As promised here is the list of the methodist think tank less the clergy which includes of course Kanailagi and Lasaro.
You be judge.
Is the methodist church politicised????

Ratu Jone Kubuabola (ex SDL Minister)
Dr. Tupeni Baba (ex SDL Minister)
Adi Samanunu (ex SDL Minister)
Solomone Naivalu (ex SDL Minister)
Ratu Meli Saukuru (ex SDL Senate member)
Pita Tagicakiverat (Well Known SDL advocate)
Asesela Sadole (Well Known SDL advocate)
Pita Tagicakiverat (Well known SDL advocate)
New Inclusion – Tupou Draunidalo (Well documented anti-government person)


  1. I posted this some months ago on the Methodist Church. I totally agree that the Church has become far to political and so closely tied to the SDL party its hard to tell which is which.

    The Methodist Church have clearly demonstrated over and over where they stand with regards to the current Government.

    Again the battle between state and religion continues within Fiji with no outcome except to paint the current Government as the bad guy and the religious Zealots as the goodies. This could not be further from the truth.

    When the Methodists Church spoke for all of its 200,000 plus members and rejected the peoples charter, these members did NOT get a democratic say in the document, they were told to reject it outright and support the church and in doing so lend support to the SDL Party.

    you can read more of this story on Real News titled
    Another Methodist Coup

  2. Methodist Man

    I am a staunch Methodist however i do not believe that Politics should be involved in the church. As you say not all methodists support Lasaro. The Church has become its own enemy when it pushes politics down our neck.

  3. Restorativejustice

    MChurch in Fiji is predominantly Fijian and most of the them are in SDL party. That is their political affiliations.

    They are not in SDL because they are methodist, it just so happen that they are of both. We should be fair here.

    The methodist church(MC) is one political minded congregations- you have all sorts of party man in the MC.

    MC congregations are the most educated voters. They vote on issues and at times against their leaders and friends. So if they are in thick of things one should not be surprised.

    The issue here is how are we going to reconcile whats in front of us. Are we going to let it go and hope things will turn up fine, or are we are going to confront the error of being in leadership and address it like parents who restores justice on their wayward son or daughter a dose of mercy.

    That is restorative justice. Have justice prevailed(have everyone part-take in the the reconcialition) on the plateform of mercy.

  4. Marama Bele

    Are you suggesting that only the Methodists are capable of clear and conscious thought.
    Your comment that only Methodists are educated shows how simple minded you are. The Methodists have govened this country for years . I believe the only way to reconcile is to get rid of religion in politics and allow free thought.

  5. “Men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”. (Gospel of St John 3:19)

    “The Wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth. (Gospel of St John 3:8)

    Perhaps it will take ‘One lone Fijian standing on the shores of this country alone to determine what was meant in the verse above? For sure, no Think Tank that has had the temerity to believe it might know better for all of us has had any success or achievement through ‘deeds’ to better our lot. Do we recognise this?

    “Organising for Fiji” might be the way to go? But if deeds are measured in outcomes, then what we have now may be set at the door of Think Tanks of the past. Who sat on them? And why? That is a Big Question. Now for some answers?

  6. Can our dear Methodist church just preach the Bible and stay clear of politics. There so many doctrinal topics in the bible that they could just stick to……………or can’t we just preach what Jesus wants us preach.

    Leave politics to the politicians…………..and preach the gospel.

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