Leung is begging for Trouble!

We have to totally agree with this comment.

From Crosbie Walsh

There can be little doubt the invitation to Brij Lal, Richard Naidu and Graham Leung, three prominent anti-Government people, to be keynote speakers at the Fiji Institute of Accountants’ Conference, meeting at Nadi today, was intended to deliberately provoke Government.

There was no way Graham Leung’s “call to arms/stand up and be counted” address, would be allowed during the Emergency, although with no media present (another Government stipulation) no more harm would have been done than by Coupfourpointfive and this blog publishing his address. The Conference was allowed to proceed, sans media and keynote speakers. Graham Leung is a former president of the Fiji Law Society.

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22 responses to “Leung is begging for Trouble!

  1. Most of us know of or about this Kadavu kid Mr. Graham Leung. Once a very timid, polite, courteous young man, brilliant and articulate. Apart from all 4 later virtue still in tact, he has a sudden surge of boldness…yep…no more timid pussy footing Kadavu Kid who used to say yes sir, no sir to a certain former Alliance Minister.

    His ascending to the gloried Military Court Bench and thousands of salutes afforded to him, and salutes to his empty car by our faithful soldiers may have pumped the secrete “Sefania Sukunaivalu” portion up his veins.

    For sure, he has not only brushed shoulders with Senior Military officers but was a rank “over” the shoulders of some present member of the Military Council, some of whom may still be loyal to him as a friend, and probably find it a bit hard to shift professional allegiances away from him. After all, Col Leung is your every day jovial bloke who, though his professional and Chiefly status, mingles with ease with us common folks.

    Still, to Mr. Leung, we salute you, Sir, you amongst friends in and out of the camp!!

  2. Well at least he has the guts to stand up and be counted – which is more than can be said for the thugs posing as a government. If they are so convinced they were on the right path why aren’t they taking their mandate to the very people they claim to be saving and call elections.

    Its a pretty simple proposition – test your mandate.

  3. VII Generation

    The core business of accountants is “accountancy”. The profession ought to be concerning itself with:

    A code of conduct

    A schedule of accounting fees across the board

    Measures of governance which require that
    clients and their interests will be served within a code of conduct which is transparent and fully explained to the Fiji public

    Other issues are for other occasions and the wearing of too many hats in one place can only lead to confusion and to distraction from the core business of ‘accounting’.

    Accountability for accountants: too much to ask?

    Conflicts of interest are the death of professional conduct and much else besides

    VII Generation

  4. He is only spoiling Fiji and he is not be seen as Fijian

  5. Mack it is the kind of people like YOU that should not be seen as Fijian…

  6. Graham Leung is a fine chap, speaks his mind, dresses well and speaks proper English like no other can in Fiji.
    Brij Lal is an academic, one of the brains of the former consitution and a reputable opiner of Pacific and Fiji Affairs to whoever will listen.
    Richard Naidu has a nose for a good story, a good enough lawyer and alleged blogger.
    Fiji the way it Was and that is where the problem lies. All three are retrospective, We have moved on and looking prospective and really do not need opininated backward looking grouchers who together and their friends have lost centre stage at the cocktail circuit telling us where we have gone wrong on and on and on. Mind you all three have the luxury too retire comfortably from the irwealth so Col sir and your other two please stand down and let us contonue witht he job of building this country.

  7. Ruff8boy alias Reason and his Coup apologists need to come to the north side of Reason.

    A village school class 4 pupil may reason..like…”why did you break and shatter by bowl of rice..” now what do I kana with, and no rice…” now you picking the pieces and rice, what for you do this, Tamana???

    …..All claims, even with “honorable intent” if a bit of honor is left, in “building this country’ by those who willfully shattered it to political and economic and social smithereens are below reason..yep..mean nothing at all..even to a class 4 lad who’se still crying for his rice…

  8. Graham Leung, Brij Lal and Richard Naidu are masters of verbal articulation and media manipulation. They used their tonues better than $20 whores.

  9. Crosbie, doing his usual round again! Rounding up thugs as usual. shame on you! Being an academic & someone that have lived in Fiji, we expect alot more robust argument from you but instead you’re so bent towards the current regime. What is your point? Have something against the natives or the voiceless? Didi someone give you the run-araound whilst you were in Fiji? Or Imperialist is your style?

    At the very least Fiji have men with guts to stand up & let the world know that all is not good for Fiji. These are astute academics in their own right & have Fiji in their hearts.

