Raw Joke of the week

Madness See,  we can post ridiculous pictures as well!!!

It’s been a while since we had a good look at RFN.   I mean now that the lawyers are not blogging,   the site it seems to have gone down hill (sorry even further down hill). Have you noticed the change in writing,  and whats with all the pictures, its almost like someone completely NEW has taken over the site.

We have taken one of their more stupid stories and changed it around a bit… At RAW RUBBISH they are experts now on mental illness.

Raw Fiji News  has been operating from a paradigm of F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) . From that paradigm of FEAR, Raw Fiji News has unintentionally but definitely hurt a large number  Ministers, business men, military and their wives and children and members of their extended families and the extended community and the number of people  they are  hurting is increasing by the hour.

To hurt so many people within such a short span of time – beginning from the day Raw Fiji News launched we wonder if all the bloggers are suffering from a mental illness!? and yes  they all  deserved a break and occupational therapy to re-store the health of their sick mind.


3 responses to “Raw Joke of the week

  1. RFN = RFS Raw Fiji Sewage, the collective brains trust of washed out politicians, cock-eyed journos, greedy lawyers, deluded religious fundamentalists and sh*t kickers.

  2. Not ashamed of their wickedness these people at RFN SV and SVW are on a destructive path of destroying not only themselves but the nation their morally objectionable behaviour is internally attributed to their depraved and convoluted ideology.

    For these ophidians reside in the darkest cavern of the earth just to slither they way out and spew their venom do they not recognise their transgressions.

    They are anti people non democratic and will at all cost perpetuate their evilness on the nation all the while working insidiously to disseminate their deceitful mantra of Democracy who can trust such reptiles.

    They are a lost cause fighting a lost battle for they know not of their purpose in life but to traduce anybody and everybody that opposes their immoral behaviour.

  3. weil lei AQuila, your mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives. I hallucinate at the way you elucidate.

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