Brij Lal agrees with Government

Quote from Brij Lal’s speech

The interim administration has repeatedly told the international community and anyone else who would listen, that merely having elections will not solve Fiji’s problems. I agree. Elections by themselves don’t solve anything’


11 responses to “Brij Lal agrees with Government

  1. Part Time Samurai

    Just 4 stories before you are telling Brij Lal to sit down, now you are quoting him (out of context) to support your agenda? Hmmmmm……….

  2. Brij Lal is part of the problem. He is totally up himself passing judgement from his ivory tower. Just because he’s an academic means s**t if you can risk following your heart and your conscience. Like an empty 44 gallon drum we hear his bleating about what is wrong. Like an empty raincoat there is no substance to his being. Same with Graham Leung and his cohorts. They only look at what side of their bread is buttered. They are all takers. No givers.

  3. At least have the decency to be subtle when taking things out of context – now I’m waiting for a few lines from Robert Mugabe imposed over the good doctors image – or perhaps the footnotes from Mein Kampf thrown in somewhere?

    Here I was, thinking there must be a balance to be found somewhere between Rawfijinews, the geriatric deluded Crosbie Walsh and you guys, and you go and do this……please!

  4. Perhaps, rangatahi, you will tell this kaumatua what is geriatric or deluded about my presentation on Brij’s address, or my other posts for that matter. My email address is
    Feel free also to comment directly on my blog but note I reject rude and insulting comments, and those that attack the person and not the argument.

  5. Kahukiwa, you want balance, here is balance.

    The good doctor assisted at the birth of this monstrosity called the 1997 Constitution. There was a cat in the cradle at that time. He had the chance to set things right and put Fiji on a new course that would make it a better place with a system of democracy that is widely accepted in the western world. But he did not. He lacked the vision and the intestinal fortitude to go against the grain. How can you support a constitution that professes democracy when its very citizens are deprived of one of its fundamental characteristics – that all citizens are equal and have a right to aspire to the highest office in the land.

    The constitution was skewed back then. It is still skewed today. For Brij Lal, two wrongs will never make it right. He should look internally before he starts passing judgement on others. There comes a time when he should admit he contributed to a flawed document and stop trying to find redemption by rubbishing those who had greater vision and will.

  6. Noob Saibot

    Brij Lal is an opportunist. He’s obviously losing a lot of money somewhere and hopes to bootlick his way back into the limelight and power

  7. brij lal, levu ga na vosa , vutulaki mamaca or carawaipani.

  8. Point taken Crosbie – slightly over the top, I apologise.

  9. Brij Lal sits pretty in Canberra, lords over his graduate students on Pacific and Fiji Affairs and quite apart from the overly ambitous and inaptly adapted 1997 COnstitution gives advice to whoever will listen.
    Another mess is his jointly written paper for the Australian Government called the “The Economics of the ‘Arc of Instability’,” …The basis for which Australia uses for Regional Intervention. And guess who helped them in East Timor and and Solomon ISlands and Bougainville?…. The Fiji Military Forces helped in all of these regional hotspots.
    Which also proves the point that in most troubled areas Military intervention as peacekeeping duty plays a key role in politics…
    What we have in Fiji is a not only a journey in selfdetermination but also an exercise in peacekeeping….
    My point is Brij while reviling the military, fails to acknowledge the real and active role they play in politics and as part of the solution.

  10. Brij Lal sold the Fiji military short.

    Most of violence and killing we see in the world today is either religious or ethnic based. Fiji’s military have been involved in maintaining the peace in all these hot-spots around the world – in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, East Timor and the Pacific over the last 30 years. The military are no strangers to the roots of these conflicts. They are in a better position to make qualified judgements on the maintenance of peace in Fiji than any self-appointed saviours of the church or corrupt politicians.

    Yes, thank God for the military in Fiji.

    Fiji is far from a “failed state” as most of the academics like Brij Lal would put it. The military is doing all that is possible to prevent it from being one.

    The textbook carrot and stick approach favoured by our larger neighbours typifies the abyssmal understanding they have of regional cultures and complexities. Some of the blame should be directed to the academics like Brij Lal who persistently try to force a square peg into a round hole without seeing the obvious.

  11. brij lal…. your education kicked off when your resided in fiji. if it wasnt for that ………you will be brooming in the streets of calcutta/kanada …….relax mate…… enjoy leaving in canbera….and shut the fuck up…….

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