  10. Would the real Semi Meo please stand and take a bow for your half hearted attempt at paying salutation to Graham Leung.

    I know not of this fellow infact I don’t give a rats ass about him however one thing I will not do is to kiss his ass.

    Qua soti na solimaka tiko.

  11. graham,brij and richard. my advise to you guys,is be very careful to what you say. cause australia and new zealand has been kicked in the ass, and you wlll be next. dou yavu boci. ni sa cudru na kai viti, dou na raica kina. fijians are the most happy go lucky people on earth. very important to you guys, do not rock the boat.

  12. Restorativejustice

    Reading GL address, that was not presented at it should have been due to the the IG cowardliness framed as “keeping the peace” it tries to restore some sense to the IG and the people they have forcefully are ruling over. GL has given a comprehensive unspoken diatribe of the silent majority.
    You do not have a Fijian or Indian to have spoken what GL is addressing – You just have to be a fairminded human being- In Australia- be a fair dinkum
    And when you are being fair, with no prejudice or malice, justice can be restored. And in the words of the SeaMerchant ” all hands on deck”

  13. Aquila, mate, please keep your kissing to “Priscilla’s” tender cheeks, not all kinda cheeks “down south.”

    Fully support any one bravely standing for some of us you duck under anonymity. The Kadavu Chief, Graham Leung is one such man.

    The taunt about the “former Alliance Minister” has humorous connotation, us who know him well..eh..the younger Leung that is….could then do the maths, and..eh.. kapish!!

    I only “soli maka” to two, only God and my honey, wife, misus..

  14. Semi, even the great philosopher Chinese Confucius had someting to say about soli maka. It appears you are only getting half the deal..

    “Man’s wife his better half, his mistress his better whole.”

  15. Semi Meo,

    You smokin weed or what?

    Your posts are all gibberish. And the saliva is dripping down the side of your mouth.

    Shattering rice bowls and picking up chopsticks with each grain of rice is too much for me…

  16. Semi Meo.

    I thought you fellas in Cakaudrove only have misters Phew!

  17. Dau tukuna o ira na Qase ni Cakau; “…. a da a’ya, o eda ga!!”

    A rather more paraphrased version of Luke 6: 45b.”…. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

    A majority of us however, subscribe and base our matrimonial relationship on Book of Genesis; God created Adam and Eve, male and female. Naked together in the confines of this Godly ordained marriage union and not embarrassed at all.

    Though, a minority believe the likes of Adams and Aquila may be naked together ..mmmm…their choice, only that, every choice has consequences, both Good and Bad.

    Reminds us of the consequence of the evil Choices the present Fiji Dictators callously schemes arbitrarily at our peril.

  18. Luke 6:45b refers to the likes of Adam and Aquila being naked together… “for out out of the abundance in their mouths, their hearts speak”

  19. TOPASI….gonei..na vuravura sa “automated” ka “civilised” mai na nodra vale ni vo..ia, o kumuni baci TOPASI wavoki tiko ga…na nomuni cau ena rara qo sa tukuna sara tu ga na tobutobu drau silima tiko…

    Sa kua ga soli mataniciva vei iko….o se qai butubuturaka sobu ga qo e dua na tikini volatabu mata ni civa.

  20. Topasi:

    I am afraid my friend I am not inclined that way only in the Somosomo area you will find Adam and Steve hiding under the drauni slato.

  21. Part Time Samurai

    I’ve had the good fortune to have worked along side Graham Leung in the past and still catch up with him from time to time. Anyone who has ever met him knows there are few more proud of Fiji than him. Whether you are of a Real Fiji or Raw Fiji persuasion, everyone knows that Fiji needs as many educated leaders as it can find, otherwise the country will be run by the usual ne’erdowells who inhabit the political circles of this country.

  22. Seriously, it is not uncommon to be greeted in many of our village function by femininely attired and heavily perfumed “Bunene’, “Salewalewa”, “RatuAdi”, “AdiRatu” or other homo IDs.

    Is a credit to the kinda democracy, whose return, we now crave for?…or sadly attributed to absent fathers and lack of credible masculine mentors and father figures in villages.

    Why not we resolve to increase our son/father time together and not rely totally on village kinda bonding at village grog parties and corporate fellowship in churches etc.

    Only that these boys, and now grown men, still cry out “ oh Daddy..Oh Daddy……pleeaasssee, come home!”

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