Dismantle Fiji Military

Fiji-militaryWe never comment on Soli Vakasama blog site, basically because it just sits there and no one much takes any notice of it, however  I had to laugh at the naivety of this comment which was posted.

The words ‘brand new’ imply that we will all be cast aside for  something bigger, better, brighter and more robust.

To all our Military readers maybe you can comment as you will be ‘dismantled’ under the ‘brand new Fiji’ because you are ‘useless’.

Katalina Balawanilotu Says:
June 13, 2009 at 4:25 am

That brand new Fiji must be military free.

Dismantle this useless and costly institution.


12 responses to “Dismantle Fiji Military

  1. Most of us have a chuckle when surfing “Fiji” pro or anti FMF Bainimarama blog sites. Seems they collude and connived to try fool us ordinary readers. Oh…and they promote each other. Worse offender is this esteemed column, REAL FIJI NEWS; in bashing RAW FIJI NEWS, SOLIVAKASAMA and others have promoted such sites to many of us you’ve never heard of ’em…well…thanks, for keeping to your true name to bring REAL RAW FIJI NEWS so all us may SOLIVAKASAMA towards FIJIDEMOCRACY..eh..MOVEMENT so all us could return to be a one MATAVUVALE.COM one more time and sink the COUPFOURPOINTFIVE culture and other nasty BLOGS lurking around, FOREVER..eh..FIJI!!

    Katalina Balawanilotu has always a worthy contributor to all things Fiji in numerous blog sites.

    However, in this instance we must totally refute her unqualified assertion. NO one condone Coups, by Military or Civilian elements, for any one whose got fire power or a bargains chip to execute any Coup. I recall refuting a similar view of hers in the now gagged Fiji Times Forum.

    The Fiji Military Brand is one of the most highly marketable commodity in the International peace monitoring sector; International Security in highly volatile theatres, Anti-terrorist Mercenaries market etc,etc,etc. It is rather paradoxical, though, that her reputation in these markets may have surged during Fiji’s Coup era, which is rather unfortunate. Amazingly, publicities intended for bad turns out to reap positive rewards.

    Again, Foreign remittance by Fiji residents, now our largest foreign earner, can not attribute only to Foreign Kaivitis. Record proves a major portion are from our solciers deployed abroad and former Military personal in private security assignments to military strategist in foreign Government of Anti Terrorist mercenaries.

    Just that whose gonna provide the thousands of soldier children bread, rice, and school bus fare should Delainabua be converted into a fortified mass prison for Coup apologists run by the Australasian Military Forces.

  2. Well here is another ophidian raising its head above the nations cesspit with its impaired mentality, yes Katalina let’s dismantle this useless institution and maybe establish one that is Fiji friendly what say a PANIKEKE SQUAD.

  3. Na Koro Boy

    Katalina Balawainilotu is from Lakeba Lau. She curreently works in China as a house girl. She is half tongan so what does hold dear to Fiji?? nothing perherps a solider jilted her. So she holds that against the military other than that she is as insignificant to Fiji as Ballu Khan is to NLTB!!

  4. Noob Saibot

    It is a ridiculous thought – a country without a military is simply inviting trouble for itself.

    What are the citizens expected to do during times of strife? Lay down their tools and take up weapons?

    Just as one cannot make a fisherman a surgeon overnight, you cannot make a simple farmer a soldier.

  5. the fiji military has been aronnd for so long, it is world recomanded,so my advise to you idiots, take a good look at your self. before you start speaking shirt, luveni boci.


  7. Funny that Katalina should talk about the military showing her lack of knowledge about its history and our history. If not for our rich military history we would not have defended the Pacific from the invading Japanese and not forged our first diplomatic relationships with NZ, Australia and the USA. USP is a remanant of our historical history with NZ. Many part European families begat from that experience.
    Apart from this rich and strong history of involvement in the various World Wars and being counted in the frontlines in the Pacific and Europe we have the Peace Keeping history from the mid 70s to now extending to various parts of the middle east, East Timor, Solomon islands, Parts of Africa, etc…. quite unequalled.

    Looking at demographics every Indigenous family and vasu has had at least in the last generation alone had 2 or 3 relative who has been in the army. Just need to visit homes to see the woven pictures of the last supper on the wall, woolen blankets from the middle east and family pics on the wall as testimony.

    So with this history and Katalina’s comments it does make the lady sound like a fart in the wind really.

  8. Part Time Samurai

    Fiji has a long and proud history of military excellence and the global community has valued their contribution to peace keeping around the world.

    But so long as the military leadership are of the view that there is a place for the army in the politics of Fiji they will do great disservice to themselves, and to Fiji.

    If VB want’s to run the country, then he should resign his commission and enter the fray with the rest of the people who have an interest in shaping Fiji’s future. If not, then accept that the elected government and the constitution determine the role of the military in the domestic and international arena, and abide by the directives of his boss, the PM of the day.

  9. @Part Samurai. Military and Politics have a closer working relationship than most will tend to accept.
    In Fii’s case we cannot separate politics and the military as the 1987 experience drew them close intertwined. The military took over government and set the constitution and the machinations of politics and government. The events of 2000 saw former members of military joining in the fray to take over government and the military as an institution bringing things back in line via the Manukau Accord drawn up thanks to VB and the military. 2006 the military who were the key entity to set us on the right track removed the government whom they felt was working against the spirit of the Accord.
    And after all this we still think they do not play a role in our politics? Where have you been? What are you thinking?
    We allowed them to play a big role and now we tell them no thanks service not required as and when we choose with our whimsical notions of Democracy. There is a reality check required the Military are leading the IG and all we need to do is support and help them get us back on our feet.

  10. There’s one simple explanation for people like Katalina Balawanilotu. Simply put, she is an EMPTY VESSEL THAT MAKES THE MOST SOUND.

    What I find funny when reading her comments online is how she desperately wants to be taken seriously. You know, the ATTENTION SEEKING kind. She is so shallow in her knowledge of everything. I guess she just likes to listen to her own voice.

    Mai aso………………..

  11. @ vitivou, sa rui sivia beka na kana noodles mai china!!!!(I hear she’s a housegirl in china)!

  12. That was a not known to you, when you say things your PARENTS or FAMILY MEMBERS musn’t have told you so, on how important this military is and their roles in this Island Nation called FIJI, How stupid for a Fiji Citizen to speak out his or her own feelings of hatres on thigs that is surely doesn’t know,what a lack of knowledge in history of you not knowing what is on your left and right, what a shame indigineous fijian you are.Im trying to convince you to know is mine your kitchen door, live the military alone cause you aint giving a cent to pay for their overseas mission but their hard working has build this NATION and thats why you getting lights at home to see your path walking around your compound with that bright light with a blunt mind of person like you…….sa kua so na viavialevu

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