Leung, Lal and Naidu Please sit down!

From Ruff8boy (and very well said)

Graham Leung is a fine chap, speaks his mind, dresses well and speaks proper English like no other can in Fiji.
Brij Lal is an academic, one of the brains of the former consitution and a reputable opiner of Pacific and Fiji Affairs to whoever will listen.
Richard Naidu has a nose for a good story, a good enough lawyer and alleged blogger.
Fiji the way it Was and that is where the problem lies. All three are retrospective, We have moved on and looking prospective and really do not need opininated backward looking grouchers who together and their friends have lost centre stage at the cocktail circuit telling us where we have gone wrong on and on and on.

Mind you all three have the luxury too retire comfortably from the irwealth so Col sir and your other two please stand down and let us contonue with the job of building this country


12 responses to “Leung, Lal and Naidu Please sit down!

  1. Ruff8boy alias Reason and his Coup apologists need to come to the north side of Reason.

    Our village school class 4 pupil may reason..like…”why did you break and shatter my bowl of rice, now what do I kana with and no rice…” and why pick up the broken pices and rice , e Tamana??

    All claims, even with “honorable intent” if a bit of honor is left, in “building this country’ by those who willfully shattered it to political and economic and social smithereens are below reason..yep..mean nothing at all..even to a class 4 lad who’s still crying for his rice may u the equator of reason.

  2. @ Semi it is easy to blame the government of the day for everything especially if you have a handout mentality. Poverty existed before 2006 and the Poverty report showed that 45% lived with broken bowls and rice spillage as you so nicely put it even way back before 2006.
    FYI I am from the North and Grog and dalo pays for food on my family’s table.
    As for apologist well that is if there is anything to apologise for and if you are in the backfoot. Semi the fact of the matter is the IG is in charge and continues to make the changes with no apologies and if our thinking aligns then what does that make you….
    Another backward looking /moving wanna be smart ass.

  3. REASON…seems took you 3 long days to conclude a REASON.

    That is not surprising at all for those “whose conscience are sheared before repentance and equitable reason” to probably on level two depression. Warped badly are their reason, values, moral presumptions, theology and gravely distorted world view. Well, the’re not of our world any more, but in fantasy, whoo, whooo, whaaa land.

    Our President, in spite of our prayers suffers from depression; Fiji’s Dictator suffers from Depression as is obvious from public behaviours and contradictions of his words. Certain Members of the Military Council are know to be regressing to worse level of depression and personally confides with their respective close family and trusted Spiritual mentors.

    Certain members of the IG Cabinet have privately expressed grave doubt and concern, hence, reeling down Depression road. That’s not even mention Senior Military Offices and servicemen/women down the ranks.

    A poignant baby of depression is denial, blatantly denying the reality of our social, economic and political bankruptcy…opps..sorry…you’re comfortably enjoys social security guarantees and democracy where you now live.

    ..eh..did you say you were a smart –s…yawk….that stincks!

  4. @ REASON…correction…”That is not surprising at all for those “whose conscience are sheared …..beyond….. repentance and equitable reason”

  5. @ Semi, since when did you become clinical phsycologist to be able to diagnose depression?

    In case you haven not been reading the papers the whole world is now in the grip of a global economic depression. The only countries that are least affected are those like Fiji who have been isolated in the last eight years thanks to the sanctions.

    Fiji is sitting pretty weathering out this economic depression. It had a head start over the rest of the world.

    If anything the mood is bouyant, not depressing. Go figure.

  6. TOPASI…mmm.. we figure, you might be the same nut with many alias in this esteemed column.

    One does not have to be ‘jonny come lately clinical psychologist” to discern symptoms of depression. Me late great great grand ma and many others used to treat all kinda mental illness well before that corrupt Jew Sigmund Freud started playing around with his daughter sexuality, and well before the Rev’s kids like late Rogers , Jung and others disregards the Holy Bible started to tosh salad biblical principals with their humanist ideas.

    It seems we hate the Holy Bible ‘cause the infallible word therein judges our behaviour, rebukes our warped values and challenges us to turn from all forms of evil. Still, some selectively glean from the Good Book and chooses to go down the compromise road. NO WONDER THEY DO NOT KNOW THE SIMPLE REMEDY TO DEPRESSION!!

    OH GOD….why are we chucking valuable pearls to the pigs again..!!

    Oh…yeah…your economical “diagnosis” is as worse a spew as your psychological horn!!

    ..and do’nt figure that out..’cause you might go one up the depression steps.

    ..email me: semimeo@gmail.com, I may help you refer you to someone at your neck of the woods.

  7. TOPASI..was trying to butter me bani vakalolo when missed typed..last para should read ..”email me: semimeo@gmail.com, I may help you or refer you to someone at your neck of the woods.”

  8. Semi, you gotta lighten up embrace the sun and smell the roses. I suspect you suffer from depression caused by deep seated sexual regression. Every living thing is part of God’s masterpiece worthy of a place in the sun.

  9. @ Semi, Well I admit you make some sense and only wish a person as well read and smart as you would look to help building our country move forward.

    You give your arguments enough thought and learned enuff to Jung and Freud bash the snark out of us..

    Unfortunately I am convinced this is the best way forward and the events of 2006 is justified as I believe VB did as his conscience dictated. I would have done the same.

    We may not be sitting on the same side of the fence but you have to agree we need to move forward.

  10. Q: What do you call Graham Leung, Brij Lal and Jack Naidu adrift in a leaking punt in the middle of the Somosomo Strait with a school of hungry sharks circling the boat?

    A: A good start

    Q: Why did not Graham Leung, Brij Lal and Jack Naidu get eaten by the sharks after their boat sank?

    A: Professional courtesy

  11. @Topasi..mmm..me sexual regression?..you must be joking..I’m not from Gau or Bau..thank you! ..neitou i bole mai na’oro..”.. dina ga niu sa Qase, wananavu tu ga..”

    E u’ca i eri?

  12. @ Reason..our heart bleeds, my hearts bleeds to learn that brilliant minds, articulacy, integrity and REASON like you and a few others may be easily or innocently deceived.

    No doubt you are …” convinced this is the best way forward and the events of 2006 is justified as I believe VB did as his conscience dictated. I would have done the same…”

    What a bold statement. Our only hope is that you’ve researched you assumptions, prayed about and bounce your well guarded assumption with people in the know and of credible sanding. People who may tell you what you may not necessarily wanna hear.

    All I could say is, what ever founded on deceit shall never stand, ever!!. Even if the deceit is glossed over with some “ Cleaning Crusade’ and cheered by some blinded Military Officer, failed politician and the rest of them.

    Sins, deceits and unholyness remain sin and evil, until they are confessed, repented, restitution made and consequence to bare.

    Aquila, mate I was shocked to read the “ Colonels letter” send to me this morning, log on to: http://www.mediafire.com/?qeeynyvizh0

    The site is compliment of http://coupfourpointfive.blogspot.com

    Please do not insult your integrity and those brilliant minds and like your self.

    You still believe in the Dictator, do you..??

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