have heard that if the Methodist Church does not meet then they will be bankrupt, is that the truth?

  3. If they jump on Lasaro’s anti-government bandwagon they will cop the double whammy – moral and financial bankruptcy. That is the truth.

  4. Didn’t Jesus say “give” and not “take”?

  5. Yes, Joe. Jesus said “give” and not “take” – but he was directing this to the scribes and pharisees. The modern day equivalent would be the fat cat ministers of the church who prey on the congregation for donations when they know only too well how much suffering these people have to endure to come up with that kind of money.

    And where does all this money go? To the political war chest of course.

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